Types of Sunrooms NC Residents Can Add to Their Home

Sunrooms NCHere at Structurally Speaking, we love to help homeowners choose the best outdoor living space for their family’s needs. Instead of a boring, out-of-the-box solution, we design the perfect space to complement your home. There are a few types of sunrooms NC residents can consider. If you’re on the market for a new sunroom or similar space, let’s talk about your options.

Traditional Sunrooms NC Homeowners Love

A traditional sunroom is one of the most functional indoor/outdoor living spaces you can consider. This type of space is also called a four-season sunroom or all-season sunroom. Unlike a normal room in your home, sunrooms typically have floor-to-ceiling windows on at least one side. Many sunrooms have large windows on three sides to really maximize the amount of sunlight and give the sense of bringing the outdoors in.

One might consider a sunroom an outdoor living space, but they are insulated with heating and cooling like the rest of your home. This means you can use your sunroom all year long. We can even install heavy shutters or you can use thick curtains to keep your sunroom warm on the coldest days of the year.

Three-Season Sunroom Options to Consider

The one major downside to a four-season sunroom is that the heating/cooling can add to the budget. For some families, a three-season sunroom might make sense instead. These rooms are also sometimes called “seasonal sunrooms” or “three season porches.” They are similar to a normal sunroom, but they don’t typically have heating and cooling. Usually, if someone says “Florida room” they are also talking about a three-season sunroom, though this can also be a term used for a four-season sunroom with air conditioning or heating.

Some three-season sunrooms do have electricity. With this option, you can install fans or use space heaters during the winter. Like with four-season sunrooms, this type of outdoor living space typically has floor-to-ceiling windows. Often, people enclose a patio or deck to create this kind of sunroom.

Enclosed Porches – an Easy Upgrade

If you already have a porch, you may want to consider an enclosed porch. We can also build an enclosed porch from the ground up if you like this option. These spaces are also called “screened porches” or “screened-in porches.” As opposed to sunrooms, they usually have screens instead of windows. They also often have a half-wall with screens on top, instead of full floor-to-ceiling screens or windows.

Enclosed porches are the best choice if you want a space closest to the great outdoors. The screens keep out bugs and provide a bit of protection from the elements. However, the screens make this kind of space feel more cohesive with the rest of your backyard. Often, our clients will have us design a custom enclosed porch and deck combo. This is one of the deck trends we love, since it gives you several ways to use your new space.

Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Ultimately, the design of a sunroom, three-season room, enclosed porch, or any outdoor living space is up to you. Our goal is to give you the type of outdoor space that is most functional for your family. That’s why our process always starts with an initial consultation.

During this meeting, we’ll discuss any ideas you have, as well as your budget. Not sure what you want? Don’t worry! Our owner, Jim, has decades of experience working with homeowners for the perfect custom sunroom, deck, or porch. We make the process as easy as possible. This initial consultation is completely free. We’ll only start building after you select a design and feel comfortable with the budget for the project.

This article has more information about the types of sunrooms and other outdoor living space options.

FAQs About Sunrooms

We’re looking forward to answering any questions you may have about building a new outdoor space. Here are a few frequently asked questions we get about sunrooms:

How big should a sunroom be?

There is no right or wrong answer. The size of your sunroom should fit how you intend to use the space. Some homeowners have large sunrooms that fill most of their backyards. Other homeowners opt for smaller sunrooms that are a simple, perfect nook to watch a sunrise or sunset. We’ll design the best size for you.

Does a sunroom need a foundation?

All rooms need a solid foundation to prevent issues in the future. The type of foundation you’ll need depends on the land and size of the sunroom. In many cases, a simple slab foundation is the best option. However, we may need to build a raised foundation instead. We’ll talk about your options during the initial consultation.

How much will a sunroom cost?

Many factors affect the cost of a sunroom. We prefer to work with you to set an initial budget so we can design a sunroom within that budget. We’ll start with design features that are most important to you. Then, we’ll help you save money with features that are less important to you.

Are sunrooms worth the money?

Yes! Outdoor living spaces typically increase the value of your home and make it easy to sell. The increased home value also means that you have more equity, so you can qualify for a larger home equity loan or line of credit if you ever need one. In general, your home value will increase an average of about half of the cost of building the sunroom.

Of course, a sunroom can also drastically increase your quality of life. You don’t “lose money” on the deal! You will be able to enjoy your sunroom for decades.

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