The Best Deck Builders Near Me Are at Structurally Speaking

deck builders near meNorth Carolina weather is tough to beat. It is only really cold for a few weeks out of the year. The rest of the time, the outdoors is the place to be. Of course, it’s great to enjoy the weather on the golf course or at a park. But that only accounts for a small part of the day. Why not enjoy this weather as much as possible? A custom deck is the ideal way to make the most of this natural wonder. But how do you know who to trust? Quite simply, you should trust the industry leader. Structurally Speaking offers the best deck builders near me in the Triangle and beyond. Each of their contractors is highly skilled in every step of the process. From design to installation, they offer unmatched service. Plus, they emphasize customer service. While other companies may take your money and run, their experts are dependable. They will design and build the deck of your dreams. Best of all, they’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied. So, check out how they can build the deck of your dreams below.

The Best Deck Builders Near Me

Spending quality time outdoors is more than just a nice way to pass the time. It is the best way to relieve stress and commune with nature. People who spend time outdoors are generally more relaxed and satisfied. And in the Raleigh-Durham area, there’s no shortage of things to enjoy. Beautiful flowers bloom and renew the landscape in Spring. Summer is the perfect time for cookouts, game nights, and much more perfect for a deck setting. And in fall, what can be better than enjoying crisp air and watch falling leaves?

In order to fully appreciate all the joy a deck can provide, you need to have the right deck. And that means having it built by the area experts. Structurally Speaking offers the highest quality deck services in the state. Bar none, they are the absolute best deck builders near me and beyond. That’s because they don’t just specialize in one or two aspects of the process. While some competitors focus on design or installation, Structurally Speaking does it all.

Not sure what options might be best for your home? Let their experts show you all the options that are available. Perhaps a real wood deck is what you’ve always dreamed of. Or, maybe, you’d prefer the convenience, ease, and durability of a composite deck. In any case, they have done it before and can let you know what your choices are. And if you know exactly what you want, that’s okay, too. Their experts can bring your exact vision to life using only the finest materials and techniques. So, no matter what stage you’re at, the experts at Structurally Speaking can help. Plus, you can check out their gallery for inspiration or to see what they’ve done for other clients.

Minimize Stress, Maximize Excitement

Adding a deck to a home can be a stressful experience. Any home addition can be. Altering your biggest investment is inherently stressful. That’s why the experts at Structurally Speaking try to make the entire process as stress-free as possible. They have built a simple, three-step process designed to minimize stress and maximize enjoyment. After all, you are going to end up with a beautiful deck, so why not enjoy the process?

A Process That Puts Customers First

Structurally Speaking’s minimal-stress, three-step process includes:

  1. Initial Consultation—it all starts with a free, no-obligation consultation with owner Jim Brennan. He insists on personally meeting with clients to demonstrate how important each and every customer is. During this meeting, Jim works to understand what type of deck or porch you’d like for your home. Through a series of questions and examples, they work to discover your specific functional and aesthetic goals. Structurally Speaking then takes extensive photographs and measurements, along with a physical survey of the area. Of course, they also discuss your budget to ensure that both parties are on the same page. Once these initial details are finalized, they schedule a second meeting, which focuses on design.
  2. Design Presentation—this important step reviews the goals laid out in the first meeting. Structurally Speaking’s experts will present a number of design recommendations customized for your home. This gives you the ability to choose which you like best. The presentation includes scaled drawing showing all elevations and viewpoints. So, you get a very accurate idea of what the project will look like.
  3. Project Construction—only once all details are finalized and you’re excited does construction begin. And this is the part of the process that Structurally Speaking aims to make as stress-free as possible. From the time they arrive to the time they leave, they are thorough, respectful, and attentive. They minimize intrusion so your family can carry on with its normal, everyday life. Plus, they can help with documents, permits, and other documents required by homeowner associations.

