How Second Story Decks Can Elevate Your Living Space

second story decksA ground level deck is a great outdoor space, but maybe you aspire to something higher. Ground level decks don’t make sense for every property, and elevated decks often offer a killer view. Second story decks present unique opportunities, but also unique challenges. That’s why if you’re a Research Triangle homeowner considering an upper story deck, Structurally Speaking has the professionals you need.

What Can Second Story Decks Offer Your Home?

  • Home Value: Adding a deck can be among the most cost-effective home value boosters, according to U.S. News and World Report. An upper-level deck’s amazing view can push the value even higher if your property is in a scenic location.
  • Comfort and Privacy: Experience the outdoors without leaving the comfortable, private space you’ve worked so hard to perfect. Structurally Speaking can customize your deck with benches, planters, pergolas, and more.
  • Space and Solitude: Decks are great for parties, but they’re equally good for a quiet morning with a cup of coffee. Walk out your back door and you’re in a space that’s just for you. Second story decks are especially good for quiet relaxation — nothing beats the feeling of being above it all.

Factors to Consider for an Upper Story Deck

  • Ground Conditions: Before you plan your upper deck, you’ll need a thorough evaluation of soil type and other factors. Challenging ground conditions might require grading, soil reinforcement, or other soil engineering work.
  • Weight: When building an elevated deck, it’s essential to calculate an accurate weight capacity. This is particularly critical if the deck will hold heavy objects like a bar or hot tub. Don’t trust these important calculations to anyone other than experienced professional engineers like the ones at Structurally Speaking.
  • Local Regulations: Some municipalities require a professionally-engineered design for an upper-story deck. Even if yours doesn’t, nearly all require inspections for second story decks. So how to make sure your deck passes muster with a city inspector the first time? Choose a professional contractor with a game plan for every stage of the job, from design through final approval.

Structurally Speaking: Our Promise to You

Jim Brennan, a master deck builder with over 20 years’ experience, founded Structurally Speaking in 2008. His vision: a contractor service that builds beautiful custom outdoor-living spaces in a true collaboration with clients. Our unique three-step design and build process focuses on the homeowner from every angle. Everything we do, we do with the intent of making Triangle homeowners’ dreams come true. Together, with your vision and our know-how, we’ll design and build the deck you’ve always wanted for your home. Don’t wait for your dreams — call 919-545-3628 today, or use our automated contact system to get in touch.