Hiring a Raleigh Screened Porch Builder for a Perfect Porch

Raleigh Screened Porch BuilderHere at Structurally Speaking, we know just how hard it can be to work with contractors. That’s why we do things a little differently! With our process, the goal is to ensure that you love the finished porch, while also saying on schedule and budget. You can get the perfect porch when you work with an experienced Raleigh screened porch builder like Structurally Speaking.

Designing the Perfect Screened Porch for Your Home

We start every project with a free consultation where we discuss exactly what you want in a new outdoor living space. Some homeowners know exactly what they want, while others aren’t sure. Either way, we’ll guide you through the process. We’ll ask a series of questions to get to the root of what will work best for your family.

As part of the design process, we’ll also look at your existing home. When building a screened porch, sometimes we enclose an existing porch while other times we build the entire space from scratch. We customize the porch design to perfectly fit your home, rather than using a pre-designed plan that looks tacked-on to your house. Our goal is to build an enclosed porch that looks like it was meant to be part of your home.

We don’t start building your porch until you are completely happy with your design. During the design presentation, we’ll present a few different options, along with multiple views so you can get a real sense of what the porch will look like when it is completed. You can request any changes you’d like during this phase of the process. We encourage our clients to speak up!

How to Ensure You Get the Porch You Want

When you work with a Raleigh screened porch builder like Structurally Speaking, there are a few tips you can use to ensure you get the exact porch you want. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Talk to some friends about what they like and dislike about their outdoor living spaces. It never hurts to hear from others about what they’d do differently if they were rebuilding their enclosed porch.
  • Be honest about your budget. Once we design your custom porch, the budget you see is what you’ll pay. We don’t inflate the price during construction. That said, we want you to be completely comfortable with your budget from the start. This allows us to show you designs and materials that will look beautiful without breaking the bank.
  • Make a list of “must-haves” for your new porch. Even if they are small details, we want to incorporate those features, colors, etc. from the start if they are important to you.
  • Be open to changing your mind about what you want. We have decades of experience building porches and decks. While we never push our clients in opposite directions if there is a design they really want, we can often make recommendations that work out better in the end. For instance, we may notice a method that improves traffic flow or space usage. Sometimes, our guidance may even save you money!

And of course, always hire a company who will really listen to you like our team. So often, contractors don’t really take their clients’ wants or needs into consideration. We take pride in listening to our homeowners. Check out our reviews to see what people are saying about working with Structurally Speaking.

FAQs About Working with a Raleigh Screened Porch Builder

We’d love to answer any questions you have about building a new enclosed porch. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you started:

How much will a new screened-in porch cost?

Cost depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The materials you choose
  • Porch size
  • Whether you are enclosing an existing porch or building a new porch
  • Special features you want for your porch

In general, it is less expensive to screen in an existing porch than it is to build a new porch from scratch. However, not every porch works well as an enclosed space. It’s one of the things we can discuss during your initial consultation.

Keep in mind that building an outdoor living space can add value to your home. Learn more here.

What is the timeline for building a new porch?

Right now, building a porch can be challenging due to supply chain issues for lumber and other building maters. There can also be delays with permits and inspections. We navigate this process for you and will always be upfront regarding the timeline and any changes. One of the advantages to working with our team is that we have experience with building codes in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. So at the very least, there shouldn’t be any delays due to failed inspections, missing paperwork, or other contractor mistakes.

What kind of materials do you use to build a porch?

We offer a large selection of porch and deck materials, including composite, pressure-treated pine, cedar, and exotic hardwoods. One of the things we discuss upfront is the material options, since this can have a massive effect on the porch design, budget, and required maintenance.

In addition, we have a few high-quality options available for screens. We’ll make recommendations based on what will work best for your home, but are happy to explain all the options available.

Can I see examples of your work?

Yes! We have an online portfolio available here. This has photos of real client work, including porches, decks, and more. If you love the design of any porch you see, make sure to mention it to us! Although it usually doesn’t work to copy designs completely, we can incorporate some of the same features into your porch.

How do I get started?

You can click here to contact us or fill out the form. A member of our team will contact you to schedule your no-strings-attached free consultation.