Extend Your Master Bedroom with Our Elevated Deck Ideas

Elevated Deck IdeasMost people build decks off their main living room or kitchen on the first floor. However, you can also create a deck accessed from your master bedroom. With our second-story or elevated deck ideas, you can give your bedroom the extra space you’ve always wanted without changing the floor plan of your home.

How You Can Use Your Master Bedroom Deck

Many people don’t realize that we can build a deck attached to a second-story bedroom. You may have only considered a typical ground-level deck. With a master bedroom deck, though, you can get more use from your bedroom and give it a more luxurious feel. Here are a few ways our homeowners use their elevated decks:

  • Create a romantic kid-free space to enjoy with your partner
  • Take advantages of the beautiful views your property has to offer from the second story
  • Add a table and chairs for a cute outdoor breakfast nook to enjoy your coffee in the morning
  • Spend a night under the stars during the summer with an outdoor daybed and some thick blankets
  • Include outdoor lighting and comfortable seating to make a late-night reading nook that doesn’t disturb your sleeping partner

Keep in mind that elevated decks don’t have to be completely separate from the rest of your outdoor living space. Many people love to have stairs that lead down to a first-level deck. This creates a private master bedroom space without having it completely closed off from the rest of your backyard.

Luxurious Elevated Deck Ideas

Here at Structurally Speaking, we provide a wide range of options for decking materials. Pressure-treated pine is the most popular option for decks, but it isn’t the only available material. We can also build a custom deck from cedar, exotic hardwoods such as the ever-popular Ipe (aka Brazilian walnut), or composite decking, which is a highly durable material made from a mixture of wood and plastic. But which is the right choice if you want a luxurious feel for your master bedroom deck?

Actually, the material is less important than the way the deck flows with your home. That’s why it is so important to work with a custom deck designer. We’ll look at the architecture of your home to create a design that looks like it was always a part of your home since it was originally built. We think decks should be a beautiful element of your home rather than something that was tacked on as an afterthought. We can create decks in different shapes, not just rectangular, as well as add stylish trim and railing that matches your home’s style.

Whatever material we choose, we can use design elements to enhance the beauty. For woods, we offer a variety of stain and paint finishes. Additionally, we can lay the boards in certain patterns to give your deck a polished look. During the deck design process, we can show you examples of the different installation pattern options.

Make Your Elevated Deck More Useful with Special Features

We want you to get the most use possible from your new elevated deck. As we mentioned, our clients use their master bedroom decks in a variety of ways. Here are a few special features you might love for your new deck, depending on how you intend to use it:

  • Built-in planters if you have a green thumb and want to use your deck for gardening
  • Outdoor lighting if you intend to use your deck mostly at night
  • Benches or other seating if you love the built-in look versus buying outdoor furniture
  • Fire features to create a cozy feel, such as an outdoor fireplace
  • Outdoor kitchen features if you want to use your deck as a secondary kitchen
  • Privacy features such as lattice walls, so your neighbors cannot see directly onto your deck
  • Storage for outdoor blankets, cushions, and more

This is just a small list of elevated deck ideas to make this space special. We can customize your deck to accommodate most wants and needs, so don’t be afraid tell us about all your ideas. During your initial consultation, we love to hear all your design ideas. Not sure what you want? No problem! We’ll walk you through the process and show you lots of examples so you can choose the exact design and special features that are right for you.

FAQs About Building an Elevated Deck

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have during the entire design and construction process. Here are a few common questions we here about our elevated deck ideas:

What goes under elevated decks?

It really depends what you want and how tall your elevated deck will be. With a second-story deck, many people like to have a deck or patio area underneath. We can also build an enclosed porch or sun porch in this space, or simply create outdoor storage. For a shorter elevated deck, we typically add a beautiful skirting or other decorative element to protect the space under the deck.

How tall can an elevated deck be?

With the proper support, we can add decks to a second story or even a third story. Additionally, our team can build elevated free-standing decks, which work especially well with above-ground pools. We follow all local and state building codes and get the necessary permits before we start to ensure that your elevated deck is safe and correctly supported based on the materials we are using.

Can a second-story deck connect to multiple bedrooms?

Yes! Although we spefically talked about master bedroom decks in this article, you can have an elevated deck that leads into your home from multiple access points, including secondary bedrooms or hallways and other common areas. Your wish is our command when it comes to designing your new deck! Contact us today to get started designing the deck of your dreams.