The Best Deck Installer Near Me in the Triangle Area!

Have you ever thought about adding a deck or porch to your home? Maybe you’ve had one at another house and enjoyed everything about it. Or, maybe your friends or neighbors have one and you’ve always envied the enjoyment it brings them. Perhaps you’ve even taken some initial steps to get some information. No matter where you are on your journey, the experts at Structurally Speaking can help.  They can help design and build the porch or deck of your dreams, no matter what those may be. Imagine being able to enjoy more of North Carolina’s beautiful weather. Since 2008, they have helped Triangle-area residents with home additions that add both enjoyment and value. So, if you’re looking for the best deck installer near me then look no further.

The Best Deck Installer Near Me

If you’re considering a new porch, deck, or other addition, now is the perfect time of year to start planning. After all, starting now means enjoying a new porch or deck just in time for summer. And no one is better equipped to help with that entire process than Structurally Speaking. They bring a personalized approach and unmatched attention to detail to every project. Plus, they have the experience and expertise to help with a number of additions, including:

  • Screened Porch—love the outdoors but hate mosquitoes, flies, and other pests? A screened porch offers the best of both worlds plus adds useful space for relaxing and more.
  • A 3-season porch has the benefits of a screened porch but is designed to be enjoyed on all but the coldest days of the year. Enjoy the breeze in spring and fall and a nice ceiling fan in the dog days of summer.
  • Sunroom—similar to 3-season porches, sunrooms combine the best qualities of the outdoors with modern comfort and amenities. This room will add square footage, functional space, and the perfect setting for meals, games, and more to your home.
  • Custom Deck—a deck can be anything homeowners want it to be. From an outdoor cooking and eating area to a game room, decks are the perfect setting. Decks not only improve quality of life for your family but also your home’s value.
  • Hot Tub Deck—what can be more relaxing than a hot tub on your own private deck? With Structurally Speaking handling the project, these hot tub decks are attractive and a portal to instant relaxation.
  • Pergola—want more of the outdoors but still want shade from the sun? A pergola can add extra garden space, a focal point on your property, an improvement to your yard, and more.

Check out their gallery for some inspiration or to see past projects.

Top-Down Support

Most successful companies have at least one thing in common: good management. And Structurally Speaking is no different. In 1999, Jim Brennan was working for the Raleigh division of the country’s largest deck and porch builder. During his tenure there, Jim established himself as an area leader for design and construction. He also saw how important it was to treat customers the right way. After nearly a decade, Jim decided to start his own company. In 2008, he founded Structurally Speaking based on some basic but very important principles:

  • A Personalized Approach—the right deck for one family is the wrong deck for another family. The experts at Structurally Speaking believe a home addition is only as valuable as the joy it will bring your family. That’s why they take a personalized approach to every project. This ensures that your new deck or porch will be the one of your dreams.
  • Fair and Honest Pricing—at the core of their business practices is fair and honest dealing. Every customer deserves respect and attention, especially when it comes to pricing. Structurally Speaking believes in being transparent and open with communications. That way, everyone is on the same page and there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • Expert Project Management—Building a new porch or deck should be exciting and fun. After all, it will bring your family joy for years to come. But this process is only stress-free when experts manage every step. That’s why Structurally Speaking emphasizes project management. To make sure that is true, owner Jim Brennan personally oversees every project.
  • Customer Service—if you treat customers right, everything else is secondary. That’s why Structurally Speaking has so many satisfied customers. In fact, most new customers come as referrals from prior ones.

Personalized Consultations

One of the main reasons that Structurally Speaking is the best deck installer near me is their personalized approach. This starts with the very first step in the process: the initial design consultation. Structurally Speaking offers free, no obligation-quotes to all customers looking to improve their home. During this step, their friendly experts work to thoroughly understand what you want to get out of the addition. But don’t worry—this doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. After all, home improvement should lead to more fun for your entire family. So, why should the process of adding a deck or porch be anything but fun and exciting? That’s exactly why Structurally Speaking acts as a partner in this process. Their aim is to take on the complexities, so you can look forward to your new deck or porch.

Best of all, the initial consultation with Structurally Speaking is not just a formality. In fact, owner Jim Brennan personally meets with each and every client for the initial consultation. He believes that this is a level of respect that every client deserves. Jim will lead the team to understand what type of addition you’re looking for. Would a multi-level deck with room for games, grilling, and more work best for your family? Perhaps you want to watch TV or read with modern comforts? They will be able to advise that a three-season porch, or sunroom, is ideal for your family. Or, maybe you want the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Talk to the experts at Structurally Speaking about a hot tub deck and what it can do for you. Whatever you want to be able to do outdoors, Structurally Speaking can help design and build the perfect setting.

