How Much Will My New Custom Sunroom Addition Cost?

sunroom addition costHere at Structurally Speaking, we specialize in building custom sunrooms, porches, decks, and other indoor/outdoor living spaces. You might hear the word “custom” and automatically worry about the sunroom addition cost. However, we create spaces within budget that you will love using for decades to come. Let’s talk about the factors that can affect the cost of your new sunroom.

Which Materials are Best for Your Sunroom?

To start, let’s discuss materials for your new sunroom. We work with high-quality products for all our spaces. That said, we do have several materials available in order to give you the look you want while staying within budget. We want you to have options!

During your initial consultation, one of the things we’ll discuss is pricing for different materials, such as flooring, windows, doors, and exterior finishing. We’ll talk about the look and functionality you want for your sunroom, and give you recommendations that would work best for you. Then, during the design presentation, we’ll show you these options with mock-ups and photos. You’ll be able to visualize exactly how your new sunroom will look.

How Big Should Your New Sunroom Be?

Another factor that affects your sunroom addition cost is the size. We have built everything from small sunroom additions to large sunrooms that serve as multi-functional spaces and lead out onto a porch or deck. Click here to see photos of our clients’ new sunrooms in a variety of sizes.

Some clients realize that bigger isn’t always better. Larger rooms can be harder to heat or cool. They also require you to give up more backyard space for the new room. Here’s the good news: we can make every small sunrooms feel large. When you work with a custom sunroom contractor, you get the benefit of decades of design experience. Our designs make the most of any space.

Can You Recoup Your Sunroom Addition Cost?

Did you know that sunrooms can increase the value of your home? It’s one of the many benefits of adding a sunroom to your home. This increase can help you recoup at least some of your new sunroom addition cost. Here’s why this increased value is important:

  • If you sell your home, you can get a higher price, along with selling more quickly. Many buyers specifically look for outdoor spaces.
  • A higher home value allows you to qualify for higher home equity loans and home equity lines of credit, should you ever need to tap into your equity.
  • If you ever refinance your mortgage, a higher home value could give you a lower interest rate in some cases.
  • For some people, an increased home value could allow you to cancel your private mortgage insurance soon, lowering your monthly payments.

This article from Nerd Wallet has more suggestions on how to increase the value of your home. On average, you can expect to see a 50% return on investment (ROI) for sunrooms, but this does vary from home to home. If ROI is important to you, let us know, and we can give you our best recommendations to build a sunroom that will drastically increase your home’s value.

Our Pricing Promise for Your Project

We work with clients throughout the North Carolina Triad area, including homeowners in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Apex, Wake Forest, and Holly Springs. However, no matter where you live, we make the same promise: the price we quote is the price you get for your new sunroom.

Many sunroom contractor teams give homeowners price quotes that they don’t intend to honor. They’ll start with one price, but once the construction starts, the budget goes higher and higher. When you work with the Structurally Speaking team, you don’t have to worry about this happening to you. We won’t begin construction until you sign off on the total budget. Then, the only reason the sunroom cost would change is if you choose to make changes to the design or materials.

FAQs about Sunroom Additions

We’d love to set up a free consultation to speak with you more about your new sunroom and the sunroom cost for your project. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few frequently asked questions we get about sunrooms:

Is a sunroom the best choice for me?

Once we meet with you, you might decide that a sunroom isn’t the best choice for your new outdoor living space. Instead, you may consider a screened-in porch, a deck, or a combination space. If you’re not sure which type of space is right for you, we’ll go over the pros and cons of each option during your consultation.

How should I build my sunroom addition?

Many homeowners are tempted to purchase a DIY kit. However, trying to build your own sunroom can end up being quite costly. The kit itself might be cheaper than professional construction. Unfortunately, this does not include the cost of dumpsters, building permits, electrical/gas line work, plumbing, grading your yard, finishing such as paint, and other costs.

On top of that, many people don’t realize how difficult it can be to construct a sunroom. Often, DIYers will end up making costly mistakes requiring the purchase of new materials. You may even end up doing hard-to-fix damage to your existing home or yard. Basically, this is a project best left to the professionals! Not only can we ensure that your sunroom looks great, we’ll also customize it to make your space perfect for your family’s needs. Get started now by contacting us today for your free consultation.