10 Design Ideas for Your Cozy and Cool Custom Hot Tub Deck

custom hot tubImagine finishing your work day and slipping into your very own bubbling hot tub. Is there any better way to relax? Here at Structurally Speaking, we have experience building custom hot tub decks. These decks support the weight of the hot tub and give you the perfect spa-like experience in your own backyard.


Because we build custom decks rather than simply providing cookie cutter solutions, we can add in features to make your deck even better. Here are ten cool deck ideas you can consider for your hot tub deck.

Add a Pergola for Protection from the Sun

Depending on the location of your new hot tub, you might need some protection from the sun. To fully immerse yourself in the spa experience, you need to be completely comfortable, which is hard to do with the sun in your eyes.

A pergola is a great option to solve this problem. With a pergola, you can control how much of the sun you block. Pergolas also make great structures for climbing plants if you want more of a rain forest feel for your hot tub deck. Learn more about our pergolas here.

Exotic Hardwoods as a Decking Material

You can take your hot tub deck to the next level by using exotic hardwoods as the decking material. Exotic hardwoods are a little more expensive than woods such as pine. However, they make a huge impact. They’re perfect if you want a real wow factor. Hardwoods can also last longer than some other kinds of decking material. Plus, they stand up well to the heaviness of a hot tub deck.

Keep in mind, exotic hardwoods aren’t total budget busters. Many varieties can still be less expensive than composite. During your initial consultation, we’ll talk about budget to help you choose the best decking material for your project.

Build a Combination Deck and Sunroom/Porch

Do you want to get even more use out of your hot tub deck? Don’t just stop with building a deck! Instead, build an entire outdoor living space.

We customize every deck project to perfectly suit your needs. A combination deck/sunroom makes sense for many families. Check out this blog post about the benefits to building a sunroom. If a sunroom isn’t right for you, you can also consider a screened porch to add a covered element to your outdoor living space.

Built-in Benches and Bars

We love to help homeowners make their custom hot tub decks more functional. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have our deck builders add benches or bars around the hot tub area.

When you are in the hot tub, you’ll need a place to set your drink, right? Benches and bars also work great for towels, food, books, or anything you need to set down within reach while you enjoy the water.

Multiple Levels for a Unique Design

A hot tub deck doesn’t have to be a simple square. Although, it can be! However, we love helping homeowners add a unique multi-level design. This allows your deck to have multiple “zones” for different activities.

In other words, we can create an area for your hot tub, but also areas for relaxing in a hammock, enjoying a fire pit or outdoor fire place, grilling or doing other types of cooking outside, gardening, and more. A multi-level deck design helps to break up the space, especially when you’re entertaining or if you have a large family.

Create a Zen Space Filled with Plants

Your deck can be so much more than slabs of wood. We can help you seamlessly integrate plants into your new deck. This includes:

  • Built-in planters
  • A deck built around trees or other mature, large plants
  • Walls and other structures for climbing plants
  • Spaces set aside within the deck for gardening
  • Storage areas for your gardening tools

During your consultation, let us know if you want to focus on adding plants as part of your new deck.

Entertain with Outdoor TVs, Speakers, and More

As you’re enjoying your hot tub, you might want to also watch a movie, listen to music, binge your favorite podcast, or otherwise enjoy some entertainment. We can make this possible.

Part of your hot tub deck design might focus on outdoor speakers, televisions, and projectors. Sure, you can get cheap waterproof speakers, but we can build them into your deck for an optimal experience.

Storage for Your Hot Tub Items

A hot tub is not all fun and games, unfortunately. It does need a bit of care over time. This includes checking the water chemistry and adding chemicals as needed, removing debris that gets into the water, and occasionally draining the tub to scrub it. Read more about hot tub maintenance here.

We can’t promise to make this part of hot tub ownership fun, but we can make it much easier with built-in storage for your supplies. This is also a great place to store extra towels, robes, and other items you might need for your hot tub.

Location Options for Your Custom Hot Tub

As part of our design process, we’ll talk to you about your different options for your hot tub deck location. Sometimes, it makes sense to have the hot tub right outside your door. Other times, it might make sense to have a detached deck and gazebo area farther away from the house.

It really depends on several factors, including the view you want from your hot tub, privacy in relation to your neighbors, who will be using the hot tub, and more. If you aren’t sure which location is best, we’ll go over the pros and cons of each option.

Add Elements to Make It Your Own – FAQs about Other Options

The best design is a custom design. When you work with Structurally Speaking, you get a totally unique hot tub deck. Here are a few FAQs regarding other elements to your deck design:

Can you build a recessed hot tub deck?

Yes, though for safety reasons, we recommend a partially recessed hot tub. They are easy to get in and out of as compared to a fully recessed hot tub.

Does the deck have to be rectangular?

Absolutely not! Our hot tub decks can be built in any shape. We’ll help you come up with a design that fits your home, your yard, and the shape of your hot tub.

I have some really crazy deck ideas. Can you help?

We’re open to all your ideas. Our goal is to create a deck that you love. We’ll take your design dreams and turn them into reality.

Contact us today to get started with your new hot tub deck.