​What is a 3 Season Porch for my Home?

what is a 3 season porchHave you been thinking about what a 3 season porch could do for your home? It is a screened porch or sun room attached to a home that you and your family can enjoy for at least three seasons. Typically, for the seasons spring through fall.

Structurally Speaking understands our need to enjoy the outdoors, but also, our desire for safety and comfort. They can create a sun room that will complement your home while adding more living space.

What Are the Benefits During the Three Seasons?

Spring – Life is starting to reappear from all angles! Flowers are blooming, critters coming out of hibernation and spring showers are falling. You can enjoy this sight from the comfort of a covered porch that is part of your home. Work on your favorite hobbies without taking over one of your other rooms! Have friends over to watch your garden and yard come to life, even during a spring shower!

Summer – Eliminate four of summer’s most negative aspects. Keep insects at bay with the screens around your porch. Watch summer thunder storms roll in from the safety of your enclosed and covered porch. Don’t worry about being outside and getting a sunburn…you’re under a roof. Plus, beat summer heat with the ability to sit under a ceiling fan.

Autumn – Briskness is in the air but you can keep the chill off by snuggling up next to an outdoor heater or fireplace. Your young children and pets can enjoy the fresh air, while you are confident about them being in sight.

How can Structurally Speaking Help Create a 3 Season Porch for You?

Structurally Speaking has teams of designers and carpenters that can make your 3 season porch dreams a reality. They use only the best products and materials. Additionally, they work with your budget in mind. Every project is a custom design unique to your home.

Their gallery of finished porch projects tells you more than words. Yet, Structurally Speaking customers can’t help but gush over the great job they did. “Jim and the crew of Structurally Speaking were fantastic. Jim’s ideas for the design worked much better than the ones we had in mind. The work was done quickly and professionally. Our porch looks amazing and our family (especially our kids) spend most of their time there.” – Ofri Leitner

If you are curious what this would look like for your home, you just need to call Structurally Speaking. They can help you make your ideas become reality.