Match Your Home’s Style with Our Deck Building Ideas

deck building ideasHere at Structurally Speaking, we specialize in building custom decks that perfectly flow with the style of your home. Every home is different, so every deck should be as well. If you’re not sure what kind of deck is right for you, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the design process with our best deck building ideas. Together, we can build a deck that you’ll love to use and show off to all your friends and family.

The Structurally Speaking Process

We try to make working with Structurally Speaking as easy as possible. If you have an exact idea of what you want your new deck to look like, we’re all ears. However, if you’re really not sure what you want, that’s okay! We have experience helping homeowners create the deck of their dreams. There are three phases to working with our team:

  1. Initial consultation – this is where we’ll look at your space, talk about your needs, go over basic options, and discuss budget. The initial consultation is free and there are no strings attached.
  2. Design presentation – we’ll meet with you to show you at least two deck building ideas that will work well for your home, based on our initial consultation. If you decide to move forward, this is also when you’ll make decisions about decking materials, colors, etc. and we will finalize the budget.
  3. Deck construction – during the building phase, we translate the design from paper to the real world. We have an in-house team of builders and personally oversee every project, so you never have to worry that your new deck won’t look how you imagined.

You can click here to learn more about the Structurally Speaking process.

Build a Functional Deck You’ll Use Every Day with Our Deck Building Ideas

If you book an initial consultation with us to design your deck, we’ll start by talking to you about function. We want your deck to be beautiful, but it’s also important that you can actually use your deck for its intended purpose. This mean that your deck is the right size, has good traffic flow, and and has all the special features your family needs for a functional outdoor living space.

Everyone uses their deck differently. We work with families who want an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Others want a play space for their kids. Conversely, we also work with gardeners who prioritize planters and green space. Some families want extra outdoor storage. Do you want a balcony-style deck to enjoy a beautiful view? Or do you want a deck with a sunken fire pit for enjoying bonfires and s’mores? Maybe you want all of the above!

When we design your deck, we’ll take into consideration your backyard and how you currently use it, doors leading into your home, and any existing outdoor living spaces such as porches, patios, and sunrooms. We want your deck to specifically fit YOU and your needs.

Deck Design: More Than Just A Rectangle of Wood

Traditionally, a deck is a relatively low square or rectangle of wood. This is the easiest type of deck to build in most situations. However, your deck can get a significant upgrade with a few simple design features. Here are some deck building ideas to consider:

  • Decks with angled corners, which gives the platform a softer look (imagine a rectangular deck with the corners chopped off)
  • Wrap-around decks, which are L or U shaped and, as the name implies, wrap around two or three sides of your home instead of just being in your backyard (here are some things to consider about wrap-around decks)
  • Curved designs, where the deck has no angles and instead curves to flow beautifully with the land
  • Decks with multiple levels to create different “zones” for different ways of using your deck (for example, a nook for a table a chairs, an area for planters, etc.)
  • Two-story decks, which give you a balcony-style upper level with a bigger deck or enclosed porch underneath
  • Floating decks that are not directly attached to your home, but rather create a raised platform in your yard
  • Unique shapes, such as octagonal decks, which give you flexibility with how you use your deck and can mimic the architecture of your home

When we design your deck, we create several drawings to show you the deck from all angles. We want you to get a true sense of what the deck will look like in your backyard. During the design phase, we can make revisions based on your feedback. We won’t start construction until you are completely happy with the deck design.

FAQs About Working With Our Team

We’d love to share all our deck building ideas with you. During our initial consultation, we can also answer any questions you have about working with our team. Here are a few frequently asked questions we hear:

How do you ensure that our deck matches the style of our home?

We have decades of experience building custom decks for clients across North Carolina. Here at Structurally Speaking, we always look at the architecture of your home to get a sense of what kind of deck will look best and how we can add value to your home.

What can I expect during the construction process?

If you’ve had bad experiences working with contractors in the past, you aren’t alone. That’s why we always strive to make the construction process as easy as possible. Our team shows up on time and our owner, Jim, oversees every project.

Is a deck the best option for me?

Many homeowners love their decks, which are raised instead of sitting directly on the ground like a patio. However, we also build enclosed porches and sun porches. These might be better options for you if you want more of an indoor-outdoor space. We can talk about all the options for an outdoor living space during your consultation. Click here to schedule a meeting today.