Our Best Screened In Back Porch Ideas for Small Spaces

Screened In Back Porch IdeasMost homeowners love having an indoor/outdoor living space. However, what if you don’t have much space for a new porch or deck? Good news: With our small space screened in back porch ideas, you don’t need a huge backyard to create a relaxing oasis for the whole family.

Make the Most of a Small Space with a Screened-in Porch

In a perfect world, you might have space for a sunroom that leads to an enclosed porch that leads to a deck. Most homeowners don’t have the space for this kind of building project, though. Screened-in porches are a great option since they are a “Goldilocks” space. They have open screens so you can enjoy the outdoors like a deck, but they have a roof for some weather protection like a sunroom.

If you’re working with a small backyard, the most important aspect of your new porch project will be the design. More good news: our team specializes in custom porch and deck designs. During your free initial meeting, we’ll look at the design of your home and any existing porch if you are hoping to enclose it rather than building something from scratch. Then, we’ll talk to you about how you plan to use the space, your personal style, and your budget. We’ll custom-design a porch that meets your needs while also looking like it was built as part of your house originally. Even if you only have a small space available, we’ll perfectly design your new porch to make the most of the space you do have.

How to Make Your Porch Feel Bigger: Three Screened In Back Porch Ideas

We can enclose a current porch or build a porch from scratch. In both cases, however, you may be wondering which screened in back porch ideas are the best choices for a small space. Many homeowners are worried that the screens will make the porch feel even smaller.

When you work with Structurally Speaking, we’ll use design tricks to make the space feel bigger, even with the presence of screens. This allows you to enjoy a pet/child-friendly and bug-free enclosed porch without sacrificing the open feel of a porch without screens. Here are three ideas to ideas to make your porch feel bigger:

  • Use light colors to keep the space bright. We’ll design your porch to take advantage of the sun, based on your home’s position. By using light-colored materials, you can give your porch an open feel.
  • Bring the outside in with a few potted plants. Paired with big windows, this can trick the eye into making the space seem more open. You can even grow vegetables like tomatoes or herbs in pots on your porch. Here are some great container gardening tips for North Carolina residents.
  • Don’t be afraid of furniture. You want your back porch to be functional, after all. Instead of cluttering the space with several smaller pieces, consider a few bigger pieces with some extra camping chairs that can be stored away when you don’t need them.

Keep in mind that we can also wrap a porch around the side of your house to give you more space. If your yard doesn’t leave much room for a back porch, this might be a great option to consider.

Maximize Space By Building a Two-Story Porch

Another way to get more outdoor space without compromising the size of your yard is to build a two-story porch or a second-story porch with shaded open space underneath. With this kind of custom porch, you can enjoy a screened-in space directly off your master bedroom or add a door from a custom space or hallway.

When we design a two-story porch, this includes safe stairs, railing, and outdoor lighting from the outside if you want to access the second level this way as well. Or, you can make your second story porch more of a balcony with access from the inside only.

Click here to learn more about two-story decks and porches.

FAQs About Building a New Screened-In Porch

We build custom porches because we know that every home and family are different. Your porch, big or small, should reflect your needs and style. During your initial consultation, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about building a new screened-in porch. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you get started:

How much will my new porch cost?

Cost depends on a number of factors, including the size of your porch and the materials/finishes you choose. We’ll discuss your budget upfront to make sure we can design your new porch within your preferred budget.

Will a screened-in porch add to my home’s square footage?

Typically, a screened-in porch is not part of your home’s square footage. However, it can have financial benefits if you sell the property in the future. Many buyers are looking for outdoor living spaces, so an enclosed porch can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price.

Is a back porch right for me?

When we meet with you, we can talk to you not only about our best screened in back porch ideas, but also about other kinds of designs. Many people love enclosed porches. However, you might instead benefit more from a deck or sun porch. The best thing about working with the Structurally Speaking team is that our customers are individuals, not numbers. We’ll design the best space for you, whether that is a porch, deck, or other kind of space. Click here to get started by scheduling your free no-strings-attached consultation.