How to Add a Cozy Sunroom with Fireplace to Your Home

sunroom with fireplaceAs summer melts into fall, it is natural to want a new cozy space for your home. A sunroom with fireplace could be the perfect option for your family. Your family can use this kind of space all year long, and the fireplace adds an especially fun touch to create a warm, inviting space over the colder months.

At Structurally Speaking, we design unique indoor/outdoor living spaces for our clients’ homes. We provide unique solutions that flow gorgeously with your current architecture. Additionally, we make sure the space is super functional so your family will want to spend time there.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about adding a sunroom to your home.

Is a Sunroom with Fireplace the Best Option?

The Structurally Speaking team designs and builds a number of different types of outdoor living spaces. A sunroom is a popular choice, but it isn’t your only option. We can also build a three-season room, screened porch, or deck. What’s the difference?

Well, to start, a sunroom is typically the most functional option. Sunrooms generally have floor-to-ceiling windows on at least one wall, but often on three walls. They have heating so you can use them even in the winter, and often they have air conditioning as well. You can enjoy your sunroom all year.

Three-season rooms are similar to sunrooms, but usually do not have heating and cooling. Most have electricity, so you can have space heaters and fans. With a fireplace addition, three-season porches are functional most of the year.

Screened porches and decks are both more weather-dependent. A fireplace can make both options functional during the fall and winter. However, sunrooms and three-season rooms are definitely the better option if you want to enjoy your new outdoor living space year-round.

This article explains your options in more detail. During your initial consultation, we can go over your options and answer any questions you might have.

Types of Fireplaces for Your New Sunroom

The great thing about building a new sunroom is that you get to choose every detail. This includes building a fireplace you love. Many people move into a home that already has a fireplace, but do not love the design. That’s not a problem when you work with Structurally Speaking.

First and foremost, if you want a large, traditional fireplace, we can build a sunroom to accommodate it. This is a great option if your current living room doesn’t have a fireplace or if you want your sunroom to feel like a second living room. A large brick or stone fireplace looks fantastic framed by windows. We can install a gas, electric, or wood-burning option.

If you want a smaller sunroom or just want the fireplace to be less of a focal point, we can also install a smaller option. Stovepipe style fireplaces take less room, but still give off a ton of heat. There are also smaller electric fireplace options that don’t require a chimney. These are especially good options if you want a glass ceiling on your sunroom.

Keep in mind that we can provide a wide range of style options for the fireplace. If you want a more traditional look, we’ve got you covered. However, we also have sleek, modern fireplaces, as well as unique and quirky designs. Not sure what you want? Houzz has some great design ideas to get you started, and we can talk about the pros and cons of each during your consultation.

FAQs about Building a New Sunroom

If you are interested in a new sunroom, your next step is to set up a free meeting with our owner, Jim, to start the process. He’ll talk to you about your budget and what you want to see in this new space. Additionally, he’ll answer any questions you may have. Here are a few common questions we get about building a new sunroom:

How much does a new sunroom cost?

Every project is different. We speak with you about your budget from day one, so there are never any surprises. During your initial consultation, we can talk about size, materials, finishes, and more, which all affect the overall cost of your sunroom. Unlike some sunroom contractors, we don’t give you a big surprise bill at the end of the project. You’ll know the cost every step of the way.

How long does it take to build a sunroom?

Again, it depends on your specific project. After your initial consultation, Jim will draw up some sunroom designs to show you, and you can make changes. From there, we’ll get a building team on site to bring your design to life. We want your new sunroom to fit your style. In fact, we take pride in designing sunrooms that look absolutely perfect with your home. Here’s what one of our recent clients had to say:

“I had something happen this week that I thought you would appreciate. We are getting ready to add a pool to the backyard, and the other day we had a landscape architect looking at the site for some design ideas. As he turned to look back at the porch, he said ‘That room looks absolutely fantastic. You must spend a ton of time out there.’ He could not believe it when I told him that it was not original to the house. (As an added side note, we had an actual architect out a few months ago to look at an addition proposal in back and he said the same thing. The interesting side note on that one was that by pure coincidence, he happened to be from the very firm that originally designed the house!)

I thought you would want to know how other professionals react to your design sensibilities! We still mention you often when we are sitting out there.”


You can read more customer reviews here.

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