Structurally Speaking: ​The Best Raleigh Deck Builders

deck builders Raleigh NCIf you’re thinking about adding a deck to your home, or you have a deck that needs maintenance, you’ve probably considered how a deck is just as much a part of your home as your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. If you’re looking for a contractor who understands this principle and puts it at the center of everything they do, you’re looking for Structurally Speaking. Since our founding in 2008 by seasoned deck and porch designer Jim Brennan, Structurally Speaking has been the Raleigh deck builder that operates by understanding exactly what clients want and using our expertise to deliver that as safely and efficiently as possible, with the highest-quality results.

Why We Call Ourselves the Best Raleigh Deck Builders

A large general contractor or construction company might make great promises regarding their prices, speed, or results, but if you’re looking for the Raleigh deck builders who are true experts in their field, and whose entire focus is on creating the highest-quality outdoor structures for people who love and cherish their homes, Structurally Speaking is the clear choice. We serve the entire Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area and focus exclusively on the building and maintenance of decks, screened porches, three-season sun rooms, and other outdoor or semi-outdoor home additions that allow homeowners to experience the natural world in a cozy and comfortable setting.

We give you what no other Triangle contractor can give you when you need a deck built or maintained: personal service from our founder, who still supervises all crews and personally consults with every single client; expertise in our field that makes our work faster, more efficient, and more precise; and a thorough three-step procedure to ensure that our clients know exactly what they’re getting.

Our Three-Step Process for a Beautiful Deck

When we claim we’re the best, it’s because our process gives us and our clients total confidence that our results will match, or surpass, expectations. Our method centers around a complete understanding of client needs. Then, we begin our step-by-step evaluation of the best way to imagine, design, and execute what our clients wants and needs. In three steps, Jim and the rest of our crew will take your dream deck from imagination to completion:

  1. No-Obligation Consultation

    Our very first step is the most critical: Jim and his team will come to your house and personally get to know you and the needs of your home. This step includes extensive photos and measuring, a detailed survey of your property to make sure all structural considerations are identified, and most importantly, a conversation with you about what purpose you want your deck or screened porch to serve and how you want it to look. We’ll also write up a straightforward budget estimate for the entire project and prepare for the next step: designing your dream deck!

  2. Design Presentation

    Structurally Speaking’s team of expert designers and architects will explore a variety of options for creating the deck you want, taking into consideration your needs and wants, your budget parameters, and your local building regulations. Then we’ll present them to you, in clearly rendered three-dimensional digital layouts, so you don’t have to be an architect to know how your deck will actually look and how it will fit onto your home. Jim and his design team present every client with at least two options for their deck or screened porch and go over them in detail, tweaking the designs according to our clients’ comments and concerns. Once you’ve decided on the plan, we’ll begin filing necessary permits with the city and/or your local homeowners’ association and planning for our biggest job of all: taking your dreams into reality!

  3. Construction and Completion

    Jim will personally supervise his team of expert builders, as they create your dream deck. Whether it’s a traditional deck, a screened porch or three-season sun room, a spa deck, or a pergola, our years of experience and uncompromising commitment to professionalism enable us to create the beautiful, high-quality structures our clients expect. We do everything within our power to work with minimal noise and mess, and to respect your home and property at all times.

If you’re ready to get started today on the deck you’ve always wanted, call us at 919-525-3628 or use our simple and secure contact form to set up an appointment. Jim and the Structurally Speaking team are waiting to show you why we’re the Raleigh deck builders who can give you a beautiful outdoor structure that will bring your home a little bit closer to paradise!