Top Design Tips and Ideas from Sunroom Contractors Near Me

sunroom contractors near meAs you search for the perfect sunroom contractors near me, you might be thinking about the design of your new space. Sunrooms are super versatile, and we specialize in helping you customize the design to best fit your needs. We take pride in designing sunrooms that look like they were part of your original house plan, along with being extremely functional. Let’s take a look at a few top sunroom design tips to help you decide what you want for your home.

How Will You Use the Space?

If you’re not sure what you want in a sunroom, don’t worry. We have experience guiding you through the process. One of the first questions we have for you is this: how will you use the space?

Sunrooms are most often multi-purpose rooms. However, some people have a clear idea how they will most often use the room. Here are some ways in which our clients love to use their sunrooms:

  • It’s right in the name; sunrooms get a lot of sun. So, they are ideal for growing many plants, even those that usually wouldn’t thrive in our climate.
  • Sunrooms are great to use as an extra living room. You can add a fireplace, television, and comfortable furniture to this space to make it a place for the family to gather.
  • Likewise, sunrooms are perfect as “bonus” rooms to use as a playroom, game room, or additional entertaining space.
  • Some people love to use sunrooms as a home office, since you have a relaxing view of your backyard.
  • Sunrooms are a great place for additional storage for outdoor items, and can serve as a coatroom of sorts for your backyard.
  • Nothing is better than enjoying a meal in your sunroom, so many families choose to add a dining room table and chains.

The sky is really the limit in terms of how you want to use this space. You can use these tips to heat your sunroom during the winter, so you really can enjoy this space all year long.

Sunroom Size and Layout

As you speak to your sunroom designer, you’ll want to settle on a size relatively early in the process. This allows our owner, Jim, to better optimize the space. Sunrooms are often rectangular and a bit smaller than a normal living room, but bigger than a porch. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for your sunroom.

One thing to consider about the size and layout of your sunroom is that these factors can affect the cost. Additionally, the complexity of your design, the materials you choose, the heating/cooling you want for your sunroom, and other factors can all affect the total price. We’ll help you set a budget from the start, and we’ll ensure we stick to this budget. When you work with our team, you’ll never get a surprise bill at the end of the project.

Also, keep in mind that the size and layout of your sunroom will change how you can use your backyard. If you already have a deck, porch, or patio, we may be able to convert all or some of this space into your new sunroom. However, adding walls and roof, along with windows, is extremely heavy. Often, decks, porches, or patios cannot support this weight, so we have to start from scratch with your sunroom. Our building projects are always up to code and safe for your family.

Styling Your Sunroom

We aren’t interior decorators, but we do have a few tips for keeping your sunroom’s style timeless. As we build this room, here’s what we encourage:

  • Choose light colors that will reflect the sunlight. This makes your sunroom feel brighter and also prevents it from overheating in the summer.
  • Keep most of the room neutral. Then, use bold accent pieces such as rugs, pillows, tablecloths, or curtains to bring in your style. You can swap these items out for different colors and styles as your tastes change more easily than you can swap, for instance, a floor or window trim.
  • Durability is the name of the game. Most of our clients find that their sunrooms get a lot of traffic. In addition, the light in a sunroom can cause colors to fade. So, it’s important that you fill this room with durable items made for indoor/outdoor living spaces.

This article has more style tips for sunrooms. During your initial consultation, we can talk about how you intend to decorate your new outdoor living space. This allows us to bring your style into the building plan. Then, during your design presentation, we’ll show you mock-ups of your sunroom design so you can envision how your style will look with the space.

FAQs About Sunrooms

If you’re ready to get started with a free sunroom design consultation, we’d love to set up a time to meet with you and answer all your questions about sunroom contractors near me. Here are a few commonly asked questions we get about sunrooms.

How can I find the best sunroom contractors near me?

Look for a dedicated team with great customer service and good reviews. Here at Structurally Speaking, we have years of experience not just building outdoor living spaces, but building custom spaces that perfectly suit our clients’ needs. Click here to see a gallery of our work.

Are sunrooms better than decks?

Simply put, both options make sense if you want an indoor/outdoor living space. One isn’t better than the other; it really depends on your family’s needs. We have experience building decks, enclosed porches, and three-season rooms in addition to sunrooms. If you aren’t sure what you want for your backyard, contact us today. We’ll help you decide which option is best for you.