Screened in Porch Raleigh NC – Think Inside the Box!

screened in porch Raleigh NCWondering how to extend your enjoyment of our beautiful Triangle area weather? A screened in porch Raleigh NC is your answer. You don’t have to think very far outside of the box to figure out why. In fact, a screened porch actually puts you INSIDE the box. But, in a very comfortable way.

A Screened in Porch Raleigh NC Enhances Your View

Keep in mind, a screened porch is so much more than a box. It’s a whole new world within your world. Foremost, let the sounds and sights of nature in sans its critters and occasional weather woes. Most importantly, the screen doesn’t separate you from your enjoyment; it immerses you in it. Enjoy your beautiful view without persistent pests crawling into your window on the world!

Furthermore, it adds entertainment space. For instance, screened in porches are perfect for game night. Or, enjoy, the extra room to simply hang out with family or friends. Then again, you may want an extra retreat area for a little quiet time to enjoy puzzles or a book. No matter your reasons, Structurally Speaking customizes your plan to match the needs of your family. And, we consider the design of your house to ensure that your new addition blends seamlessly into your home.

Altogether, a screened in porch Raleigh NC also enhances the view OF your home. Presently, homebuyers prefer exterior living space. Especially, this is true in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary thanks to our mild climate. As the demand rises for more outdoor space, so does your return on investment. Notably, average returns can be as high as 84%!

Selecting Structurally Speaking is Smart

Your screened in porch Raleigh NC should be designed by Structurally Speaking for many reasons. First, we provide personalized designs. That means our approach begins and ends with YOU. After carefully listening to your needs, we make recommendations and design a screened porch that you deserve!

Second, we offer competitive pricing. Once we understand your needs, we review budgets from the start. Therefore, all parties have a realistic idea of what to expect as the final cost right from the initial consultation!

Third, we guarantee expert project management. Our owner, Jim Brennan, personally oversees every job site. For nearly twenty years, he has stood out as one of Raleigh’s top designers. This experience shines through in all of our projects.

Finally, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. Fortunately, we get much of our business from customer referrals. And, we appreciate that. However, we also work hard to earn it. In order to improve our results, we encourage open lines of communication. Ultimately, we are your partners in your project! But, don’t worry, WE do all the work! You can just sit back and enjoy your new space!

With all this in mind, contact Structurally Speaking today for your free design consultation!

A 3 Seasons Porch Keeps The Outdoors Accessible

3 seasons porchLife moves so quickly. Often, we neglect our most important commodity – family and friends. Finding the time to break away and just relax with your family can be challenging. First, it can be difficult to find the space to talk when your kids are running from room to room. Furthermore, going outdoors is not always an option due to the weather. Structurally Speaking creates protected entertainment spaces by building additions – such as a 3 seasons porch – to your home. Therefore, your family will be able to enjoy the outdoor ambiance throughout the year.

The Good Ole’ Outdoors

Outdoor enthusiasts love each season for a variety of reasons. First, in spring, everything is buzzing with life. Flowers are growing. Baby birds are hatching from their eggs. Summer presents a time to enjoy the sun with barbecues and water activities. Then, as the leaves change, the weather becomes the perfect temperature for outdoor relaxing and dining.

Although there is a distinct – and different – love for each of the seasons, sometimes outdoor activities are simply not possible. First, a drizzling rain or a torrential downpour can wreak havoc on your porch-sitting. Furthermore, you have to deal with bugs – lots and lots of bugs! Then, there’s the unrelenting summer sun!

3 Seasons Porch Assists in Many Ways

3 seasons porch is gives you the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors under cover. First, a 3 seasons porch is essentially a sunroom or screened-in porch. Adding this area to your home allows you to enjoy three seasons outside. Being screened-in grants you the opportunity to extract the nuisances, such as insects, and enjoy each other’s company.

Adds Entertainment Opportunities and Value

Although these porches are great for entertainment, that’s not their only benefit. Adding this component to your home will also increase its monetary value. Your home will be much more desirable with a family area built in. It creates the perfect environment for growing a family bond.

Structurally Speaking Ready to Help

If you’re thinking of adding one of these to your home, Structurally Speaking is the company to call. Standing on excellent customer service, they give you the opportunity to be a part of the design. Your vision will unfold, blending with the ideas of the design team, creating a unique home addition. If you don’t have very many ideas yet, that’s OK. You can view their gallery any time for ideas. Utilizing a 3 step process for each project, Structurally Speaking ensures each customer is satisfied!

Create a space your family will love with Structurally Speaking! You will soon have more family time together to simply relax. Contact them today 919-525-3628 to schedule your free initial consultation soon!

​Screened in Porch Designs – Perfect Solution!

screened in porch designsAre you looking for a way to expand your at-home relaxation space? Maybe you want to spend more time in the fresh air, yet not hassled by environmental annoyances. Then, it is time to look into screened in porch designs for you and your family. Structurally Speaking will design and build the porch of your dreams!

Unique and Functional Screened in Porch Designs

You may wonder how to begin designing your dream porch. Well, a free, no-obligation consultation is the best starting point. Next, the design team at Structurally Speaking will guide you through the process so that you know exactly what you are getting. At all times, these creative designers will take your wants and needs, along with your budget, into consideration. Also, you will decide on building materials, special features and other materials (door handles, locks, etc.). Next, they will draw out a blueprint of your unique and ideal porch. Finally, you will review and make any changes needed.

