Screened In Deck Ideas and Tips for a Fun Space

screened in deck ideasThe right colors can make any space feel inviting. This includes your outdoor living spaces, such as a screened in deck or porch. We love to help our clients create the exact ambiance they want using color. Let’s talk about our best screened in deck ideas and tips for introducing colors into your backyard deck.

Traditional Color Palettes for Decks

According to PPG Paint, the five most popular stain colors for decks are as follows:

  1. Browns – everything from lighter tans to darker mocha colors, these colors give you a warm, natural ambiance
  2. Blues – the most popular colors tend to feel more neutral, almost gray, rather than brighter blues, but they range from very light to very dark and are great for a coastal feel
  3. Grays – gray stains can have more of a blue undertone or more of a brown undertone, but in both cases they work great as a neutral color that hides wear and dirt
  4. Natural – if you want the beauty of the wood to shine through, a natural barely-there stain might be the best choice for you
  5. Reds – with red stain, you bring a pop of color to the space with a rich, deep color that is reminiscent of terra cotta, redwoods, spice, and luxury

You don’t have to stick to one of these five color categories for your deck. We offer a wide range of stain and paint options to suit your home. We’d love to help you pick out the perfect color combinations for your screened deck.

Pops of Color that Won’t Overwhelm the Space

The color of the decking material itself is just the start when it comes to choosing the best color palette for your outdoor living space. You’ll also want to choose complementary colors for the walls, trim, furniture, fixtures, and more. Here are some tips for how to add pops of color without overwhelming your deck:

  • Choose a color scheme with 3-5 colors and stick to it. This will help your screened-in porch or deck feel more cohesive.
  • If you go bold with one color (the decking material, the walls, etc.), choose complimentary neutral colors for everything else so the colors aren’t competing.
  • Pick all warm colors or all cool colors to help bring the room together. Do you want the deck to feel cozy? Go for warm reds, browns, oranges, and yellows. Do you want it to feel light and airy? Instead, choose cool whites, blues, purples, and greens.
  • Don’t be afraid of dark accent colors. Blacks, dark grays, dark browns, and other dark colors can bring a touch of drama and contrast to an otherwise light color palette.

Also, remember that textures add more than just color. For your enclosed deck, consider an outdoor rug, curtains, pillows, plants, and other ways to bring more textures into the space in your chosen colors. This gives you not only a pop of color but an overall richer feel to the space.

Trendy Screened In Deck Ideas to Change the Look of Your Space

Trends come and go. With your screened-in deck design, there are a few ways you can easily switch out elements to enjoy trends without breaking the bank. Here are a few screened in deck ideas to make your space easy to customize and change as the mood strikes:

  • Go completely neutral with the decking material, walls, trim, and larger pieces of furniture. Then, add smaller elements to make a statement. For example, 60s/70s influences are currently trendy, so you could start with a neutral room and then add some fun themed lamps, fringed curtains, and funky artwork.
  • Remember that paint/stain is easy to change. You don’t have to stress about choosing a color you won’t like 5 years from now. Most of the time, it makes sense to refinish a deck every few years anyway. You can easily make a change to a new trendy color, especially if you choose neutral trims and finishing. Here are a few other backyard makeover ideas you can do in a weekend.
  • Choose a timeless theme and then update it with trendy pieces as the mood strikes. For example, many families love a shabby chic look for their deck. With a few changes in artwork and accent pieces, you could make the space have more of a shabby chic farmhouse design or more of a shabby chic coastal design.

Remember that you should make your deck your oasis. What does that mean? Fill your space with whatever makes you happiest, regardless of trends!

FAQs About Building a New Screened-In Deck

If you aren’t sure what you want in a new deck, don’t worry. The Structurally Speaking design team has spent decades working with homeowners in North Carolina. We’d love to help design your custom deck or porch. Throughout the process, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few common questions we hear to get you started:

Are screened in decks worth the money?

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, an outdoor living space can help you sell it more quickly and for a higher price. That said, we believe that the price is worth it if you’re family actually uses the space. That’s why it is so important to build a custom deck you love. If it’s perfectly suited for your family’s needs, you’ll find yourself enjoying your screened deck often.

How do you screen in a deck?

In some cases, we can screen in an existing deck. This starts with an inspection of your deck to ensure it can take the weight of the walls/screens and a roof. In other cases, it is better to build a deck from scratch, which allows us to build a deck that is both safe and incorporates all your screened in deck ideas.

What is the process of building a new deck?

We’ll start with a free consultation to talk about your space and ensure we’re the right deck contractor for your project. Then, we’ll design your custom deck and you can make any changes you want. We don’t start building until you are completely happy with the design. Click here to contact us today to set up a no-strings-attached initial consultation.