Our Top Backyard Porch Ideas and Tips for Busy Homeowners

backyard porch ideasYou don’t have to spend hours every season decorating your porch in order to be proud of your outdoor living space. With our backyard porch ideas, you can enjoy a stunningly beautiful space that takes full advantage of whatever your yard has to offer.

Enclose Your Porch for a Bug-Free, Safe Environment

If you don’t have a back porch, we can easily add one that perfectly fits your home. However, whether you have an existing porch or will be adding one from scratch, we recommend considering an enclosed version. You can better enjoy your outdoor living space with a screened porch. Here are some of the advantages to building a screened porch:

  • Keep kids and pets safe with the extra barrier, so they can play “outside” without worry, even if your yard isn’t fenced.
  • Enjoy your porch even during the height of mosquito season.
  • Add a bit of added protection from the sun while still getting fresh air.

We’d love to speak to you more about how a screened porch might be right for you.

Install Shutters to Thwart the Rain

You can make a screened porch even more weather-resistant using shutters. Adding shutters allows you to enjoy your porch even during a rainstorm. It also can help keep your porch warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Shutters are also an easy way to upgrade the look of your porch without spending tons of time decorating.

You don’t have to have screens to install shutters. If you don’t want an enclosed porch, we can install shutters without the screens. This beautiful and practical option works well for some families.

Create a Cabana Feel with Curtains

Another option for your back porch is to give it a cabana-like feel using large curtains. Curtains work well with or without screens. They can be floor-to-ceiling for ultimate privacy, or partial for a more open feel.

With curtains, you’ll want to use a heavy weather-resistant material in most cases. However, there are also sheer curtain options if you don’t want to create heavy barriers. Some homeowners install both so you can choose the amount of sunlight you want to shine through your curtains, depending on the day.

Add a Cozy Outdoor Rug

Textiles are an easy way to upgrade your space. With an outdoor rug, you’re adding a layer of warmth to your porch without a lot of time or cost. Outdoor rugs are the best option, since they resist mold and mildew, while also retaining their color better even in direct sunlight.

Rugs are especially helpful during the fall and winter to make your porch feel warmer. You can even consider rolling it up in the summer if you want to keep your porch cool.

Keep the Decor Simple and Weather-Resistant

Even if your new porch is enclosed, we usually recommend outdoor decorations. These weather-resistant options will last longer even if they are in direct sunlight or get wet during a rainstorm. Keep the decor simple with a few large pieces that can withstand a little wind.

If you want to change out your decor for the seasons, we recommend focusing on one or two items you can quickly switch out. For example, if you have a backyard table on your porch, you might switch to a different centerpiece for every season. Or, if you have a fireplace, you can add seasonally-appropriate swag. Remember, nature is going to be doing most of the decorating work for your porch!

Use a Well-Placed Pergola for Shade and Privacy

Pergolas are an awesome option if you want a bit of extra privacy and shade for your porch without taking the time to add awnings, shutters, or curtains. With a pergola, you’ll get that extra bit of protection without completely blocking out the sun or breeze. Pergolas are also great for climbing plants such as ivy, rambling roses, and honeysuckle. Here are a few more types of plants that do well on pergolas.

Build an Outdoor Fireplace

You don’t have to worry about decor when your porch includes a beautiful outdoor fireplace. These become the focal point of any room. You can choose a modern, sleep design, a more rustic traditional option, or anywhere in between. We can help you figure out the best outdoor fireplace for your porch if you aren’t sure what to choose.

FAQs about Backyard Porch Ideas

We’d be happy to talk to you about more backyard porch ideas and tips to help you create a beautiful spa-like or entertaining space. Even if you don’t have a lot of time for decorating and maintenance, you can have a gorgeous back porch that is the envy of the neighborhood. When you work with our team, you get individual attention for a completely customized experience. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about backyard porch ideas. Here are a few FAQs we commonly hear:

What type of porch is right for me?

We can help you figure this out! Our porch designs complement the existing backyard and home. From open-air porches to covered decks/patios to screened porches, there is a type of porch that’s right for every family. We can even build a porch that leads out onto a beautiful custom deck.

Can I turn my deck into a porch?

It depends on the existing structure, since it adds a lot of weight to put a roof on a deck. For some people, this makes sense, but for others, it makes more sense to build the porch from scratch. If you love your current deck, don’t worry! We can build a porch that leads out to your deck so you can have the best of both worlds.

Set up your free consultation today to learn more about which porch option is best for you.