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Why Choose a Hot Tub or Spa Deck?

Structurally Speaking has innovated the way you see hot tubs. Our spa decks are luxurious portals to relaxation and stress relief! If you are looking for the best in outdoor comfort, look no further. We work with our customers to provide the best in high-end hot tub designs. Our hot tub decks will handle nosy neighbors and ruthless landscape layouts.  If you’re looking for something to improve the value of your home and lift your spirits, you’re in the right place. Our ability to blend our amazing decks and hot tubs with your existing yard will leave you with a sense of harmony, and a destination that will prove to be beneficial for years to come!

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Hot tubs and spa decks are great for many reasons that range from providing therapy for personal injuries to simple enjoyment. Here are a few more, in-depth, reasons to own one of Structurally Speaking’s custom-made decks:

  • Value: When you choose to add a spa deck to your home, you raise its value exponentially.  Decks generally recoup 76 percent return on their investment.  However, the value goes beyond monetary values.  Great spa decks and hot tubs are also an investment in your health and well-being.

  • Togetherness: Hot tubs can add an intimacy that is generally unrecognized.  When you are submersed in its calm waters, something amazing happens.  Your spa deck transforms into a private and safe area where you can be as carefree as you’d like, and truly communicate.  This allows for meaningful conversation and unforgettable moments between you and your guests.

  • Health: Did you know that the word spa comes from the Latin “salas per aquam,” which literally means “health from water?”  Hot tubs of one sort or another have been used since ancient times, and the three ways in which they heal the body have remained consistent.

More benefits include:

  1. Heat: It’s all in the name!  When your body absorbs heat, it increases your blood flow, which causes your blood vessels to dilate.  As a result, your blood pressure is significantly reduced!  In addition, the heat will help with muscle relaxation.  Hot tubs are consistently warm, which allows your blood to recirculate at a steady temperature and deliver therapeutic heat treatments that your bathtub simply cannot keep up with.  As your nervous system focuses on heat gain, your body will experience temporary pain relief.  Heat is one of the most important factors when it comes to your health, and Structurally Speaking will ensure that our hot tubs will maintain the proper temperature for you to gain every health benefit it provides.

  1. Buoyancy: Most people are predisposed to joint pain and discomfort. Hot tubs are ideal when fixing the strain that we consistently put on our joints. The natural buoyancy of water supports almost all of our body weight, which takes pressure off of our joints, giving them “down time”. Structurally Speaking guarantees that you will feel the results instantly!

  1. Hydrotherapy: Anyone who has used hot tubs can tell you that the jets prove incredibly beneficial. Focused streams of water can provide a massage that you control. Our spa decks are equipped with all sorts of nozzles and pressures that are designed to help different parts of your body. Hot tubs work by targeting problem areas and soothing sore muscles. By having a hot tub at your disposal, relief from aches and pains is always available!

Our Mission

Contact our team to begin your next home project today. Structurally Speaking is here to provide you with the best in spa decks and hot tubs.  We have worked tirelessly for years to ensure that those in the greater Raleigh-Durham area have the best when it comes to comfort.  We can help you arrive at your perfect plan through our custom, hands-on approach to design!