Experts in Home Construction

Structurally Speaking prides itself on being the area expert. As such, they are experts in decks, sunrooms, porches and much more:

  • Screened Porch—want the benefit of the outdoors without the bugs or other pests? A screened porch is the answer! Turn that unused space into a screened porch and enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • 3 Season Porch—love the outdoors but also the convenience of modern life? A 3 Season porch lets you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature without the bugs or weather. Escape into the shade or watch TV while also enjoying nature.
  • Sunroom—sunrooms add tremendous value to your home. Make your home stand out by adding square footage and a functional space. Enjoy the comfort of the indoors while having a full view of the surrounding natural beauty!
  • Custom deck—choose from a wide variety of materials and features. Let them custom-design and build the deck of your dreams. Your family will love the outdoor living space. And it adds value to your home!
  • Hot Tub Deck—they can change the way you view hot tubs. Transform an eyesore into a luxurious portal to relaxation! 
  • Pergola—protect yourself from the sun while also beautifying your home. Our pergolas can give you extra garden space and spruce up your yard.

Revitalize Your Old Deck

But what if your home already has a deck, but it isn’t ideal for what your family wants or needs? Maybe it’s much smaller than it needs to be to be truly useful. Or, maybe it is old and splintered and can’t be enjoyed properly. In any case, Structurally Speaking can help. They are more than just experts at designing and building new decks. They are also experts in revitalizing or replacing old decks.

Structurally Speaking specializes in redesign and reconstruction, also. An old deck with the following needs immediate attention:

  • Discoloration—this problem can cause extremely unsightly decks for your home. But discoloration is also a sign of deeper problems, like rot or unhealthy wood.
  • Mold or mildew—bacteria that causes mold or mildew can be very dangerous. It creates a very slick surface that can cause falls. But mold can also damage the board through the release of toxins.
  • Rot—rotted wood can be extremely dangerous. In many instances, the rot is unseen and is only discovered after it is too late.
  • Split wood—decks are ideal for bare feet and playtime. But split wood can easily lead to splinters, which can cause significant damage.
  • Separation of nails—old decks can have loose boards and separated nails. They can then stick out and be extremely hazardous as people walk or sit on the deck.

So, if your deck has any of these, give the experts at Structurally Speaking a call. Decks that haven’t been built or maintained properly can be more than just eyesores. They can be downright dangerous and traps for injury for your family or guests.

Go for the Ultimate in Luxury

So, how do you know what size and type of deck are right for your home? Turn to the experts, of course! They have the experience and the expertise to help guide you in each decision. Wondering how big a deck should be if you plan to do a lot of entertaining? They can help you pick the right size for your yard and for your plans. Every project is designed to complement your existing property and add value to your investment.

Or, maybe you want an extra level of luxury for your family. Nothing says luxury quite like a hot tub deck from Structurally Speaking. These hot tubs are your gateway to a world of relaxation and tranquility. Imagine being able to melt away the stress of the day in the comfort of your own deck. Forget about work, nosy neighbors, and recharge as often as you’d like.

Best of all, a hot tub deck from Structurally Speaking is more than just a relaxing luxury. Hot tub decks can also provide a big return on investment. In fact, decks provide an average of 76% return on investment. Not to mention the significant health benefits hot tubs can provide. That makes a hot tub deck the perfect choice for many Triangle families.

Call the Best Deck Builders Near Me for Financing Options

In today’s economic climate, not everyone has the savings to tackle a project like this. But waiting until savings are in hand can mean missing out on precious outdoor time with family. Luckily, Structurally Speaking can help! They have worked with many customers on financing options for a new deck or porch. After all, financing is a great way to own a car or home, so why not an addition to your home? Just give them a call or fill out their contact form to ask what options are available. They have years of experience helping other customers. So, they can help you find the right option for you. Moreover, you can go ahead and start enjoying your deck in no time!

The Triangle-Area Experts

Of course, what works for one area of the country doesn’t always translate to another. That’s why it’s so important to work with a contractor familiar with the area in which you live. And when it comes to the Triangle, no one knows the area better than Structurally Speaking. Jim Brennan started the company in 2008 after achieving recognition for unique structure design and quality construction. Structurally Speaking has helped many local customers with decks and porches. They have many satisfied customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Apex, Hillsborough, Carrboro, Holly Springs, and beyond.

