Gorgeous Wrap Around Deck Ideas to Enhance Any Home and Yard

wrap around deck ideasIf you love spending time outside, a wrap-around deck might be a great addition to your home. At Structurally Speaking, we build decks that flow with the existing architecture and landscaping. We custom-design every project specifically for our clients, so you get the exact outdoor living space that is right for you. We’d love to meet with you to discuss our wrap around deck ideas, or other deck design options that make sense for you.

What is a Wrap-Around Deck?

Simply put, a wrap-around deck is exactly what it sounds like: it wraps around at least two sides of your home. Some decks wrap around a third side as well, though two sides is the more common design. If you have the space for it, there are several advantages to building a wrap-around deck:

  • You have more space on the deck for various different “zones,” such as an area for grilling, an area for a fire pit, etc.
  • A wrap-around deck allows you to enjoy the different views of your property.
  • When you have a wrap-around deck, you can sit in an area that makes the most sense for the sun exposure you want at that specific time. In other words, your deck will typically have areas in the sun and in the shade, so you can pick what you want.
  • Families love to gate one area of their deck for a safer area for kids to play, while keeping the other side more open.
  • You can access your wrap-around deck from multiple rooms in your home.
  • Wrap-around decks are bigger, so if you like to entertain, you might want the additional outdoor space.
  • In some cases, the property and the architecture of your home just lend themselves to a wrap-around deck. We want to build a deck that flows well with your home, both in the look and the function.

In addition, your wrap-around deck can lead into a screened-porch or sun porch, which gives you multiple options for enjoying the same. We love building combination indoor/outdoor living spaces.

The Best Wrap Around Deck Ideas and Designs

Here at Structurally Speaking, we build custom decks. This means that we don’t build the same three or four decks over and over again for every client, like is the case with some deck companies. Instead, we look at the existing design of your home and how you plan to use the deck. Then we build the space to perfectly suit your needs. We can even use concepts of feng shui for your deck to ensure that the space works perfectly for your home.

That said, even though your deck will be custom to your home and family, there are a few design concepts that we encourage our clients to consider. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you start thinking about the type of deck design you want most:

  • What deck material makes the most sense for my outdoor living space?
  • How is my home positioned in relation to the sun, and do I want the deck to have more or less shade?
  • Will trees on my property end up growing over a deck if it wraps around on certain sides?
  • Where do I want access points to my home and to my yard?
  • What kind of privacy do I desire for my deck?
  • Do I want a portion of the deck covered or even screened in?

If you’re not sure how to answer some of these questions, don’t worry. We walk you through the entire design process during our free initial consultation. Our owner, Jim, has been building custom decks for decades and knows exactly what questions to ask to help you make key decisions for your deck.

FAQs About Building Custom Decks

Any new building project can be anxiety-inducing if you don’t know what to expect. That’s why we like to ensure our homeowners are extremely clear about the process. We encourage you to ask questions through the design and construction! Here are a few frequently asked questions we hear to get you started:

Is a wrap-around deck more expensive?

Because it is bigger, a wrap-around deck is typically more expensive than a similar deck that only connects to one side of your home. However, it all depends on the options you choose. We talk about budget upfront to make sure our design ideas come with a price tag that is in line with your expectations.

Can I build onto an existing deck to make it wrap around my home?

Maybe. We want your deck to be safe, first and foremost. If you have an existing deck, we’ll inspect it to see if it can be expanded to a wrap-around deck or if demolition is the better option.

Does my deck need a railing?

Most decks do require a railing. This is a safety feature that keeps people from accidentally falling off a deck. We follow all state, county, and city guidelines when designing and building decks.

What kind of decks have you built in the past?

We’d love to show you our past work when speaking to you about wrap around deck ideas for your home. You can view some past projects here and we can show you even more during your consultation. This allows you to point out features, finishes, etc. that you like and dislike.

Is a deck or porch the better option?

It all depends on your home and how your family wants to use this new outdoor living space. That’s the advantage to working with a custom deck builder like us! Not only will we give you our best wrap around deck ideas, but we can also speak to you about other options, such as enclosed porches. We’ll help you design the perfect space to enhance the beauty of your property.

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