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Why Choose a Hot Tub or Spa Deck?

Structurally Speaking has innovated the way you see hot tubs. Our spa decks are luxurious portals to relaxation and stress relief! If you are looking for the best in outdoor comfort, look no further. We work with our customers to provide the best in high-end hot tub designs. Our hot tub decks will handle nosy neighbors and ruthless landscape layouts. If you’re looking for something to improve the value of your home and lift your spirits, you’re in the right place. Our ability to blend our amazing decks and hot tubs with your existing yard will leave you with a sense of harmony, and a destination that will prove to be beneficial for years to come!

Our Approach to Your
New Hot Tub Deck

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Initial Meeting

We will meet with you and your family to better understand your needs, expectations, and budget. We ask questions and really listen to learn how you plan to enjoy your hot tub deck. This is a free, no-obligation consultation to guarantee that we understand your practical use and appearance objectives so we can take your project to a successful conclusion.

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Thorough Planning

We are passionate about our work. In addition, we take the information gathered during pre-planning and create a custom design that works with the existing structure of your home and accommodates the activities your family wants and needs. Lastly, we will present fully-detailed options and make recommendations to help guide you through the decision-making process.

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Project Management

Our professional staff will supervise all work to ensure that you receive quality workmanship and guarantee total satisfaction with your new deck. We will expedite all building permits, and assist in making presentations to satisfy homeowners’ association regulations. We are serious about being respectful and protective of your family and your property and about keeping your project from interfering with day-to-day activities as much as possible.

Extend the Enjoyment of Your Home with a New Hot Tub Deck!

Hot tub and spa decks are great for many reasons that range from providing therapy for personal injuries to simple enjoyment. Below are merely a few in-depth reasons to own one of Structurally Speaking’s custom-designed hot tub decks.

Value: When you choose to add a spa deck to your home, you raise its value exponentially.  Decks generally recoup 76 percent return on their investment.  However, the value goes beyond monetary values.  Great spa decks and hot tubs are also an investment in your health and well-being.

Togetherness: Hot tubs can add an intimacy that is generally unrecognized.  When you are submersed in its calm waters, something amazing happens.  Your spa deck transforms into a private and safe area where you can be as carefree as you’d like, and truly communicate.  This allows for meaningful conversation and unforgettable moments between you and your guests.

Health: Did you know that the word spa comes from the Latin “salas per aquam,” which literally means “health from water?”  Hot tubs have been used since ancient times, and the three ways in which they heal the body have remained consistent.

Heat: It’s all in the name!  When your body absorbs heat, it increases your blood flow, which causes your blood vessels to dilate.  As a result, your blood pressure is significantly reduced!  In addition, the heat will help with muscle relaxation.  Hot tubs are consistently warm, which allows your blood to recirculate at a steady temperature and deliver therapeutic heat treatments that your bathtub simply cannot keep up with.  As your nervous system focuses on heat gain, your body will experience temporary pain relief.

Buoyancy: Most people are predisposed to joint pain and discomfort. Hot tubs are ideal when fixing the strain that we consistently put on our joints. The natural buoyancy of water supports almost all of our body weight, which takes pressure off of our joints, giving them “down time”. You will likely feel at ease almost instantly when slipping into a hot tub.

Hydrotherapy: Anyone who has used hot tubs can tell you that the jets are incredibly beneficial. Focused streams of water can provide a massage that you control. Spas are equipped with all sorts of nozzles and pressures that are designed to help different parts of your body. Hot tubs work by targeting problem areas and soothing sore muscles. By having a hot tub at your disposal, relief from aches and pains is always available!

Get ready to enjoy the ultimate outdoor relaxation spot right in your own backyard. Contact us today about designing your new hot tub deck! We serve Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Apex, Hillsborough, Carrboro, Holly Springs, Garner and other surrounding areas.

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Customer Thoughts

“We could not be more pleased. Jim Brennan has a gift for design, and Structurally Speaking’s crew did an excellent job of turning our vision into a reality. Their attention to detail and their overall workmanship was wonderful.

Mike Rosenthal

“I wanted to commend your team on the progress they have made. I got home late last night, and I was amazed at the progress that was made on our new deck. I was equally amazed at how much it looks like the actual diagram that we discussed!!! Awesome job!!!”

Brister Gowdy

“The deck is sooooooooooooo pretty at night with the lighting. We will really enjoy sitting on the deck this summer.”

Becky Rainey

“Deck looks great. Thanks for your work and design. I think we will enjoy this set up for years to come, it really preserves the view from the dining room window and opens up to the back yard on the upper end.”

Brian Fork

“Every design suggestion you made worked out perfectly! The size…the placement of the exit door…the little deck…and, of course, the new cedar siding on the house wall! The only piece that is a null for me is the place for my invisible grill! I hope your other customers enjoy their structures as much as I enjoy mine.”

Trudi Kappel

“Jim and the crew of Structurally Speaking were fantastic. Jim’s ideas for the design worked much better than the ones we had in mind. The work was done quickly and professionally. Our porch looks amazing and our family (especially our kids) spend most of their time there.”

Ofri Leitner

We are getting ready to add a pool to the backyard and the other day we had a landscape architect looking at the site for some design ideas.  As he stood and looked at it and turned to look back at the porch, he said: “That room looks absolutely fantastic. You must spend a ton of time out there.”

He could not believe it when I told him that it was not original to the house. (As an added side note, we had an actual architect out a few months ago to look at an addition proposal in back and he said the same thing. The interesting side note on that one was that by pure coincidence, he happened to be from the very firm that originally designed the house!)


“Structurally Speaking added a custom screened-in porch for our home. We had a wonderful experience with Structurally Speaking and use our screened-in porch all the time!! Jim has a great eye for design and included touches that make the space unique and extremely usable. He always responded promptly and dealt incredibly fairly when discussing details and costs. His crew was efficient and detail oriented. I asked him a ton of questions along the way and he was always responsive, candid, and kind. We highly recommend Structurally Speaking as a fantastic option for high-quality design and function!!”

S. McIIain

“Very happy with the results of our new deck and porch replacing our old deck which was destroyed by a fallen tree. Want to say that communication about the details from design to estimate to implementation was fantastic. Jim Brennan(and his staff) took the time to answer all our questions before, during, and after the project was completed. Would recommend Structurally Speaking to anyone wanting a new deck and or porch.”

T. Jacobs