How to Extend Porch Roof – Create a Custom Porch and Deck

extend porch roofIf you’re searching for “extend porch roof,” chances are that a new covered deck or screened-in porch is right for you. Here at Structurally Speaking, we specialize in custom outdoor living spaces. We’d love to help you create the perfect backyard oasis for your family. Don’t let the word “custom” scare you! We work with each family one-on-one and walk you through the entire process.

Why a Custom Porch or Deck is Right for You

Our owner, Jim, spent several years working for the largest deck and porch builder in the United States. During his time there, he learned that the happiest clients were the ones who chose a custom porch design. Individualized design is the backbone of the Structurally Speaking philosophy. Here’s why custom is the best choice for your new porch or deck:

  • We listen to your needs before building your porch. Every family is different, and your custom porch design will reflect how your family intends to use the space. We want you to enjoy your backyard more!
  • Our designs perfectly fit your house. With a cookie-cutter porch or deck, these spaces can look tacked on. Our porches and decks look like they were part of the original home design.
  • You can make changes during the design process. You aren’t limited in any way. We won’t start building until you are completely happy with the look of your porch design.
  • We can accommodate offbeat requests. The design process takes all your desires into account so you will truly love your new porch. No request or idea is too weird!

Keep in mind that our custom design can include extending a current porch roof to cover a deck, building a new porch or deck from scratch, enclosing your porch to create a screened-in porch, building a pavilion to cover a deck, adding onto your existing porch, and more. The sky really is the limit when you choose a custom porch designer.

The Cost to Extend Porch Roof

One of the main reasons people are scared of the word “custom” is that they assume a custom design will be expensive. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. The cost of your porch extension project will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the project, the materials you choose, and the state of the existing porch and roof.

That said, we talk about budget with our clients upfront during our initial consultation. This allows us to design a porch or deck that is well within your comfort zone. When you work with Structurally Speaking, you’ll know the cost before we even schedule your build. You won’t receive a surprise bill at the end of the project or have to worry about the price rising higher and higher throughout. We want you to feel 100% comfortable with the cost, and we’re always transparent about how much you’ll pay for your new porch roof.

Covering an Existing Deck (Plus Alternatives)

If you want to extend your roofed outdoor living space, there are a few ways you can go about doing it. Some people build a completely new porch and deck. For homeowners with an existing deck/porch combo, though, the best choice is simply to extend. Porch roof extensions, however, aren’t always possible even if you have an existing deck.

In order for us to extend a roof, your existing deck needs to be able to handle the weight. Don’t worry; if your deck isn’t in great condition, you still have options. We can talk to you about awnings, building a new deck, or porch roof alternatives.

One of the best alternatives to a porch roof extension is one or multiple pergolas. A pergola is relatively lightweight and can block out some sun and provide a bit of privacy. Pergolas also give you the ability to add climbing plants to your deck. We love this option if you have an existing deck that you love, but it isn’t right for a porch roof extension.

FAQs about Porch Roof Extensions

During your initial consultation, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about your specific project. However, here are a few porch questions we commonly hear, along with the answers:

Can I extend my porch overhang?

Yes, in some cases. This won’t give you much more in terms of usable outdoor living space, but it could provide extra cover around the perimeter of your porch. Some homeowners love this especially at a doorway to a screened-in porch, or over flowerbeds where they want to grow plants requiring shade.

Is it possible to enclose a porch?

We can absolutely talk to you about turning your existing porch into a screened-in porch or sun porch. We can do this as a stand-alone project or as part of a porch extension project.

How can I make sure you’re the best porch builder for me?

We know that choosing the best screened-in porch builder can be a hard choice. Our initial consultation is free, and we’ll schedule you for a design consultation so you can make sure you love the look of your new porch before we start building it. We show our clients at least two different designs for most projects, and you can make changes at this stage so the design better fits your needs if necessary. Additionally, we bring multiple design drawings so you can see what your porch will look like from every angle.

Once we start the construction process, you don’t have to worry about inexperienced subcontractors cutting corners. We have an in-house team of builders and are on site to oversee every project. What you see in our designs is what you get!

To schedule your free consultation, click here to call us or use the form to contact us via email today. We’d love to speak with you more about your porch extension.