Build an Oasis with Our Custom Outdoor Living Space Ideas

custom outdoor living space ideasDo you love the idea of coming home after a long day of working to unwind in your own personal oasis. Structurally Speaking specializes in building custom decks, porches, and other outdoor living spaces. We’d love to build a relaxing backyard retreat for you using our custom outdoor living space ideas.

Take Advantage of Everything Your Property has to Offer

One of our strengths as porch and deck builders is that we customize your new space to work perfectly with your home and property. When you want a backyard oasis, it makes sense to work with all the natural advantages of your backyard. Of course, this also means minimizing the things you don’t love about your yard as well. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • We’ll build your new deck or porch to take advantage of the best view. This might mean positioning your deck in a certain direction or building a two-story deck.
  • Our design considers the position of the sun so your new space will have the right balance of shade and brightness.
  • We can design the deck or porch to give you a bit of privacy from the neighbors, even if their homes are very close.
  • Before we start, we scope out the best place for your new deck or porch. Based on your property size and shape, it might make sense to build a floating deck away from your home or a porch on the side of your home instead of in the backyard.

In short, we work with your property and the architecture of your home, rather than against it. We plan functional spaces, not just porches that look pretty but are rarely used. Every backyard is different, which is why having a custom-built deck or porch is so much better than having a generic space that only partially fits what you really want.

Bring a Spa-Like Atmosphere to Your New Deck or Porch

deck ideasRelaxation at home isn’t always easy, especially if you have a busy family with kids, pets, and a fast-paced schedule. If you want a true backyard oasis, we’ll help you create a spa-like atmosphere.

First, we start by designing your outdoor living space with gorgeous materials and colors that help you feel relaxed. Stained pressure-treated pine is a common deck option, but we have finishes to suit every taste. This includes exotic hardwoods, cedar, composite and more.

Next, we’ll make sure your new deck or porch flows perfectly with your home so you can easily make use of the space whenever you need some extra “me” time. For example, if you will be primarily using your deck to grill or for outdoor dining, we’ll want a door or even pass-through windows directly from your kitchen. On the other hand, if you want your new deck to be more of a respite from the kids, we can build a private space attached to the master bedroom. You’ll use your deck or porch more and feel less stressed when it flows perfectly with your home.

Lastly, we encourage you to add special touches that make your custom deck feel more like a relaxing environment to you. This might mean adding planters to bring more greenery to the space. Or, it might mean beautiful built-in benches so you have multiple seating options.

Relax All Year Long with Additional Custom Outdoor Living Space Ideas

While many homeowners may primary use their outdoor living spaces during the summer, we like to build porches and decks you can use during the majority of the year. Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your space:

  • Consider an enclosed porch or a combination porch/deck instead of just a deck. This provides some protection from the wind and rain, as well as giving you the ability to install fans and lounge in the shade during the hottest parts of summer.
  • Add a fire feature. During the fall and early spring, you can enjoy your deck if it has space for a fire pit, outdoor fire place, or other fire feature to help you stay warm.
  • Use cushions, outdoor rugs, and other textiles to make the space cozy. You can store these in your home, or we can create built-in storage for extra pillows and blankets. For screened-in porches, don’t forget to add curtains to make the space warmer.

If using your deck or porch during as many months of the year as possible is important to you, mention this during your initial meeting. We’ll make sure to prioritize ideas that make your new outdoor living space functional during all seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Building a New Outdoor Space

During our initial meeting, we like to go over as many custom outdoor living space ideas as possible to get a feel for what you really want in your new space. However, there is also plenty of time to ask questions! We love helping our clients understand the deck design and building process. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you started:

How can I build the best space for me?

If you aren’t sure what kind of porch or deck design will work best for you, don’t worry. We walk you through the process. Our owner, Jim, has been designing and building custom outdoor living spaces for over two decades. He can help you create a space that perfectly suits your needs on top of looking beautiful!

What tips do you have for making my new outdoor area look nice?

The best tip we have is to make sure your personal style shines through. Choose finishes and furnishes that make you happy, and don’t be too afraid of color. Remember, you can always change details such as outdoor furniture, pillows, etc. as your tastes evolve.

How much will my new oasis cost?

We build outdoor spaces in a wide range of prices. During your initial meeting, we’ll talk about budget to ensure you are comfortable with the price tag. We never inflate the bill during construction; the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay. Also, keep in mind that your consultation with us is completely free with no strings attached. Click here to learn more and schedule your meeting.