Raleigh Deck Builders – There Are No Wrong Reasons To Build A Deck!

Raleigh deck buildersAlthough it is currently winter, spring is just around the corner and that means warmth, sunshine, and fragrant flowers. There is no wrong way to enjoy the great outdoors. However, one of the best ways to enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor is from the comfort of a deck. Owning a deck gives you many great benefits that you would otherwise not have. For example, use the space to host a party or social gathering. Or, include a hot tub on it and use it to relax. A deck actually adds living space to your home and increases its value. Whatever your reason, there are no wrong reasons to contact Structurally Speaking, the best Raleigh deck builders in the area. Whether you want a simple deck or something much more luxurious, they can deliver a quality deck within your budget.

Get the Raleigh Deck Builders Everyone Loves!

There are many reasons to choose Structurally Speaking. First, owner Jim Brennan has years of industry-related experience. In 2008, he decided to start his own company, Structurally Speaking. Since then, his company has built countless decks for homeowners across the state. Founded on customer service, Jim strives to give each and every customer the same treatment. He runs his business with four principles: customer service, expert project management, competitive pricing, and personalized design. With those four principles as the company’s guidelines, they have a wide portfolio of successful projects.

Get the Deck of Your Dreams!

Imagine, you’ve just had a stressful day of work. You come home and the weather is perfect. Immediately, you are able to enjoy it on your outdoor, your deck. There is nothing like enjoying a cool night while watching the sunset. If you want to make this dream a reality, now is the best time to act, before spring is here.

When you’re ready to build a deck, the first thing you’ll have to decide on is your budget. How much you’re willing to spend determines the design of your deck. If your budget is bigger, you can choose to add fun features like benches, planters, pergolas, hot tubs and more. Structurally Speaking specializes in unique construction projects, so they will easily help you personalize your deck. Plus, choose to make your deck usable even in bad weather. Do this by adding a screen porch. Additionally, a screen porch also keeps out pesky bugs. So, you can enjoy the weather without the insects. As soon as you have a fantastic deck, you’re sure to love your outdoor space.

Maybe you already have a deck that just needs a little updating? No problem! At Structurally Speaking, they also specialize in the redesigning and reconstruction of an outdated deck. Common signs of an old deck are discoloration, mildew, rot, and split or separated nails. If you’ve got a deck with one of these problems, it can be extremely hazardous. Furthermore, delaying its required maintenance can result in personal injury over time. Therefore, don’t wait.

Relax in Your Very Own Hot Tub

Perhaps one of the best features you can add to your deck is a hot tub. On a cool spring evening, slip beneath the waters of a tranquil, relaxing hot tub. Besides feeling good, there are also many health benefits of owning a hot tub. First, as your body absorbs heat, it will increase your blood flow which will decrease your blood pressure. Next, use hot water to soothe joint pain and discomfort. Plus, the jet streams will give you the perfect, controllable massage. Finally, hot water relaxes your muscles and you’ll feel so much better overall!

Wondering how much all this will cost? Since every project is based on your specifications, you’ll need to fill out a form for your free, no-obligation consultation. Once that’s finished, you’ll receive a quote and an exact price. Fill out the form here. To get the best Raleigh deck builders in the area, call Structurally Speaking at 919-786-4825. Don’t wait till spring to get your dream deck, act now!

Deck and Patio Builders – What you Need to Know Before Hiring One

deck and patio buildersIn North Carolina, the weather allows for a great deal of enjoyable time in an outdoor space. That is why many homeowners are seeking decking contractors to build them an outside living space. However, before jumping into that endeavor, there are important questions to consider. First, you need to understand what affects the building cost. Second, you must know what you should expect from deck and patio builders in the Triangle area of NC.

What Affects the Cost of Building a Deck or Patio?

custom deck design has many options. They can be as simple or detailed as a customer wants. Of course, the simplest is the most cost-efficient, yet may not have everything you desire. So, here are a few factors that affect the cost of building a deck or patio.

