A Cozy Spot for an Outdoor Gas Fireplace – Ideas and Tips

outdoor gas fireplace ideasOne of the biggest complaints about decks, when compared to sunrooms and porches, is that you can’t use them all year… or can you? With the addition of a beautiful fireplace, you actually can enjoy your deck, even during the winter! Our outdoor gas fireplace ideas can help make your deck functional almost the entire year. Yes, you can create a cozy, comfortable spot outside for enjoying s’mores, hot cocoa, and more.



The Best Fire Feature for Your Deck

Although many of our clients love the convenience of a gas fireplace, this isn’t your only option. Outdoor fire features include a wide range of options. We can help you look at your space to determine which is the best for both the look of your deck as well as how your family intends to use the space.

  • Wood-burning fireplaces: gas may be popular, but there are several advantages to having a wood-burning fireplace as well. Wood does not require a gas line, so it makes the building project easier. It also gives you that traditional warm and cozy feel. However, it is critical to remember that if you place a wood-burning fireplace on your deck, you need proper protection.
  • Electric fireplaces: Like wood, electric fireplaces do not need a gas line. Although they require electricity to your deck, you can also use electrical outlets for an outdoor kitchen, lights, etc.
  • Fire pits: Fireplaces can be hard to maintain and require a fairly large space on your deck. Many homeowners find that a screened fire pit is a better option. Plus, fire pits allow for seating on all sides and do not block your view.
  • Fire tables: A fire table is a trendy, fun addition to any porch. This is a more mobile option for a fire feature, as it is typically self-contained within the table. It’s like a fire pit you can move around as needed.

When we help you design your new deck, we can look at all of these fire features and more!

How to Make Your Deck Cozy

Adding an outdoor fireplace isn’t the only way to make your deck feel cozy during the fall and winter. This time of year, you don’t have to be stuck inside even as the weather cools. You can use these ideas to make the space the perfect place to entertain all year:

  • Keep a stash of cushions, blankets, and pillows in your home.

Your outdoor furniture can get cold at night. We love having a chest, storage bench, or other kind of container just inside your door with blankets and pillows you can take outside to make your deck cozier. If your outdoor furniture has removable cushions, you might want to keep them inside as well so they are warm when you want to use them.

  • Use half-walls and other features to block the wind.

Sometimes, the night only feels as cold as it does because there is a breeze. we can build half-walls and privacy blinds as part of your deck, along with pergolas for climbing plants to grow and create a screen. These will help give you some privacy from your neighbors as well as blocking the wind.

  • Add a hot tub deck.

A hot tub is the ultimate feature for cozy luxury. Here at Structurally Speaking, we have experience building hot tub decks that work perfectly for your family’s needs. Imagine enjoying the cool night air all year while you turn on massaging water jets and let a hard day of work just melt away.

We can also use warm-toned paints or stains to help your deck feel cozier. As we design your deck, we’ll talk about the available materials. If having a cozy deck during the winter is important to you, make sure you mention this so we can help you choose the best options.

Enclosed Porch and Sunroom Options to Add to the Space

Don’t fret if our outdoor fireplace ideas make you realize an outdoor fireplace isn’t the best option for you! Another way to enjoy your outdoor space even during the winter is to opt for an enclosed porch or sunroom instead. In both cases, you can stay warmer more easily, even without a fireplace. However, keep in mind that you can still build a sunroom or porch with a fireplace if you really love the idea of sitting in front of a fire this winter.

A sunroom is basically another living space in your home. One or more walls will be made of windows, but sunrooms general having heating and cooling. This allows them to remain a comfortable temperature during the coldest parts of winter (and the hottest parts of summer for that matter). Although adding a sunroom is a big building project, many people find they get the most use out of this kind of space.

On the other hand, an enclosed porch is a good option if you want something with more protection from the elements than a deck, but not as involved as a sunroom. Most of the time, enclosed porches do not have heating and cooling. However, you can easily use curtains or shutters to block the screens in order to keep the space cooler. A small free-standing fire feature or space heater can make this outdoor living space very warm during the winter.

More Outdoor Gas Fireplace Ideas and Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve enjoyed reading our outdoor gas fireplace ideas and you’re ready to talk to us about your new outdoor living space, we’d love to set up a time for a free initial consultation. Here are a few common questions we get about fireplaces from our clients during these meetings:

Will a fireplace work with my design ideas?

That’s what we do best – ensuring that your design ideas will look beautiful when translated to a real deck or other kind of outdoor living space. Our team can ensure that your deck and all its features look perfect with your home’s style.

Do I need a permit for my fireplace?

Some building projects do require permits. We’ll handle this for you. You typically do not need a permit to have a fire feature on your deck, but you may need to ensure it is properly maintained and you have a water source nearby, just in case.

Do you have more outdoor fireplace questions? Contact us today!