Deck Builders Near Me – Get the Pros to Radically Transform Your Home

deck builders near meIs 2019 the year you take your home to the next level? While there are numerous ways to enhance a house, you should think about searching for deck builders near me now. A new deck is a great choice for your home improvement project in 2019. This is because decking immediately provides an assortment of benefits, including:

Excellent ROI

Of course, for any home improvement project, owners want to know that the money they spend will be worth it. According to Bob Vila, outdoor space is high on the list of people looking for a new home. With composite decking, homeowners can recoup about 65% of the money they spend. This number can top 70% with a wood deck made of something like redwood or cedar.

Great New Living Space

Your fantastic new outdoor space does not just have to be for the next owners of your home. You and your family can take advantage of it right away. If you feel a bit crowded in your home, a deck instantly gives you extra living space. It is also perfect for a grill or outdoor kitchen. And perhaps the best part, your deck will provide the perfect spot for parties or entertaining guests. It’s also a nice place to relax outdoors with the family or just to sit and read.

Fabulous Amenities

New decking on its own is nice, but there are many things that can make it even better, including a:

If you have ever sat in a hot tub, you know how relaxing and therapeutic it can be. No problem, your new deck can come with a hot tub, so you can have this feeling whenever you want.

  • Benches

Lawn furniture looking a little shabby? Throw it away! With a deck that comes with built-in benches, you won’t need it.

  • Planters

If you love to garden, your deck offers another space to enjoy your hobby. With planters, you can grow flowers for accents or perhaps some herbs or vegetables.

Speaking of garden space, a pergola can also provide this. It is ideal for climbing plants and flowers like roses or ivy. In addition, a pergola offers shade and a beautiful focal point.

Why Stop with a Deck?

In many cases, when homeowners choose to install a deck, they decide to add more. In fact, the perfect complement to a new deck is a porch. With a screened porch, homeowners get even more space. Plus, you can use it almost the entire year. The roof offers protection from precipitation, and the screens keep the bugs away.

Structurally Speaking – The Premier Deck Builders Near Me

At Structurally Speaking, we know that every project we work on is different. This is why we give each customer a customized design. Moreover, we take everything into account, including the shape and size of the property, to create the perfect deck. In addition, we pride ourselves on our unmatched customer service. We are always available for any questions and if an issue arises, we will address it immediately. Our prices are very competitive as well. We understand that a deck is a big investment. This is why we thoroughly discuss budgets and pricing during our initial consultation.

When looking for deck builders near me keep Structurally Speaking in mind. For information about costs or anything else related to decking or a porch, please contact us. You can call us at 919-786-4825 or just fill out our online form.