  • Size – Square footage is a big factor in the cost. The smaller the area the less materials and labor needed. As the deck or patio design grows in size, so does the amount of materials and labor time.
  • Material – Decking and patio materials vary. Options include natural wood, pressure-treated wood, and plastics and composites.
    • Natural wood – Typically cheaper than composite but requires more maintenance. Additionally, wood needs weatherproofing and sometimes staining. Yet, it is a popular choice because of its beauty. Moreover, there are multiple wood types to choose, such as, Bamboo, Redwood and Tigerwood.
    • Pressure-treated wood – This material is affordable and durable. The chemical in this wood deters insects from attacking it. A new oil-based sealant coats this treated wood to protect humans from the chemical.
    • Plastics and composites – These are the most-costly choices. However, this material needs much less maintenance, so it can save money in the future. These materials come in various colors and there are grain designs that replicate the look of natural wood.
  • Stairs and rails – Cost also depends on the height of the deck. For example, how many stairs you require and the length of the railing determines the cost. Railing materials are available in composite, wood, or stainless and aluminum. The costs vary according to brand and style.
  • Add-ons – For homeowners that want to take their deck or patio designs to the next level, there are add-ons. Bench seating, pergolas and planters are all options to consider. Yet, these add-ons are beautiful and add functionality to a custom deck.

Look for these in Deck and Patio Builders in the Triangle

  • Professionalism – These contractors must provide clients with the absolute best in service, originality and functionality in every project.
  • Experience –Structurally Speaking’s owner has nearly two decades of outdoor living space designing and building experience in the Raleigh area.
  • Consultation – Providing clients a chance to voice their wants and needs is vital. Moreover, your contractor must take this information and incorporate it in the project. This is also the perfect time to discuss budget.
  • Design options – You want to have choices in decking styles. For example, hot tub decks are a popular option in North Carolina. In addition, it is important to have options when choosing decking materials.
  • Project follow-through – Structurally Speaking treats each project with a sense of priority and completes them in an appropriate timeframe. You will not feel like just another job number.
  • Honesty – A thorough review of your budget and pricing is important to discuss at the initial consultation. Thus, you will have an honest and realistic idea of what to expect as your final cost. In addition, you should not have any surprises or hidden fees.
  • Great customer service – When hiring someone for custom decking, you need your contractor to hear and address your questions and concerns. Moreover, you deserve to know what is happening at each step of the project. Communication is vital during a large project.

Structurally Speaking Equals Outdoor Living Space

It is clear, upon reviewing these traits, that Structurally Speaking in the Raleigh-Durham area fulfills all of the requirements. When you hire Structurally Speaking to create your custom deck or patio, you will receive only the best. In fact, they embody all of the above qualities needed in decking contractors. But, they also promote a work ethic that includes quality, trustworthy values. They share your dream of an outdoor living space and they will go above-and-beyond to make it come to life.

Their simple design and build process gives you a clear understanding of what to expect with your outdoor space project. For more information on a price estimate, just fill out the contact form, email, or call them at 919-786-4825. Let the deck and patio builders at Structurally Speaking make your custom deck or patio dreams a reality.

A Screened in Deck Keeps You Protected While You’re Outside

screened in deckWe are all incredibly busy. It seems that we are always on the go – to the next appointment, extracurricular activity, or meeting. However, taking time for our family and friends allows us time to slow down. Structurally Speaking can create an outdoor environment perfect for relaxing. Whether you’re looking for a kid-free or a kid-full area, they have the designers to create the perfect place. For example, a screened in deck allows you to enjoy the outdoors – no matter the weather!

Fall in Love with the Outdoors

Fall in the south is perfect. Cool nights and warm days, the leaves changing colors, and football all keep Southerners moving. Since the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, barbecues and dinners on the deck are perfect activities.

Although, sometimes it can be hard to enjoy the outdoors. First, there are the rain showers that can come from the long, heated days. Second, there are those annoying insects creating a less than perfect environment.

Screened In Deck Gives Sheltered Outdoor Space

Having a deck outside can provide a much-needed entertainment space. Family and friends can congregate on the deck to enjoy the weather and the company.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t need an entertainment space. In fact, it might be more important for you to have a quiet space. You need a space to run when the noisiness and business of the house is a bit too much for you.

Of course, if it rains or the mosquitoes are bad, you may have to run back inside.

That’s why a screened-in option is so crucial! By adding the screen, you are protecting your deck and yourselves from the elements. Keep the insects at bay while providing a dry area to sit! No matter the season, a screened in deck can transform your home and your family time.

Structurally Speaking is Up to the Task

Jim Brennan, owner of Structurally Speaking, oversees each project to make sure the designs and construction are up to standards. Their customers agree. Mike Rosenthal says, “We could not be more pleased. Jim Brennan has a gift for design, and Structurally Speaking’s crew did an excellent job of turning our vision into a reality. Their attention to detail and their overall workmanship was wonderful.”

So, if you’re planning to add a screened in deck to your home, Structurally Speaking is the company to call. Their amazing customer service and dedication to detail makes their team perfect to create your new home improvement Look over their gallery for some design ideas.

