Deck Builders Garner NC Residents Love – Why to Choose Structurally Speaking

deck builders Garner NCAre you looking for deck builders Garner NC residents can trust? Here at Structurally Speaking, we take pride in being the best deck construction company in the NC Triangle area. In 2008, Jim Brennan started the company with the idea that custom decks can be competitively priced. He manages every job site to provide excellent customer service. Let’s look at how we’re different and what you can expect when you hire Structurally Speaking.

Deck Builders Garner NC Home Owners Love

Although you have many deck builder options in this area, Structurally Speaking’s customer service sets us apart. You aren’t just a number to us. In fact, we consider this a partnership. Therefore, we want to design the deck or screened porch of your dreams. When the job starts, we don’t just hand it off to a bunch of subcontractors and hope for the best. You get our experienced owner’s attention, so he can ensure that the project construction goes smoothly. In our opinion, personal attention is key. It is important to us that we complete your project efficiently and surpass your expectations.

In fact, here is what our customer Rosemary had to say when she left a review on our website:

“Just thought I’d let you know that we had some friends over that were interested in getting a custom porch similar to ours. I explained what we had done, our experiences with you, and our discussions with others. If we ever had to do another porch, I would have no hesitation having you do it again…”

You can read additional, truthful reviews from customers like Rosemary on our review page.

Custom Design for Your Deck

In addition to customer service, we provide the best custom deck designs in Garner and the surrounding areas. No two homes are the same, so no two decks should be the same. Our philosophy is that if you love your deck because it suits your home and lifestyle, you’ll use it more often. So, a custom deck is a better value!

Here are a few ways you can customize your deck:

  • Choose your materials. Because we know everything there is to know about decks, we’ll make recommendations. Ultimately, the colors and materials you choose depend on your taste and budget.
  • Add special features for your green thumb. If you love to garden, add some built-in planters or a pergola for some climbing ivy or roses.
  • Include benches in your design. Instead of buying deck furniture, build benches right into the design. Also, check out these built-in seating ideas for some inspiration.
  • Create the ultimate stress-free zone with a hot tub deck. In addition to regular decks, we can build an awesome custom deck or porch for your hot tub.

We will also design your custom deck with appropriate stairs, extensions, and framing in mind. Our designs combine functionality with beauty.

You Deserve Professionalism

Above all, we strive for ultimate professionalism. Here at Structurally Speaking, we will never leave the design work on your shoulders. At first, we do a full initial consultation to find out your deck goals. Then, we design a deck based on your lifestyle and budget. You’ll receive a full design presentation where we can collaborate to fine-tune the design. However, we’ll never sit down at a consultation and ask you to design the deck for us. That’s part of our job.

Also, we never leave our customers stranded. We stick to a schedule, and check in with you throughout the design and building process. Unlike other builders who may not return your calls, we stay in close contact and show up on time.

If you want deck builders Garner NC homeowners love, we’re the top pick. Call us today at 919-786-4825 to schedule a free estimate for your next deck project.