Deck Vs. Screen Porch Contractors Near Me – Which Is Better?

screen porch contractors near meWhen it comes to building a new outdoor living space, there are two main options: decks and porches. Both have advantages and disadvantages based on what you want most from your backyard. Let’s talk about which is better and if you should hire deck contractors or screen porch contractors near me in Raleigh.

Top Advantages to Adding a Screened Porch

The difference between a porch and a deck might seem simple: add a roof. That one difference, however, can lead to several advantages, especially if you screen in your porch. Here are the top reasons our clients loved their enclosed porches:

  • You get added protection from the sun, so you can enjoy your backyard even during the hottest days of summer.
  • Your porch is usable on days it is raining.
  • The screens add protection from mosquitos and other pests, making summer nights outside enjoyable without harsh repellents.
  • The protection from insects also means it is easier to enjoy a meal outside without worrying about flies.
  • A screened porch door can be locked, so it is a safer place for pets and young children to play.
  • You can add shutters or thick curtains to add wind protection and make your porch usable even as the weather starts to get cold.
  • The porch roof gives your furniture, rugs, etc. more protection so they last longer.

Many people also simply find that building a screened in porch simply looks better with their home. When we design outdoor living spaces, it is always our goal to make sure the new porch or deck flows with the home’s existing architecture.

Biggest Advantages to Adding a Deck

Porches are great, but in some instances a deck makes more sense. Here at Structurally Speaking, we design both! For some homes, adding a deck is the perfect backyard solution. Here are some of the biggest advantages to adding a deck instead of a screened porch:

  • Decks are less expensive, in general. Of course, a very large and elaborate deck is going to cost more than a very small and simple porch. However, relatively speaking, a deck is the more budget-friendly option.
  • A new deck is faster to build, so you can start enjoying it sooner.
  • Decks are more exposed, which is great for people who like to sunbathe or want to add some potted plants that like a lot of sunlight.
  • With a deck, you’ll have a safe place to grill, or you can even add a fire pit.
  • Decks require less space, so if you have a small backyard or don’t want to sacrifice as much grass/gardening space, this could be the best solution.

Whether you choose a deck or a porch, the key is to ensure that you hire a professional contractor team with experienced designers. Here at Structurally Speaking, we have been building custom decks for decades. We’d love to work with you to design the perfect outdoor living space for your home.

Deck-Porch Combos

If you just can’t decide between a deck and a porch, why not choose both? This is your backyard; there are no rules saying you can’t have both a sunny deck and a shaded enclosed porch. Deck-porch combos give you the best of both worlds.

Here are a few recommendations we have for deck-porch combos:

  • Use the same decking material for the floor of your enclosed porch to help tie the spaces together so they flow nicely.
  • Think about building up instead of out, especially if you have a small backyard. You can build a second story deck over a porch.
  • When you meet with us, talk about how you most intend to use the space. Some clients want a large deck and smaller porch. Others want the reverse. We want to design a deck that your family enjoys!

Keep in mind that these are just a few design elements to consider. We’re happy to talk to you about any ideas you have for your outdoor living space.

FAQs About Working with Screen Porch Contractors Near Me

There’s no shortage of screen porch contractors near me who can build your new outdoor livings space. So, how can you choose the right one for your project? Here at Structurally Speaking, we want to make sure you are absolutely comfortable working with our team. We’d love to answer any questions you have about building a new screened porch or deck. Here are a few questions we frequently hear, to get you started:

Will a screened porch add value to my home?

Yes! According to a recent survey by Rocket Homes, adding an outdoor living space can add nearly $20,000 in value. This is second only to having a garage.

What questions should I ask a porch builder before hiring them?

Always ask a lot of questions! Here are some we recommend:

  • Can I see a portfolio of your recent work?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Will you complete the work yourself or hire a subcontractor?
  • Do you take care of any permits needed for my project?
  • Can I read recent customer reviews?
  • What will this project cost?
  • How long will it take to complete the work?

This post has more advice on how to hire the best deck or screen porch contractors near me.

How can I get started with my new porch design?

We start every project with a no-strings-attached consultation. This allows us to see your home, talk about what you want most out of your backyard, and set a budget. From there, we’ll design options for your new deck or porch and make sure you are absolutely happy with the overall look before we start construction. Click here to contact us today for an appointment.