10 Unique Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Platform Deck

outdoor platform deckHere at Structurally Speaking, we specialize in building custom decks, perfectly suited to your family’s needs, your home style, and the specifics of your backyard. We’d love to help you design an outdoor platform deck that is perfect for your outdoor living space. If you can dream it; we can build it. Here are ten unique deck design ideas to help you get started.

Build a Freestanding Deck

First and foremost, we encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to your deck’s placement. While most people have a deck attached to their home, this isn’t your only option. In many backyards, it makes more sense to build a freestanding platform deck. You can read more about floating decks here.

Choose an Exotic Hardwood

Most decks are made from pressure-treated pine or composite decking material. However, you can get really unique looks if you upgrade to use an exotic hardwood. Options include Ipe, tigerwood, Brazilian teak and garapa, but these are just a few of the many types of hardwoods used for decking material.

Not only do exotic hardwoods give your outdoor platform deck a beautiful look, but you also enjoy added benefits such as resistances to insect damage, mold, and mildew. Most exotic hardwoods are also extremely sturdy and weather-resistant, so they require less maintenance and can last longer than pine.

Create an Interesting Pattern with the Boards

When you think of a deck, you probably imagine the boards in a straight row. That’s how most decking contractors lay the planks. With our custom decks, however, we can create a pattern using the boards. For example, maybe you want the boards to run diagonally. Or, maybe you want a herringbone pattern. We can even do more intricate inlays. This page on Pinterest has some fun ideas, or we can design a pattern unique for your new outdoor platform deck.

Add a Sunken Fire Pit

What’s the use of building a platform deck if you never use it? One feature that many families enjoy relaxing around is a sunken fire pit. You can build your platform deck directly on the ground, or we can build it with varying levels, which creates the perfect opportunity for a fire pit area.

Build Your Outdoor Platform Deck Around a Tree

If your yard has a beautiful tree, you don’t have to cut it down to build your deck. We can design a deck around the tree. The tree can even be a feature, acting as an anchor for built-in seating or providing the perfect spot for a swing or hammock. With proper planning to account for the tree’s growth, you can enjoy both your tree and your deck for decades to come.

Enclose Part of the Deck

Decks are great for entertaining and relaxing when the weather is nice. But what about during a spring rainstorm or when the sun is beating down on a hot summer day? Enclosing part of your deck with screens can help you get more use out of your outdoor living space. We love combination decks and screened-in porches, since it is the best of both worlds.

Wrap the Deck Around to Multiple Sides of Your Home

No one says that your deck has to be confined to your backyard. If your property is big enough, your deck can wrap around to two or even three sides of your home. We have experience getting the proper permits for large decks, and ensuring that your deck meets local regulations for proximity to property lines. Check out this article for more benefits to building a wrap-around porch or deck.

Design a Deck with Multiple Levels

As we mentioned before, we can build a platform deck on the ground, but it often makes more sense to build a deck with multiple levels. This gives you several different “zones” for using your outdoor living space. We can even build a deck that has a level on the second story. Who doesn’t love the thought of relaxing on their own personal master bedroom deck with a glass of wine after work?

Enhance the Space with Built-in Seating

Any deck gets an instant upgrade if you include build-in seating. For most decks, a railing or wall of some sort is required for safety. Built-in seating is a great option, since it gives you this safety feature while also being both beautiful and practical.

Create Ambiance with Outdoor Lighting

When we design your deck, we’ll take care to include a plan for outdoor lighting. With the right outdoor lighting, you can create the exact ambiance you want for your outdoor living space. Yes, outdoor lighting should help you safely walk around the space, and can be especially important for stairs. However, you can also use mood lighting to highlight different parts of your deck. Whatever ambiance you want, we’ll help you create it.

FAQs About Outdoor Platform Decks

As we work with our clients, we always welcome questions. We want you to make the best decisions possible for your new outdoor platform deck. Here are a few common questions we hear, but feel free to ask us anything:

What materials go under a deck?

Mulch, gravel, or sand are all options to go under your deck. These materials help with weed control and maintenance. We’ll talk to you about the best material for your deck as we work through the design process.

Can you help me design a deck if I don’t know what I want?

Yes! We have decades of experience designing custom decks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by design options, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the process.

How much does a deck cost?

Cost will depend on a variety of factors such as deck size and the materials you choose. We talk about your budget upfront during our free initial consultation. That way, we can design a deck well within your budget. Click here to contact us today to set up a no-strings-attached meeting with our team.