That’s because they have built a strong and well-earned reputation for more than a decade. Some competitors may focus on upselling you and pushing their own stock designs. But Structurally Speaking wants you to have the custom deck that’s right for you. That’s why they focus on the customer, from design all the way through installation. After all, you’re going to enjoy your deck for years to come. Therefore, the process of building the deck should be fun and exciting, not stressful! Check out their many highly-rated reviews to see how they’ve helped other local customers.

Then, give them a call today at 919-786-4825 to see how they can build the deck of your dreams!

Enclosed Porch Ideas from the Triangle’s Improvement Expert

enclosed porch ideasHave you ever thought about adding living space to your home? Maybe you want the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Perhaps you want to add some square footage and increase the value of your home. No matter what the case may be, Structurally Speaking can deliver the patio, deck, or porch of your dreams. Choose from the materials you like for the ceiling and floor or let them recommend some choices. They can present numerous enclosed porch ideas so you can choose what’s right for you. Best of all, they are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Then, your family can enjoy this new addition for years to come. Check out what makes them an expert below.

Enclosed Porch Ideas

It can be daunting to think about all the different options for porches. After all, extra living space should be used for what your family enjoys. That’s why Structurally Speaking has built a simplified process for customers. During this process, they can present enclosed porch ideas from which you can choose. Want to take a look at what they’ve done for other customers? Check out their gallery for porches and decks they’ve built for previous customers.

They can design everything from the ceiling to the floor exactly how you want it. Have specific materials in mind? Or maybe you don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, their friendly experts can help every step of the way. They have built it all.

Does your family love spending evenings in the backyard? Looking for a better way to enjoy the outdoors? A 3-season porch from Structurally Speaking lets you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature without the inconveniences. Escape into the shade or watch a movie while also watching nature. Check out some of the 3-season porches they’ve built for other customers here.

Or, maybe a screened porch is more your family’s style. Enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer—except the pests! A screened porch can keep bugs and other debris from ruining your time. Check out just a few of the screened porches they’ve built for other customers.

Interested? Start with a Free Quote

Pricing for porches can vary wildly, depending on size, materials, and features. After all, what’s right for one family might be totally wrong for another. The experts at Structurally Speaking will advise on what size might work best for your yard. And, as the area experts, there’s nothing too big or too small for them to handle. There isn’t a size, style, or feature that their team can’t handle. Of course, this can make it difficult for homeowners to plan for an addition. But, don’t worry. Structurally Speaking offers free, no-obligation quotes so you can have a better idea of costs. Make sure you have all the information before you make a decision. Just fill out their contact form and they will be in touch.

The Triangle-Area Experts

Adding an enclosed porch is no small investment. So, why trust just anyone? Go with the Triangle-area experts. They have many satisfied customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and beyond. Over a decade ago, Jim Brennan started the company after earning a stellar reputation in the area. His designs and construction were gaining popularity and he wanted to build a team that shared his goals. With an emphasis on an individual approach and excellent quality and service, he built that team at Structurally Speaking. Their list of satisfied clients continues to grow. Of course, it’s because they combine expert craftsmanship with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Just check out the many highly-rated reviews customers have left them.

They won’t stop until everything from the ceiling to the floor is exactly how you want. Plus, adding extra living space significantly increases the value of your home. It’s an investment that pays for itself.

So, give the friendly experts at Structurally Speaking a call today at 919-786-4825.

The Best Decking Contractors Near Me in the Triangle

What can be better than enjoying the outdoors and North Carolina’s beautiful weather? Going to the park or taking a hike is a great way to enjoy it. However, crowds, bugs, and other factors can limit the enjoyment. So why not enjoy it from the comfort of your own home? Structurally Speaking is the Triangle’s expert in decks, sunrooms, porches, and more. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best decking contractors near me look no further. The experts at Structurally Speaking can help design and build the deck of your dreams. Remember that a deck will add a lot to the value of your home, should you want to sell in the future. You will get an excellent return on your investment, but you get to enjoy it every day right now. Check out what makes them the area expert below.