With a finalized blueprint, they will start the building process. Structurally Speaking takes pride in making the least amount of intrusion possible into your everyday schedule during this process. They complete their work efficiently and quickly. One way they do this is by expediting all building permits and making presentations to show compliance with homeowners’ associations.

Why Choose Structurally Speaking?

Making each project unique and personal is their number one winning quality! However, Structurally Speaking has even more to offer their clients.

Their competitive pricing is fair and upfront. Once they meet with a client at an initial consultation, they can formulate a budget. You never have to worry that they will go over your budget or add surprise fees.

Owner Jim started Structurally Speaking a decade ago. He understands the importance of excellent customer service and expert project management. That is why he personally inspects all projects, no matter the size. Customer satisfaction and positive referrals by word-of-mouth are important to this company.

So, are you ready to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of harsh sunrays, rainy weather and bugs? Then, it is time to contact Structurally Speaking! Their screened in porch designs meet all client expectations and needs.

​Screened in Porch Raleigh NC – The Art of Relaxation

screened in porch Raleigh NCLooking for a screened in porch Raleigh NC to relax by nature without it actually crawling on you? Chirping crickets, twittering birds and gentle breezes are right outside your door. The screen between you and the outdoors doesn’t separate you; it selectively lets in the best parts.

Rain heading your way? No worries, sit under the roof and listen to it tap away above you. No cloud in sight? Soak in the shade—not the hot sun. Regardless of the forecast, immerse yourself in your surroundings without weather worries. Lucky you! You’ll have the perfect reading spot for the next few months and additional entertaining space when needed!

Bonuses of Screened In Porch Raleigh NC

Living in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or Cary means you get to enjoy multiple climates during the year. However, even though we have four seasons, you can opt for a screened-in porch instead of an enclosed sunroom. Since the temperatures don’t drop to sub-zero on a regular basis, you can delight in the outdoors nearly year ‘round. Add a fireplace and enjoy summer s’mores, or winter hot dog roasts, no matter the weather.

Also, a screened porch adds square footage to your home without spending a lot of money. Full enclosures, such as a sunroom, start at $20,000 and rise quickly from there. Screened porches are much more cost effective and still add functional space. Better yet, they may add value to your home.

Ultimately, shaking up what you normally do inside adds a little adventure to your life. Eating, family game night, napping, reading a book or even working simply seem more satisfying outside. Savor the extra space!

Your Vision of Relaxation

Let Structurally Speaking help you create your vision of relaxation with a free, no-obligation consultation. Our approach to designing starts with your needs. We ask, “What do you want to achieve?” and go from there. Once we understand your specifics, our team of passionate designers create a customized plan.

Begin envisioning your screened in porch Raleigh NC with a few steps. First, determine whether you prefer a ground level extension or a two-story structure with porch and deck. Next, think about accessories and options. (This is a really fun part that can lead to many rabbit holes. But, let your mind take a little trip down those hollows. You never know what creative treasures you may unearth.)

Here are few things to picture as you get your brainstorm in motion.

  • Fireplaces
  • Solar shades
  • Greenery
  • Privacy shades
  • Built-in seating
  • Outdoor entertainment systems
  • Porch swings
  • Hammocks
  • Summer kitchens with dining areas

Jim Brennan has been in this business for almost 2 decades. He oversees every project to ensure top quality work at every phase. Local companies depend on referrals. Therefore, they want to provide excellent customer service to earn your trust and maintain their reputation.

Don’t worry if you can’t quite see your dream porch yet. That’s why we’re here! Contact our specialists today – soon you will have the screened porch you deserve!

​A Screened Porch Design for your Well-being

screened porch designSpring is just around the corner! There is no better way to enjoy it than by breathing in the fresh air. In fact, it is not only enjoyable, but also beneficial to your well-being. By creating your own screened porch design for your home, you can enjoy that fresh air anytime you want.

How Does Fresh Air Improve Well-being?

  • Lowers Stress – Many outdoor fragrances help to reduce stress. Pine trees, certain flowers and even cut grass aid in increasing relaxation. The sense of smell is our strongest sense linked to memory. The smells of outdoors can take you back to childhood, and possibly, simpler times.
  • Promotes a Good MoodSerotonin is the happy hormone. When you take in fresh air, you get more oxygen into your body. The more oxygen you inhale, the higher your serotonin levels. Thus, it increases the feeling of peace and happiness.
  • Boosts your Immune System – Boosting the amount of fresh air we get also increases the amount of oxygen our body receives. More oxygen helps our white blood cells. It helps them to better fight off and kill germs and bacteria.
  • Cleanses the Lungs – The longer the period you spend indoors, the more airborne toxins you inhale. These toxins come from dust, dander, cleaning products and many other sources. Time spent breathing in fresh air helps to flush those toxins out of your lungs.
  • Energizes and Sharpens the MindStudies show that just being in the presence of nature and fresh air improved the energy in 90 percent of people studied. Oxygen also results in greater brain function. Thus, it improves concentration skills. This in turn, gives you more energy.

Screened Porch Design by Structurally Speaking

North Carolina springs are a beautiful time of year. There is no need to spend those days indoors when you could be enjoying them outside. Yet, you are still relaxing in your home. That is where Structurally Speaking’s experience and creativity are important. They take your screened porch design and wants into consideration. Then the Structurally Speaking expert designers and builders make them a reality!

You benefit in multiple ways from having a screened porch. Yet, none is more important than the one that benefits your well-being. Call Structurally Speaking today so you can start breathing in the fresh air, while relaxing on your own screened porch. Also, if you want extra entertaining space, this could be your solution!