Create a space your family will love with Structurally Speaking! An extension of your home will give your family more space to enjoy time together. Today, contact them at 919-525-3628 to schedule your free initial consultation!

Deck Builders Raleigh NC – It’s Structurally Speaking for Custom Spa Decks

deck builders Raleigh NCDo you look out your window in the fall and dream about adding that spa deck? This year, why not make the fantasy come true? It’s only one call away from the deck builders Raleigh NC trusts — Structurally Speaking LLC.

Our founder, Jim Brennan, created Structurally Speaking so that our clients could live their dreams. Longing for a cozy hot tub to match the fall chill? You can get the luxurious outdoor experience you’ve always wanted with a spa deck from Structurally Speaking!

Structurally Speaking’s Spa Decks – A Fall Delight!

Hot tubs are one of the most popular ways to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your deck. So, whether or not you love the cooler weather, it’s hard to deny how well it goes with a spa soak! At Structurally Speaking, we go beyond a simple place to put the tub. In fact, we can create an entire custom spa deck to enhance your comfort throughout the year!

Structurally Speaking has the expertise to address the special considerations that hot tub decks require. For example, adding a hot tub greatly increases the load that your deck must support at all times. Our building experts know how to reinforce a deck to safely bear the weight of a hot tub. And, if you’re looking for privacy from next-door neighbors, fear not! No matter what unique circumstances your property presents, Structurally Speaking can work with them to give you an amazing, private deck.

To see some of our favorite custom spa decks that we’ve built, check out our gallery and get your inspiration bubbling!

Deck Builders Raleigh NC for Decks of All Kinds

Whether you want a custom spa or a simple screened porch to enjoy the fall weather, Structurally Speaking does it all! We organize our process in three steps to build you the deck of your dreams:

  • Consultation: Our founder, Jim Brennan, meets personally with every client for the initial site survey and consultation.
  • Design Presentation: Structurally Speaking’s engineers create full-color 3D renderings of multiple options for your deck and present them to you.
  • Project Construction: Jim personally oversees every construction project, and our construction experts respect your home and your time.

Today, for more information about our process, click here. Then, call Structurally Speaking deck builders Raleigh NC at 919-525-3628 or contact us online! 

Decks Raleigh NC – Maximize And Enhance Your Home

decks Raleigh NCThere’s nothing like the great outdoors and Mother Nature’s splendor. Providing fresh air, sunshine, and tranquility, outdoors is the perfect place for relaxing after a hectic, stressful day. However, if your backyard is lacking the perfect place to relax, consider adding a deck and maximizing your backyard’s space. Enhancing outdoor living, decks are the ultimate relaxation spot for spring, summer, and even fall in North Carolina. Additionally, decks are ideal for hosting parties and family get-togethers, dining outdoors and entertaining friends. So, while there are many deck builders, for quality decks Raleigh NC residents, choose Structurally Speaking.

When It Comes to Custom Decks Raleigh NC Residents Choose Structurally Speaking

A deck is a valuable asset to any house. Whether you want a brand-new deck or a reconstruction of an old one, Structurally Speaking can help you. They provide the best options for building new decks and remodeling old ones. Furthermore, every deck they build is completely customizable. Thus, you’re able to get any size, design, or features you want. Popular options for decks are stairs, benches, planters, framing, pergolas and lots more.

In addition to decks, Structurally Speaking also installs quality hot tubs. Hot tubs are the ultimate source for relaxation after a busy workday. Besides adding value to your home, hot tubs provide intimacy and a place for memorable moments and deep conversations. Finally, did you know that hot tubs are beneficial to your health? That’s right, the hot waters and soothing jets create the perfect massage to dissolve tension and relax muscles. Therefore, a hot tub soothes sore spots and rejuvenates your tired body.

Customer-Focused, Structurally Speaking Puts Your Needs First

Structurally Speaking knows there are many different deck-building companies from which to choose. However, they are 100% committed to your satisfaction. Every project they create is completed in accordance with a set of goals. These goals are personalized designs for every project, competitive pricing, expert project management, and quality customer service. It’s these guidelines that lead the company and ensure the satisfaction of every customer.

Since 1999, owner Jim Brennan has provided quality custom-built decks for North Carolina residents. Establishing himself as Raleigh’s top deck designer, he left his job and started Structurally Speaking in 2008. Over the last ten years, Structurally Speaking has grown into one of Raleigh’s most trusted deck companies. Since they have built quality decks for Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary homeowners, let them build your deck too. Today, to get more information, email or call them at 919-525-3628. For quality decks Raleigh NC residents trust Structurally Speaking above all others.