The Best Decking Contractors Near Me

Finding the best decking contractors near me can be a challenge. After all, how do you know who you can trust?  Since 2008, the experts at Structurally Speaking have helped Triad-area residents with decks, porches, sunrooms, and more. They proudly serve Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Apex, Hillsborough, Carrboro, Holly Springs, Garner, and the surrounding areas.

They offer a wide variety of customization options so your deck will be as unique as you are. Choose from the following options:

  • Composite, stainless and aluminum railing & systems
  • Deck redesigns
  • Planters
  • Pergolas
  • Screened-in porches
  • Hot tubs
  • Benches
  • Framing
  • Stairs
  • Extensions
  • & much more

Of course, different materials have different costs and durability. Composite and pressure-treated hardwoods offer the longest life. Composite materials require very little maintenance – pressure washing is all you need to do for many years. But don’t worry. Their experts will help you understand the benefits and durability of each type. That way, you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

The Best Time of Year

Some people may assume that a deck can only be enjoyed in the summer. Those people probably aren’t familiar with the design capabilities of Structurally Speaking. The experts at Structurally Speaking offer many options that are perfect for enjoying year-round. Check out just a few of the options they offer:

  • Custom Decks—a deck is a perfect way to add valuable living space for your family. These decks are an extension of your home. As such, they can be used for extra entertaining space, more dining areas, play space for the kids or anything else you desire. It also lets you enjoy the views of your yard while relaxing close to the house…easy access to bring food in or out!
  • Three-Season Decks—a three-season deck is sometimes known as a screened porch or sunroom. It offers the benefits of the outdoors and the comfort of the indoors. It is perfect for most of the year, save for the coldest winter months. Let this be the gathering place for your family.
  • Hot Tub Decks—a hot tub deck is the ultimate in home luxury. Hot tub decks offer comfort and relaxation as well as hydrotherapy. Enjoy the health benefits of a hot tub while letting your stresses melt away. Plus, they can help pay for themselves, with an average of 76% return on investment.

An Unmatched Service Experience

Unfortunately, home improvement projects can often be so stressful that they are hardly worth it. But, that’s not the case when dealing with Structurally Speaking. They believe these projects should be fun and enjoyable. Let their exports work to give your home the addition you want without the stress caused by other contractors.

It all starts with the design phase. During a free, no-obligation consultation, they will work to understand exactly what you envision. They focus on discovering the functional and aesthetic goals you’re looking for. After this step, they offer a design presentation so you can see exactly how the project will look before it’s built.

It’s no wonder they have so many satisfied Triangle area customers. Founded in 2008, they have helped local customers with their fence and deck needs. Jim Brennan started the company after achieving a reputation for designing and building quality decks and sunrooms in the Raleigh area. He oversees every project and ensures that everyone involved is focused on creating exactly what the customer needs and wants. Every customer and every project are unique and deserve a custom result. Check out the many highly-rated reviews from their customers.

So, give them a call today at 919-786-4825 for more information!

If You’re Enclosing a Porch for Living Space Call the Experts

Enclosing a Porch for Living SpaceVirtually every season in North Carolina is comfortable. It’s one of the great things about the Tarheel state. But, is your family taking full advantage of each season weather-wise? A structure such as a porch or deck is the ultimate way to enjoy it. And when you choose Structurally Speaking, you get the best options imaginable. That’s because Structurally Speaking has the experience and expertise to do the job right. They offer a number of different options. Want to enclose the porch with walls on all sides? No problem. Looking to add windows for a sunroom? They know just how to help. Or, maybe you want a structure that has both regular walls and windows together? If you can dream it, they can probably make it happen. So, if you’re thinking about enclosing a porch for living space – call the experts at Structurally Speaking.

