How A Raleigh Pergola Builder Can Expand Your Outdoor Space

raleigh pergola builderUndoubtedly, the pandemic has permanently changed American life. For instance, more homeowners are willing to invest in outdoor living spaces than previously. One way to improve and extend your outdoor living space is to install a pergola. When searching for a quality Raleigh pergola builder, choose Structurally Speaking.

Since 2008, we’ve been designing and building unique outdoor structures for homeowners throughout the NC Triangle area. Our core values, personalized approach, competitive pricing, and exemplary customer service, set us apart from other contractors. Moreover, Structurally Speaking provides unparalleled service with premier craftsmanship for years of enjoyment.

Why Should I Build A Pergola?

Pergolas are open structures designed to allow air to circulate freely. Although airy, pergolas can provide some protection from weather elements. For example, the side of your home can serve as a windbreak for your attached pergola. Similarly, you’ll have some much-needed shade. Plus, depending on the roofing design, you can also have some shelter from the rain. Certainly, protection from these elements can allow you to spend more time outdoors.

Moreover, accessories like curtains or adjustable louvered roofs can provide even more protection from the weather. Additionally, including other accessories like hanging plants or lights can make your outdoor space more enjoyable. Of course, these benefits make your home more attractive and add value to your home.

Attached Or Freestanding Pergola?

As Americans continue to extend their living space to the outdoors, many homeowners are considering building pergolas. Generally, you may construct an attached or freestanding pergola.

Invariably, an attached pergola uses a wall of another structure to support it. Typically, attached pergolas share a side of your home. However, you can also connect a pergola to another structure like a pool house.

Building a pergola against your home has several advantages. The side of your home gives you added protection against the weather. It’s also easier to install accessories like lights due to the proximity to utilities in your home. Moreover, depending on the location of your pergola, it may provide relief from harsh sunlight reaching inside your home.

On the other hand, a freestanding pergola stands independent. However, you must attach it to a concrete patio or cement footings to ensure its long-term stability. Strong winds wind can move an improperly secured pergola damaging it.

Undeniably, you’ll have greater flexibility in designing a freestanding pergola. Without the need to line up components with your home, you’ll have fewer limitations on the size, height, or orientation. Plus, you can build one practically anywhere in your yard, even right next to your home.

FAQS To Ask A Raleigh Pergola Builder

Inevitably, you’ll have questions for a Raleigh pergola builder before starting your outdoor improvement project. Thus, we’ve put together some of our most commonly asked ones. If you have others, feel free to call us at 919-786-4825 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Where Is The Best Spot For A Pergola?

Certainly, you can build a pergola in almost any place in your yard. However, for your greatest enjoyment, you want to take into consideration several factors. For example, the proximity to your home and intended use of the space can help determine its placement. Likewise, existing landscaping features may also impact the location.

At Structurally Speaking, we will evaluate your needs and yard to design the perfect structure for you. Our owner, Jim Brennan, personally meets with each customer. In designing your pergola, he’ll consider your house orientation for optimal shade. Plus, he’ll consider your existing landscaping and plans for the future.

What Materials Should I Use For Building My Pergola?

One of the options you need to consider when building your pergola is the material. Traditional pergolas are wood, but modern structures can be metal, fiberglass, or vinyl. Each material offers different advantages so it’s best to discuss your needs with your contractor.

For example, while wood offers a natural, elegant look, you need to seal, stain, or paint it every few years. A low-maintenance choice is vinyl, but the only color available is white. Although fiberglass offers a large variety of colors, the greatest strength, durability, and lowest maintenance, it’s also the most expensive.

When designing your structure, we take into consideration your budget as well as your needs. Plus, Jim will present 2 designs for your consideration using computer software to visualize the finished project.

How Much Does A Pergola Cost?

Each one of our pergola designs is uniquely suited to fit your needs, budget, and landscape. Thus, it’s impossible to give a generalized price. However, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation for all our projects.

Why Should I Hire A Contractor?

Inarguably, if you browse the internet you’ll find plenty of DIY kits. With everything you need including precut pieces, the advertisements make building a pergola seem so easy. So, why should you hire a contractor?

First, manufacturers of DIY kits often use lower-grade materials that have shorter lifespans. Sometimes, the lifespan of a DIY kit can be considerably less than a professionally built pergola. Generally, contractors have exclusive access to higher grade materials not found in home improvement stores.

Secondly, for ease of assembly, DIY kits have simple designs with a few standard sizes. If you’re looking to create a unique focal point in your yard, you won’t find it in a DIY kit. Additionally, DIY kits are not customizable. Finally, adding accessories like curtains or lighting is difficult with these kits.

When you hire Structurally Speaking, we’ll design a pergola specifically to suit your landscape. We can build different sizes, shapes, and styles to seamlessly blend with your home. Moreover, we can also enclose your pergola if you want year-round use.

Can You Build Other Outdoor Structures?

In addition to pergolas, we also design and build decks, screened porches, 3 season rooms, sunrooms, and hot tub decks. Plus, the consultation for all projects is always free. Call us at 919-786-4825 to set up an appointment today.