Our Triangle Deck Builders can Create an Outdoor Paradise

triangle deck buildersAre you itching for a vacation? When you have a beautiful backyard oasis, every day can feel like a vacation! Here at Structurally Speaking, we help our homeowners build the perfect outdoor paradise that’s always just a few steps away. Our Triangle deck builders turn your dreams into reality.


Complete Customization – No Boring, Cookie-Cutter Decks Here!

One of the biggest advantages of working with our team is that you’ll get a completely customized deck or other outdoor living space. We don’t build boring, rectangle decks that look exactly the same as every other deck in your neighborhood. There’s nothing wrong with a simple deck. However, these cookie cutter “solutions” don’t really give you the true functionality your family deserves.

Every new deck project we take on starts with a no-obligation consultation. We’ll listen to your ideas for your backyard space, and ask you questions about how the space will be used. Then, our owner Jim designs a deck just for you.

Your deck can be simple or complex. It can have stairs, ramps, or multiple levels. We can build a hot tub deck, add pergolas, build planters and benches, and more. In other words, we’ll build the perfect deck for you based on how you plan to use your new deck.

A Personalized Experience from Start to Finish

When you work with Structurally Speaking, we don’t just design the deck and then subcontract the work to a third party. Yes, some deck contractors do this, and it means you’ll have no idea if what you see on paper will translate into a real life deck. You might not even know when the builders are going to show up.

We oversee every project, which is built by our in-house team of experienced Triangle deck builders. We’re on hand during the entire construction process so you can ask questions. You’ll never have to wonder what is going on when you work with our team.

Our builders have experience with a wide range of materials, including both wood and composite. Composite decking gives you the look of wood, but is longer lasting. It is made from wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent to give you a long-lasting product that works well for many homeowners. Whether you choose wood, composite, or another material, we’ll make sure it beautifully complements the look of your home.

Does Customization Come at a Cost?

You might be wondering how much your new backyard paradise will cost. Here’s the good news: we can work with most budgets!

When it comes to decks, you can find a very wide range of prices. Customization always costs a little more, but this slightly higher cost means that you can get the exact deck you really want. In turn, this means you’ll use your deck more often. We can also help you save money in other ways. For example, we use the best quality materials on the market, so your deck will last longer.

Keep in mind that adding a deck also adds value to your home. You’ll generally recoup over 70% of the costs if you add a deck to your home, according to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value report. This makes adding a wood deck one of the best renovations you could do, financially speaking. Not only does it increase your home’s value, but it can also help you sell your home faster. So, someday if you decide to sell your home, you’ll be glad it has a beautiful outdoor living space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Triangle Deck Builders

If you have any questions about building a new deck or renovating an old deck, we are happy to help. Here are a few frequently asked questions we get from homeowners here in North Carolina:

  • Do I need a permit to build a new deck?

It depends on your county/city building codes and the scope of the project. We’re extremely familiar with filing the right paperwork before we build your deck. You can leave this part to us! We’ll let you know exactly what permits you need and apply for them on your behalf.

  • Will I need permission from my homeowner’s associate?

Again, it depends. Every homeowner’s association is different. Generally speaking, decks are fine because they are in your backyard and add value to your home. However, we can help you navigate this situation if you have a homeowner’s association.

  • How long will it take for my new deck project to be finished?

We’ll talk about your timeline during your initial consultation. Typically, we can complete deck projects fairly quickly. Smaller decks take just a few days, while larger decks and more complex decks can take a week or more. Rain can also hinder the project. We’ll discuss this with you so you know exactly what to expect with your deck.

  • Which decking material is best?

This answer will vary depending on your needs. Wood is typically cheaper upfront but does have more upkeep costs, since you’ll have to paint or stain it regularly. Composite materials are more expensive upfront but have lower upkeep costs over time. Within these categories, there are also a range of prices and features. We’ll help you chose what makes the most sense for your deck based on your needs and budget.

If you have more questions about Triangle deck builders or your deck project, contact us today. We can answer your questions as well as set up a free initial consultation to discuss your deck needs.