Enclosing a Porch for Living Space

Choosing the right structure for your home encompasses many factors. For many homeowners, enclosing a porch for living space is the ideal way to go. An enclosed porch allows families to enjoy the outdoors the entire year. Structurally Speaking can design and build the enclosed porch of your dreams. Maybe you want a large space for entertaining? They can build it. Or, maybe you’ve always dreamt of a porch with a hot tub. They can make it happen. Their commitment to excellence ensures your project receives high priority and attention. As such, they can even get most projects done in just a few weeks. In need of some inspiration? Check out their gallery for porches and decks they’ve built for previous customers.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Of course, with these options comes a wide range of costs. Everything from size to materials can affect the price of a project. That’s what makes it difficult to provide flat rates. However, Structurally Speaking offers free, no-obligation quotes so you can have a better idea of costs. Make sure you have all the information before you make a decision. Just fill out their contact form and they will be in touch.

Trust the Experts

Your home is the most significant investment you’ll likely ever make. You wouldn’t trust your retirement account to just any company. So why roll the dice when it comes to your home? Be sure to protect it by trusting only the experts. Structurally Speaking has more than a decade of helping Triangle-area customers. They’re trusted by customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and beyond. And the answer is very simple. They combine expert craftsmanship with an uncommon commitment to customer satisfaction.

From design to construction, they treat every customer the right way. They can build any structure you want. Choose from a porch with walls or windows or just about anything else. Jim Brennan started the company over a decade ago. He had built a remarkable reputation as a designer of unique additions and enclosures for homes in the Raleigh area. He personally oversees every project to ensure that every client receives exactly the space that they need and want. You’ve probably thought about adding on to your home at some point. So why not get some more information? It could be easier or cheaper than you think to enjoy every season with your family.

Give the experts at Structurally Speaking a call today at 919-786-4825 for more information.


Ideas for Enclosing a Porch from Structurally Speaking

Ideas for Enclosing a Porch What is your ideal setting for enjoying the outdoors? Is it hiking a hill or a mountain to get an unmatched view? Perhaps it’s as simple as eating meals outside with your family. Chances are you love taking advantage of North Carolina’s gorgeous weather. So why drive far away or fight the crowds to enjoy it? With your very own porch enclosure you can enjoy the best of nature from the comfort of your home. The experts at Structurally Speaking can make it happen. They have tons of ideas for enclosing a porch in any home. Maybe you want a grill and dining table with chairs to enjoy a meal. Or, maybe you want some comfortable chairs to sit and watch TV or play games. No matter what you dream, they can make your porch enclosure a reality.

Ideas for Enclosing a Porch

If you’re interested in adding to your home, you probably have given it some thought already. But maybe you don’t know where to start or can’t figure out what would look best. The experts at Structurally Speaking can help. They can show you a range of different ideas for enclosing a porch for some inspiration. A screened porch is always a great choice for virtually any home.

Screened porches add valuable floor space to your home. Set up a game room, a dining room, or a room for whatever else your family likes to do. Structurally Speaking can build a porch as big or as small as you want. Plus, there’s no limit to the customization options they can offer. Start with the floor. Tile or concrete are popular choices, but there are other options, such as carpet. It’s your space, so why not make it the way you want it? Best of all, Structurally Speaking offers a tried and true process to ensure every customer is satisfied.

A Luxury That Can Pay for Itself

Of course, you may be wondering how much all of this will cost. Because the customization options are nearly endless, cost can vary greatly. It all depends on the size, details, and materials you choose to use. But no matter your budget, they can work with you to find the right addition.

Plus, a porch or sunroom is a great way to add value to any home. And with a high-quality addition from Structurally Speaking, you’ll wow potential buyers. Imaging staging your porch with comfortable chairs looking over your backyard on a warm spring day. So, in very little time, the whole project can pay for itself.

The Area Experts

Don’t trust just anyone when you’re thinking of enclosing an outdoor space. Jim Brennan formed Structurally Speaking over a decade ago. He had gained recognition as one of the premier designers of outdoor spaces in the Raleigh-Durham area. Jim personally oversees every project to ensure that all customers are happy with their new living space. The company has helped many satisfied customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and the surrounding areas. By choosing a local company, you know that they are familiar with your area’s regulations. Moreover, they will handle all paperwork for permits, inspections and HOA requirements. Just fill out this quick and easy form to begin your project. One of their experts will be in touch shortly with more information. They will help you create the perfect outdoor space enclosure for your home.

Give them a call today at 919-786-4825 to talk to an expert.