A Screen Porch Raleigh Area Will Enjoy All Year Long

screen porch RaleighStructurally Speaking knows a thing or two about building a great screen porch Raleigh area residents will love. They understand that people enjoy being outdoors, but the weather doesn’t always allow for that.

Their designs, combined with your ideas and needs, make it possible to have a screen porch that will allow for outdoor enjoyment.

Why it’s Important to be Outdoors

Adding a screen porch to your home has many benefits for you and your family. Studies have shown you get these 5 benefits from being outdoors.

  1. Helps your creativity and focus – Due to the fresh air and natural light
  2. Improves your mood – By boosting levels of serotonin in your brain (the “feel good” neurotransmitter)
  3. Betters your health – Indoor air pollutants are much higher and concentrated than the fresh air of the outdoors.
  4. It is better for our eyes – It improves dry eye issues and the healthy development of children’s eyes.
  5. Helps you sleep better – Sun light helps keep our natural clocks in rhythm. Plus, it helps to boost your natural melatonin levels. Both of these will improve your sleep pattern.

A Beneficial Screen Porch Raleigh area Residents Need

How can a screen porch help with our outdoor needs? Screen porches are an extension of our homes but they are also our gateway to the outdoors.

North Carolina seasons tend to be mild. Yet chilly days keep us indoors. With a properly-built screen porch by Structurally Speaking you can still enjoy those days outdoors.

Structurally Speaking will design for you a personalized screen porch. This porch can be an extension of your current living space, it can adjoin existing porches and it can be an entirely new entertaining room. This is a perfect way to add square footage to your home, plus get the benefits of being outdoors.

Why Structurally Speaking for a Screen Porch?

Structurally Speaking cares about your time and privacy. They work hard to keep your day-to-day activities unaffected and your family and property protected while working on your screen porch.

Structurally Speaking starts with a no obligation, free consultation to get a better understanding of what you actually want and need with a new screen porch. Then they take what you discussed about needs, appearance and budget to thoroughly design a screen porch that will fit in with your home. Lastly, their project management ensures that the work is done in a proper and timely fashion.

Structurally Speaking promises their four values to every screen porch Raleigh area customer. They value personalized design, competitive pricing, expert project management and customer service. It is their priority to work hard in making sure your result s what you dreamed.