The Best Deck Builders in Raleigh NC are at Structurally Speaking!

deck builders in Raleigh NCHome improvement projects do more than just make a home looks better. The right improvement can significantly improve curb appeal and a home’s value. Plus, a deck or outdoor space can enhance the overall quality of everyday life. But any home improvement is only as good as the company doing the work. Structurally Speaking designs and builds custom decks, porches, sunrooms, and more. They have many satisfied customers across Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and the Triangle area. The experts at Structurally Speaking are design experts and they use only quality materials during construction. If you’re thinking of hiring the best deck builders in Raleigh NC then give them a call.

Wood or Composite?

After you review the choices, it will be easier to make a decision as to the material you want to use. Each has its pros and cons, which your consultant will explain. Generally, wood and pressure-treated wood has a lower upfront cost, but does require some maintenance. Sanding and applying paint or preservatives will lead to a better appearance and longer life for the deck. Composite materials are more expensive, but require very little maintenance over time.

Deck Builders in Raleigh NC

A custom deck is one of the most significant investments you can make in your home. Besides being a valuable addition to value, a deck is the ideal outdoor living space for your family. Best of all, a deck isn’t as expensive as you might think. Of course, prices can vary depending on size, materials, and other factors. However, these costs pale in comparison to the increased value of your home with the addition of a deck.

Structurally Speaking has the best deck builders in Raleigh NC for a reason. Their team of experts will work with you to design and build the deck of your dreams. Therefore, the first step is the design process. Structurally Speaking’s experts will help you pick the right materials for your home. Choose from wood, composite and other options. They have years of experience, so they make sure you have all the information to make decisions. Before the construction begins, you will see a rendering of the final design. That way, you can make any changes before work begins.

Go Bigger with a Hot Tub Deck

Looking for an even greater outdoor experience? Want the ultimate in relaxation? Go for a hot tub deck. You might have the idea of a hot tub being an eyesore or otherwise unattractive. Not with hot tubs from Structurally Speaking. Let them change the way you see hot tubs. Their custom hot tub decks are portals to a world of luxury and relaxation. Melt away the stress with comfort and serenity every day. Forget about nosy neighbors and the troubles of the day with a relaxing dip in your own hot tub.

But a hot tub deck from Structurally Speaking can do more than just relax you. Decks, including those with hot tubs, provide an average of 76% return on investment. A hot tub is also a draw for family and friends. Be the envy of your neighborhood and let your family entertain year-round. Plus, hot tubs have significant health benefits and help to heal the body.

Free Consultations Available

The experts at Structurally Speaking are passionate about home improvement. Their skilled carpenters are eager to help you improve the look and value of your home. Years of experience inform their ability to match the right addition to your home. Wondering what might look best? Or, perhaps you have no idea where to start? No problem! Just fill out their quick and easy contact form for a free, no obligation, initial consultation with the owner. Jim Brennan’s expertise shows in every project and he personally reviews all of the details to ensure perfection.

So, give them a call today at 919-786-4825 for more information.

Creative Deck Builders in Raleigh NC with Expertise

deck builders in Raleigh NCSpicing up your outdoor area can do wonders for your home. Not only can it increase your property value, but it can also lessen your stress. Giving yourself an outdoor sanctuary – a getaway without getting away – can be the stress relief you need. It can also help to increase your family time and the time you spend outdoors with nature. If you need deck builders in Raleigh NC your best bet is to call Structurally Speaking.

Respected Company of Experts

In business for 10 years, Jim Brennan started the company on a foundation of customer service. He recognized customers wanted a hands-on approach to their projects. They wanted to be a part of the creative process in order to trust the outcome. Another requirement; the owner or manager should oversee the details to ensure a perfect job. People want to have faith in the company but need assurances.

Jim still runs the business with this hands-on approach. Customers meet with designers to discuss the end product. The project does not start until the customer is completely satisfied. Jim Brennan himself goes out to each and every job site, inspecting the project at each stage.

Structurally Speaking’s high level of expectations are visible in the finished product.

Design and Build Process Allows for Creativity

At Structurally Speaking, they recognize that every customer is unique. Yards and families have varying needs to consider. Therefore, they have a three step process that allows the customer to be a part of decisions.

First, customers participate in a free initial consultation to get some basic information and design element specifications. Designers take this information back and work up a creative scaled design. Next, customers come in and meet with the designers to see the model. If a customer is not satisfied with any element, designers make changes until the customer is content. Then, when the customer is pleased, construction takes place. The end result is a creative compilation of customers’ and designers’ ideas.

More than any other deck builders in Raleigh NC Structurally Speaking specializes in all types of porches and decks. These decks transform your dull backyard into a beautiful oasis of relaxation. Here’s a thought…add a hot tub or pool for some enjoyable hydrotherapy. Or, create a deck with a pergola to filter some of the sunlight. Better yet, protect yourself from pesky critters with a screened in porch. Tricky backyard spaces or other design elements do not scare these experts. They can maneuver around anything to make your dream come true.

No matter your need, Structurally Speaking can build the perfect deck. Check out some of Structurally Speaking’s designs in their gallery.

Best Deck Builders in Raleigh NC

Whether you need an outdoor family escape or a stress-free sanctuary, Structurally Speaking is the company to call (919-525-3628). If you prefer, schedule your free consultation online. This respected company will take care of you and your property. Structurally Speaking aims for complete customer satisfaction with all their work and decks.