Building the Perfect Elevated Screened Porch for Your Home

Elevated Screened PorchMany homeowners find that building a traditional deck or porch is a challenge. We commonly work with people who have small backyards, sloped properties, existing decks, and other potential issues when it comes building a new outdoor living space. An elevated screened porch might be the right solution for you. Elevated porches come in many shapes and sizes. We can design a custom porch that will look great with your home and give you a space your entire family will love to use.

Screened Porches Versus Decks

First, let’s talk about exactly what kind of new outdoor living space you may want. Whether it is elevated or not, there are pros and cons of both screened porches and decks. We can help you decide which makes the most sense for both the style of your home and how your family intends to use the new space.

Here are a few advantages to building a screened porch:

  • You can enjoy the space even when it is raining.
  • A screened porch is easier to cool with the addition of a ceiling fan.
  • On the other hand, a screened porch is easier to keep warm with some curtains or even shutters. Even the screens alone will somewhat block the wind.
  • The screens offer projection from mosquitos and other bugs.
  • A screened porch is a slightly safer option if you want to use it as a playroom for kids or a place for pets to enjoy.
  • Screened porches need less maintenance in terms of refinishing, clearing debris, etc.
  • Building a screened porch can add value to your home.

Advantages of Deck

However, here are a few advantages to building a deck instead:

  • Decks are typically less expensive than screened porches, especially if you are looking for a rather large space.
  • You can add a grill or fire pit to a deck, since they aren’t covered (not recommended for screened porches).
  • A deck gives you the feel of a true outdoor living space, whereas an enclosed porch feels more like you are still inside.
  • If you like to garden, decks give you more flexibility for adding plants to your space.
  • Building a new wood deck is one of the top ten remodeling projects you can do, in terms of return on investment according to the 2022 Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling Magazine.

If you’re still not sure which is the best option for your home, don’t worry. We can walk you through the costs, materials, features, and more.

Elevated Screened Porch Options: Finding the Right Height

For your new elevated screened porch, you have a few options.

First, we can elevate the porch based on your home and yard’s slope. This will bring the porch level with your first floor, rather than having a porch that is lower than the rest of your home. This type of porch typically has stairs leading down into your yard.

Next, we can build a porch that is just slightly elevated. You’ll walk a few steps up to get into the porch area. This is often a great option if you have an existing deck and want to build a new area to complement the outdoor space. It also works great for split-level homes.

Finally, we can instead build your enclosed porch on the second story of your home. This kind of deck works well if you want a more private retreat located off the master bedroom. However, we can also build a second-story deck with multiple entrances so it can be accessed from multiple bedrooms, or with a hallway or common-area access point. A second-story deck is also often the best option if you have a small space available.

What Goes Under an Elevated Enclosed Porch?

If you decide to build an elevated enclosed porch, one of the top questions on your mind might be, “what goes underneath?” Here at Structurally Speaking, we don’t like to waste space! We love to help our clients find functional uses for every part of an outdoor living space, including the space under a two-story porch or deck.

Yes, you can decide to build your new elevated porch over an existing porch or deck. This is actually a great option, if your current deck is in good shape and it is functioning well for your family. We can design a second-story screened porch that flows perfectly with your existing space.

Another option is to build a screened porch that has a brand new porch or deck below it. If your backyard currently suffers from having no deck or porch at all, we can build the entire thing from scratch.

You can also build your new elevated porch with no porch or deck underneath. If you’re trying to maximize your yard space, this is a good choice. There are a few varieties of grass and other plants that do really well in the shade. You can also use this space for an outdoor storage shed or other area to store things like pool toys, bikes, lawn care equipment, cushions for your outdoor furniture, and other items.

FAQs About Building a Screened Porch

Before you hire our team to design and build your new enclosed porch, we’ll meet with you to talk about what to expect during the process. We can answer any questions you have during this initial meeting, and here are a few frequently asked questions to get you started:

Can I enclose an existing porch or deck?

In some cases, yes, we can enclose an existing porch or deck! We can assess your current porch or deck to see if it can be enclosed to create a screened porch.

What does it cost to build a new porch?

Cost depends on several factors, such as size and the materials you choose. During our initial meeting, we’ll go over pricing based on what you want to know exactly how much the project will cost.

How can I schedule a free consultation?

Scheduling a first meeting with us is easy! Simply fill out the form or give us a call to set up a time for a no-obligation consultation.