Finding the Best Custom Deck Building Companies Near Me

deck building companies near meIf you’re researching deck building companies near me to create your perfect new outdoor living space, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the options. However can you ensure you find the right deck builders for the job without going over budget? Will you love the final product? Here are three reasons why it pays to work with the Structurally Speaking team.

Get a Custom Deck, Not a Cookie-Cutter Slab of Wood

Our team specializes in building decks and other outdoor living spaces that look like they were meant to be part of your home. When you think about your new deck, do you have a certain look and feel in mind? We can make it happen! Better yet, we can also walk you through the deck design process if you’re not sure what you want. Our consultation and design presentation will help determine exactly what deck will suit your needs and style.

Lots of people have plain square decks tacked onto their homes. They might be functional, but they aren’t inviting spaces where you’ll want to spend time. What’s the use of building a new deck if you aren’t going to actually use it.

Along with the deck design, we can also help you chose the best custom deck options for materials and finishes. While pressure-treated pine is a common option, we can also show you samples and pictures of exotic hardwoods, cedar, composite, and other decking materials. Additionally, we can help you choose the paint or stain that suites your home best.

Choose Custom Features for Your New Deck

When you work with custom deck building companies near me like Structurally Speaking, you don’t just get to choose a custom overall deck design. You also get to add special features. What will make your deck the most functional? Here are a few common features as well as fun deck trends we’ve been seeing:

  • Hot tub decks, which are perfect for chilly fall/winter nights as well as spring and summer soaks
  • Pergolas, climbing walls, and planters that work well with vines and other types of flowers and plants
  • Fire features, including fire pit areas, fire tables, and outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor kitchens, which will upgrade a small grilling area for an outdoor cooking and dining experience
  • Multi-level decks with separate functional areas and doors from several rooms
  • Decks with built-in seating and storage benches

In addition, we can build a combination deck and sunroom or deck and enclosed porch. These spaces are functional during more days of the year, since you can still use a sunroom or enclosed porch even if it is raining. Sunrooms even have heating so you can enjoy your views during the winter.

Deck Maintenance – What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Deck Design

Here at Structurally Speaking, we don’t just design your deck and call it a day. We want you to be happy with your deck for years to come. Decks can stay beautiful for decades with proper maintenance. However, you need to know what you are getting into when you choose certain decking material.

That’s where we come in. Your new deck isn’t worth much if it only looks good for a single season. When we talk to you about your deck design and materials, we’ll go over the maintenance you’d need to provide for each choice. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting into when you select the final design for your new deck.

This article can get you started, but again, we’ll go over everything in detail during your free consultation.

FAQs About Hiring Deck Building Companies Near Me

If you have specific questions about you deck project or search for deck building companies near me, we would love to answer them for you. An initial consultation with Structurally Speaking is always free and you can ask any questions you may have. Here are a few common questions we hear about hiring the perfect deck company:

What questions should I ask a potential deck contractor?

Whenever you are thinking about hiring a contractor for a deck project or any kind of home improvement, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. If a contractor seems annoyed or refuses to answer your questions, that is a major red flag. Here are a few questions you should always ask, along with specifics about your project:

  • Are you licensed and insured in North Carolina?
  • Do you have experience building the type of deck I want?
  • When construction begins, do you hire a subcontractor or oversee the work with an in-house team?
  • How long will the project take and what factors could affect the timeline?
  • Is your price quote the actual amount I’ll pay, or is it subject to changes?

Again, don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions! You need to be 100% confident and comfortable with the team you choose.

What other steps can I take to ensure I’m hiring the best contractors in my area?

Always look at a company’s portfolio and online reviews before you hire them to build your new deck. Within the portfolio, you’ll want to look for overall quality, along with looking to see if they’ve built decks similar to what you want. You can review our online portfolio here.

Are decks worth the money?

It depends how much you’ll use your new deck. If you build a deck that you never use, it probably won’t be worth the money to your family. That’s why choosing a custom option is so important. As an added bonus, adding a deck can increase the value of your home, according to reports.

If you’re ready to get started, click here to contact us and set up your initial consultation.