Part of a Comprehensive Process

The initial design consultation is just the first step of a process that has been proven to deliver success. Check out the full process below:

  1. Initial Consultation—through a series of questions and examples, they will focus on finding your specific functional and aesthetic goals. This individualized process treats customers with the respect and attention they deserve. However, it also allows their experts to get a better feel for your needs and wants on the project. Then, they will take comprehensive measurements, photographs, and a physical survey. They even take into account the impact on the interior view of the home. During this step, they will also discuss your budget so that everyone is in agreement before the project begins.
  2. Design Presentation—once the initial consultation is complete, they start on creating possibilities. Taking into careful consideration your specific goals, they start building out plans for the project. They use advanced, sophisticated software that gives an incredibly accurate visualization of how the project will look. During this meeting, they will offer at least two design recommendations. These scaled drawings show great detail, including elevations, viewpoints, and more. Once you choose the design you like most, they refine the design until it is perfect.
  3. Project Construction—once the plans are perfect, the construction phase can begin. Structurally Speaking takes this process very seriously and strives to be professional and attentive every step of the way. This starts with a promise to be thorough, attentive and respectful of your property. They understand that home construction impacts your families’ lives and they promise to minimize this impact. Plus, owner Jim Brennan personally oversees project management on every addition. This way, the process is done right and can be exciting for you and your family. Of course, as a local company, they are familiar with and adhere to all local and HOA regulations.

Go for the Ultimate in Luxury and Relaxation

Modern life certainly has its fair share of stresses. Imagine being able to melt these stresses away with the calmness of a hot tub. But unlike hot tubs at neighborhood pools or hotels, these are not overcrowded and under-cleaned. They are private oases to a world of relaxation and meditation. And they can fit perfectly into a custom deck. Imagine coming home on a crisp fall night and warming up with a glass of wine in your very own private hot tub. Or, let your kids entertain their friends after a summer cookout. Maybe you’d feel adventurous enough to let the hot tub caress you during a cold winter night.

hot tub deck from Structurally Speaking can be the ultimate in luxury at an affordable price. But they offer more than just simple relaxation. Hot tubs have significant health and therapeutic benefit. Hydrotherapy is one of the leading ways to relieve tired, sore, or aching muscles. In fact, the word spa comes from the Latin phrase for “health from water.” Since ancient times, they have provided healing therapy by helping your body absorb heat, increase blood flow, and relax muscles. So, it’s more than just a way to relax—it’s a source of complete physical and mental revitalization! Best of all, hot tub decks are extremely desirable for potential home buyers. In fact, decks in general provide an average of a 76% return on investment when selling the home. That means that a deck can be the most relaxing part of your home plus virtually pay for itself.

Improve Your Home’s Looks and Value

Adding a new deck or porch can make an average home look much more attractive. These additions are some of the best ways to add curb appeal to any home. But the benefits of these additions don’t stop there. Of course, a deck or porch can be the family’s unofficial gathering center. But they can also help improve your home’s value and, therefore, increase its resale value.

A deck, for example, adds a lot of highly-functional space. This makes it not only more attractive to realtors but also to potential homebuyers. They can be just the edge you need for your house to be sold before the competition. Of course, a significant home addition is also a significant investment. But like the best investments, they can really pay off in the near future. On average, porches recoup as much as 84% of their installation costs. So, you can enjoy all the benefits of a deck or porch now and get your money back later. It’s a win-win situation.

Free, No-Obligation Quotes

Decks and porches can come in all shapes and sizes, with a number of different features. The experts at Structurally Speaking can use a wide range of materials for whatever functions your addition will serve. Maybe you want something that will stand the test of time? Using composite materials can even help protect against water from a hot tub. But watch out, because composites and even real wood can get hot in the sun. Or, maybe you want a traditional, wood deck with its classic looks. In any case, Structurally Speaking can recommend the best materials. No matter what you choose, you will receive only the finest quality.

You might even be surprised at how affordable a new deck or porch can be. Of course, providing a flat rate is nearly possible. After all, so many factors, like size, materials, etc. can affect the cost. But Structurally Speaking understands that homeowners need a realistic idea of costs before planning can even begin. They make it easy to get this information through their simple contact form. They will be in touch within 48 hours and offer a free, no-obligation consultation with the owner of the company. You might be surprised at how affordable these additions can be.

So, don’t wait—now is the time to act. Let Structurally Speaking build your dream deck or porch in time to get the most out of it. They have more than a decade of experience helping Triangle-area families with porches and decks of their dream. If you’re in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Apex, Hillsborough, Holly Springs, or beyond, they can help.

Give them a call today at 919-786-4825 to see how they can help with your next project.