Deck Builders Cary NC – The Most-Asked Questions

deck builders Cary NCAdding a deck or porch to your property is a big decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. However, it can add amazing value in ways both tangible and intangible. One thing is clear: reliable deck builders Cary NC knows, like Structurally Speaking, should be a key element!

At Structurally Speaking, our favorite thing in the world is building beautiful outdoor structures that our clients love. To give you a little more information about what we do, here are some questions our clients frequently ask us.

Why Structurally Speaking as the Deck Builders Cary NC I Should Hire?

Our philosophy comes from our founder, Jim Brennan. In 2008, he decided that the options he saw for high-quality custom decks in the Triangle weren’t available. There was insufficient focus on the client and what they really wanted from their deck. So, he created Structurally Speaking, deck builders Cary NC could trust to combine expertise with genuine customer care.

We employ a three-step process that makes our work stand out from the competition:

  • Consultation: We’ll dig deep into your goals for your project and start making a plan, with no obligation to you.
  • Presentation: Our designers will present you at least two options, rendered in full-color 3D graphics. You’ll decide how you want us to proceed.
  • Construction: Structurally Speaking’s expert crew will build your structure under Jim’s personal supervision.

The approach we employ is customer-centered and grounded in the principles of form following function. Our goal is always to create a structure that meets your expectations, both in aesthetics and functionality!

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for a Deck or Porch?

Unfortunately, this question has no simple answer. Estimates will vary widely, depending on what the deck’s performance specs need to be. However, several factors that influence cost include:

  • Size of the structure and building materials that are necessary or desired
  • Load capacity the deck needs to support (especially important if you’re planning on adding a hot tub)
  • Conditions and composition of the land
  • Special additions or features of the deck such as cutouts for spas, stairways, etc.

Our priorities, in order, are always to build a structure that is:

  • Safe
  • Functional
  • Beautiful

Through our expert planning and high-quality construction, we’ve fulfilled these goals for hundreds of clients to date. Check out our gallery to get some ideas from decks that we have built for satisfied customers.

Can You Deal with My HOA and Zoning Regulations?

We pride ourselves on being a full-service contractor and offering our clients a complete package of services. Before construction, Structurally Speaking will submit all necessary documents to HOAs and local government agencies at no extra charge to you.

What Other Structures Do You Build?

In fact, our expert builders can offer much more beyond a standard deck or porch. Other structures we build include:

If it helps you enjoy the great outdoors and the comfort of your home simultaneously, odds are we build it! It’s all part of our total commitment to helping our clients get the most out of their homes.

Are you ready to experience that commitment for yourself? For a free consultation, call the deck builders Cary NC trusts today at 919-786-4825. We can’t wait to “Wow” you with the best outdoor structures you’ve ever seen! Of course, all of these improvements substantially increase the value of your home.