Are Custom Screen Porch Companies Near Me Worth the Money?

screen porch companies near meWhile the value of any home project depends on several factors, installing a screen porch can give you an average 75% return on investment, making it one of the best renovations you can do if you want to increase your home value. However, is going the custom route worth the extra cost? Does it make more sense to search for screen porch companies near me with standard pre-designed porches or even those who can do a quick one-day job to add screens to an existing porch?

Here at Structurally Speaking, we fully believe that you’ll love the end result more if you choose a custom design from an experienced porch company. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a custom screen porch or three season porch.


Make Your Porch Part of Your Home with a Custom Design

One of the biggest complaints we hear from homeowners is that their screen porch, deck, or other outdoor living space looks “tacked on” instead of flowing with their home design. We tend to agree: a lot of porches look like sore thumbs, even if they are functional. That’s not something you have to worry about when you work with our team! By hiring the right porch builders, you can ensure your new porch perfectly matches your home’s style.

Our owner, Jim Brennan, has been a custom porch and deck designer for decades. His unique approach might mean that we don’t work with as many clients every year as some of our competitors. When you hire Structurally Speaking, you’re not just a number to us. Jim takes the time to look at what will be best for your home and your family’s needs. Then, he designs the perfect custom porch for you and the existing architecture of your home.

Our clients have regularly told us that their new porch looks like it was built at the same time as the rest of the home. We want your outdoor living space to feel fully integrated so that it flows with the natural look and feel of your home.

A Custom Design Accommodates Your Favorite Features

Many screen porch companies near me have a few set designs for their outdoor living spaces. You choose one of these templates, do slight customization such as changing colors, and get a porch that is… fine. However, with a custom design, you can let your imagination run wild. Our porches have features that turn a “just okay” porch into an outdoor space you will truly love.

Here are just a few of the features you can consider when building your new screened-in porch:

  • ceiling fans
  • automatic blinds or shades
  • an indoor/outdoor kitchen
  • built-in benches or bookcases
  • an outdoor fireplace
  • specialty flooring
  • recessed lighting

If you can dream it, we can build it. We’d love to incorporate your ideas into your new porch design.

Additionally, we can add a custom deck to your outdoor living space as well. Many homeowners don’t want to choose between a deck and a porch. With our custom porch and deck designs, you don’t have to! We can design a beautiful screen porch that leads to a gorgeous deck so you can truly enjoy your backyard in as many ways as possible.

Customize the Function of Your New Porch

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that every family uses their backyards in different ways. Some families love to host guests and do a lot of entertaining outside. Other families use their backyard as an extended playroom and enjoy outdoor activities. Still others love gardening or sunbathing or cooking in an outdoor kitchen.

When you hire a custom porch designer like us, we can design your new porch around the way you specifically use your outdoor living space. For example, we have some clients who want to take full advantage of the sun, while other clients want to maximize the amount of shade. Or, some families want extra storage for outdoor toys, while others want as much floor space as possible to create an indoor playroom. There’s no one right or wrong answer to how you plan to use your new porch.

What all these porches have in common is that it gives you a way to enjoy your backyard during more months of the year. When it’s too cold, too hot, or too rainy to enjoy most outdoor spaces, our porches make it possible to use this part of your property.

FAQs About Hiring Screen Porch Companies Near Me

Hiring any kind of contractor can be a big decision. Here are a few frequently asked questions we hear to help you make the best hiring decision for your new porch:

How much will my screened-in porch cost?

The cost of a screened-in porch in Raleigh will depend on multiple factors such as the size of the porch, the features you choose, and whether or not you have an existing porch. When you work with us, we always talk about budget upfront before we begin the design process. That way, we can design a porch with a price tag that is comfortable to you.

Is it cheaper to screen in an existing porch?

It is often cheaper to screen in an existing porch. However, this upfront savings could be costly over time if your current porch is in disrepair. Before we’ll consider this option, our team will do an assessment of your porch to ensure it’s in good condition and will work for your needs.

What’s the process like when working with Structurally Speaking?

Our process starts with a no-obligation consultation to talk about what you want in a new outdoor living space. Then, we’ll meet with you for a design presentation to review our ideas. We don’t start the building process until you love your new porch design.

To get started, contact our team today! We’d love to answer any other questions you have and schedule your free consultation.