Our Favorite Outdoor Space Trends for Cary Deck Owners

cary deckAre you a resident of Cary, NC (or the surrounding area) who is thinking about adding a deck to your home? A Cary deck is not only beautiful, but also increases your home’s value and makes your yard more functional. The Structurally Speaking team has experience designing and building decks that homeowners love. Deck trends come and go, but we think the following five trends are here to stay!

Bigger Decks Perfect for Entertaining

There is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of social distancing. While many families are still opting to avoid larger events, vaccinated friends and families can now safely spend time together. We can build a deck that is perfect for accommodating a party.

Instead of a small, cramped deck that barely fits your immediately family, why not consider a larger deck? We can design a deck with:

  • Multiple seating areas, including built-in seating
  • Safe stairs, railing, and ramps to accommodate all ages and abilities
  • An outdoor kitchen area so the cook can be part of the party

Building a large deck doesn’t have to break the bank. During your initial design consultation, we’ll start by talking about your budget. This allows us to design a deck at the right price point for your comfort level. By swapping a few design decisions, you can get the deck size you want at the price you want.

Bold Colors and Designs for Your Cary Deck

Another design trend we’ve been seeing and loving is homeowners opting for bold choices to match their home and personality. This is where our team shines. We specialize in custom outdoor living spaces, not cookie-cutter decks that leave you unimpressed and wanting more.

Here are a few bold options you can consider:

  • Brighter colors with stains and paint, or even two-toned decks that use different colors of wood or composite
  • In-lays or patterns using stain/paint or different types of wood
  • Exotic hardwoods that give a rich depth to the look of your deck
  • Multiple levels using stairs and ramps
  • Decks that are not attached to your house, and are instead in other areas of your yard, connected with walkways
  • Interesting railing beyond the standard deck rails
  • Built-in planters or structures for vines to grow, such as pergolas
  • Entertainment areas, with outdoor TVs, projectors, and speakers

If you can dream it, we can help you design it! Your deck can be so much more than a simple wood platform. Our goal is to help you create a functional space that fits your personal style to a tee.

An Indoor/Outdoor Combination Space

We love the trend of thinking about your outdoor space as an extended living space. Homeowners are getting more bang for their buck by building decks that attach to covered and screened areas, such as a screened porch or sunroom. This allows your deck to be even more functional.

For example, if you want to eat outside, you might find that your yard is too buggy or hot to host a buffet. You can have the food inside in your screened porch where it is protected. Or, let’s say you have small children. A sunroom or three-season porch allows them to play “outside” without actually being outside unsupervised.

Decks You Can Use Year-Round

To piggy-back off the last trend, many homeowners are starting to think about ways to make their outdoor living space usable for more of the year. Adding not only a deck but also a screened porch or sunroom is just one option.

You can also include a fire feature of some sort, which is perfect for using your deck during those cool fall nights. We can build a deck that includes a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, fire tables, and more. Additionally, you can think about including a roof, awning, or pavilion over part of your deck. This allows you to use your deck even if it is raining.

Hassle-Free Decking Materials

Last but certainly not least, we are seeing a huge trend of homeowners choosing decking materials with very easy maintenance. After all, you don’t want to spend your entire summer doing maintenance work, right?

In general, all decks are fairly easy to maintain, but some materials make it easier than others. Composites and vinyl are much easier to clean than wood, for example. Wood decking material might be the least expensive upfront, but composites and vinyl require less maintenance in terms of sanding and staining/repainting. Additionally, these hassle-free materials are more resistant to bugs, rot, and other common wood deck issues.

If your heart is set on wood, exotic hardwood decking might be the best solution. While pine wood is most common (and least expensive), exotic hardwoods typically have properties that make them easier to maintain, such as resisting rot. Cedar and redwoods are also options.

FAQs about Deck Trends

Are you ready to get started designing the perfect Cary deck for your home? Here are a few final FAQs about deck trends:

Will a trendy Cary deck just look outdated in a few years?

No! We build decks to last. There’s a difference between a trend and a fad. Fads tend to fade, but trends tend to be popular for a long time, and many trends eventually become the norm. We build decks that add value to your home.

Is a trendy deck expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. We can work with your budget to build a beautiful modern deck that fits your style perfectly.

What can I expect working with a deck contractor?

We can’t speak for all deck contractors, but the Structurally Speaking team makes the job as easy as possible. You can schedule a free consultation today to get started. Our owner, Jim, will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Fill out the form above to get started!