Create a Relaxation Space with These Platform Deck Ideas

platform deck ideasHere at Structurally Speaking, we have experience creating many different types of decks, including platform decks. Unlike decks that are raised several feet off the ground, platform decks sit fairly close to the ground. With our platform deck ideas, you can create a backyard oasis for a relaxing retreat from your everyday life.

Planning Your Deck: Design Matters!

Platform decks are relatively simple, but you don’t have to sacrifice on the design. With an experienced deck designer on your side, you can get a deck that is beautiful in its simplicity, rather than just a boring square of wood. Here are a few gorgeous deck ideas you can consider for your platform deck:


  • You can choose a non-standard decking material, such as an exotic hardwoord or cedar for a unique wood deck instead of pressure-treated pine or composite.
  • We can install the boards for your deck in a pattern. In other words, instead of installing the boards for your wood deck perpendicular or parallel to your house, we can install them diagonally, in a parquet/basket weave pattern, in a chevron pattern, etc.
  • Most decks require a railing. We can use your railing as another design element that matches your deck to your personal style.
  • We offer a wide variety of stains and paints, which can complement the decking material you choose and help the deck look cohesive with your existing home.
  • Your deck doesn’t have to be rectangular or square. While many decks are, we can build any shape that fits your space and your personal style.

Keep in mind that a platform deck doesn’t have to be attached to your home. Although most decks are attached, we can also build a floating deck away from your home. Floating decks can take advantage of all your property has to offer. They just make sense for some homes. When we meet with you, we’ll look at your property to determine if a floating deck might be an option for you to consider.

Platform Deck Ideas to Help You Relax

If creating a relaxing outdoor living space is your top concern, we can make sure your platform deck provides the oasis of your dreams. Here are our top five platform deck ideas for making sure your new deck design creates a resort-like atmosphere:

  1. Use native plants to create a beautiful green space with less work. Plants that are native to North Carolina are generally easiest to grow and can encourage local pollinators, like butterflies, to frequent your space. Here’s a great article about how to attract butterflies to your new outdoor space if you like that idea.
  2. Align your deck furniture for the perfect amounts of sun and shade. We suggest creating at least two seating areas if your deck is big enough, so you can sunbathe when you want and cool off in the shade when you get too hot. If your deck is small, consider a table with an umbrella or a retractable awning.
  3. Add storage to hide away tools, garden supplies, and outdoor toys. Some built-in benches with storage or a stand-alone shed allow you to keep your deck tidy. Keeping the clutter to a minimum will make your outdoor space more relaxing.
  4. Don’t be afraid of adding some color and texture with a beautiful outdoor rug. They can really pull the space together and make it feel more luxurious.
  5. Keep the pests away with some citronella candles or torches. If bugs are a concern, you can also choose a screened-in porch instead of a deck or a combination space that includes both a deck and an enclosed porch.

When we design platform decks, we always keep the homeowners’ goals in mind. We want to create the perfect space for you.

FAQs About Your New Platform Deck

We would love to meet with you for a free consultation to answer any of your deck questions. Here are a few FAQs about platform decks to get you started:

How do you build a platform deck?

As the name implies, we build a platform deck using a platform structure. The deck frame doesn’t require pillars for support like a raised deck or two-story deck. However, before we start the build, we’ll make sure that the ground is graded and stable so your deck doesn’t sink. We use the correct thickness for the platform, hardware sizes, and other building techniques to ensure that your deck is up to code and will last for decades. And don’t worry; we handle any permits and paperwork required by your city or county before we begin the build.

Is a platform deck better than a patio?

It depends on your situation. We prefer decks because they aren’t prone to cracking like patios and are typically faster to install, especially if you have uneven ground. Decks can also increase your home value more and with proper maintenance they won’t stain or become a sheet of ice in the winter, like patios tend to do!

How much does a new deck cost?

Final cost depends on the options you choose, such as the size, material, and special features. When we meet with you, we’ll talk about your budget upfront before we show you any designs or talk about platform deck ideas. We always want to ensure you feel comfortable with the project budget from the start. You can also rest assured that the price won’t increase as we begin construction. Click here to set up your free consultation so you can learn more about working with the Structurally Speaking team.