Enclosing A Screened Porch Can Be A Simple Process

enclosing a screened porchDuring the long, cold winter months, you counted the days until spring. However, the warm days also bring the annoyance of bugs, especially mosquitoes. Instead of relaxing in the lounge chair, you’re constantly swatting the insects away. This was not how you envisioned spending your summer. Enclosing a screened porch provides you with freedom from insects and protection against rain showers.

Raleigh, NC ranks #6 on a list for the 20 worst cities in the United States for mosquitoes. While many times a mosquito bite results in an itchy bump, some people are allergic experiencing more severe reactions. Also, mosquitos carry deadly diseases that they can transmit through a bite. Malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, West Nile, and Zika are some common illnesses you can catch from mosquitos. Moreover, mosquito season lasts from April to October, the time most of us like to be outdoors.

Many people turn to citronella candles or insect repellants when spending time outside. However, a study has shown that many repellants simply do not work. Even if you use an effective product, you need to apply it in sufficient concentration to reduce insect attraction. This study also found that citronella candles did not repel mosquitoes at all.

Does this mean you should avoid the outdoors entirely? Of course not! You can enjoy the outdoors by building a screen room onto your home. The screens are a barrier against all insects while allowing fresh air into your room. If you’re looking for a design specialist for your screen room, call the experts at Structurally Speaking. Our owner, Jim Brennan, personally meets with each client. He’ll give you a detailed consultation focused on your function and aesthetic goals. And there’s no obligation with our estimates.

What’s A Homeowner to Do?

When the warm days are beckoning outside, what should we do? Brave the mosquitoes outside or remain inside shut up in our homes? A better solution is to build a screen room. Then you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without the threat of insects. Plus, your roofed structure will protect you against sudden summer storms.

Many people love feeling connected to nature. Protected living spaces give homeowners the feeling of outdoors without the inconveniences of bugs and inclement weather. No longer will you have to worry about flies or wasps interrupting your dinner. You’ll be able to enjoy the view outside and pesky mosquitoes won’t be able to reach you.

Do you have an existing patio or deck space? Are you constantly sweeping leaves, grass, and other debris off? A patio enclosure will keep nature’s debris from your outdoor living space. Plus, the overhead roof will protect your furniture from harmful UV rays as well as any bad weather.

Should I Choose A Deck, Screen Room, or Sunroom

When considering your options for extending your living space to the outdoors, you have several choices. Begin by thinking about how you plan on using the additional space. Will you be hosting many outdoor parties? Do you want an additional dining area or family room?

Primarily, your budget is always your first consideration when considering any home improvement project. Knowing how much you can spend will determine the scope of your project. For example, a deck is much cheaper to build than a 3-season room. And a screen room is less expensive than a sunroom.

However, you need to balance your budget against your needs. How do you plan on using the additional space? If you plan on entertaining, you’ll want tables and seating with space to maneuver around. You may even want a screened-in area for protection against insects and bad weather. And if you plan on using the room throughout the year, you’ll want a sunroom.

The Differences Between Each Structure

So, which structure will be best for your needs? Each one is slightly different with varying price levels. Structurally Speaking can help you create, and design a deck, screen room, or sunroom perfect for your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at the basics of each construction.

Decks are generally elevated structures attached to a house. They can be different levels, sizes, and shapes. Typically, builders construct decks from pressure-treated wood, hardwoods, or composite wood. Most decks don’t have roofs to provide shade and protection from the elements.

A screen room is a roofed structure attached to your home. You can build an entirely new structure or build an enclosure around a porch or a patio. Screen panels keep insects and debris out while letting fresh air in. However, you can’t use this type of enclosed structure once the weather turns chillier.

Sunrooms can give be either 3- or 4-season rooms, depending on the windows, insulation, and heating system. Builders construct 3-season rooms with glass windows. Glass provides added protection against the cold for longer use. However, 3-season rooms usually have single-pane windows without insulation or a heating system. Thus, you can’t use your room during the coldest winter months.

Contractors build 4-season sunrooms with double-pane energy-efficient windows and insulation. With insulation, the homeowner can heat and cool the room. This allows for year-round usage.

Options to Consider for Your Screen Room

Once you’ve decided on the structure you want, you can think about extra options. These are amenities you can add to make your space more usable, inviting, and comfortable. When your room is more welcoming, you’ll use it more often.

Ceiling fans are always are an appreciated addition to increase air circulation. Choose a fan with a light fixture and you can use your room after the sun goes down. A fireplace can make a chilly outdoor room warm and cozy allowing you to use it late into fall. While the addition of a television will make your room seem more of an extension of your home.

Some homeowners dislike the barrier screens’ presence. Thus, retractable screens give you the choice of removing the screens. Available in both manual and motorized options, your screens can retract to open your room up to the outdoors. With protected inside casing, UV rays, dirt, and the weather can’t harm your screens. Thus, your screens will last longer.

Glass windows are another option that will turn your screen room into a sunroom. Bow, bay, casement, and sliding windows are among the most popular types of windows for sunrooms. Moreover, you may want glass with a low E-coating that reflects heat energy to keep your room cooler.

Which Is the Best Screen Material for My Porch Enclosure?

If you choose to enclose your patio, you’ll have to decide on what kind of screens to use. Today’s screens are available in several different materials. Bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass all make excellent screens. So, which is the best screen material for my needs? It all comes down to your budget.

Generally, bronze and stainless steel are the more expensive options. These premium metals offer more elegance and are suitable for maintaining the architectural integrity of classic homes. Both are strong, durable, and resist corrosion.

Fiberglass is the most popular screen choice for most homeowners due to its low cost. It offers good visibility due to less glare from sunlight. Plus, fiberglass screens come in a wide range of colors so you can match the exterior of your home.

Some homeowners prefer an aluminum screen due to its durability. On average, aluminum screens last 30-40% longer than fiberglass. However, your choice of colors is much more limited. Typically, aluminum screens are only available in black, charcoal, and silver.

Undecided about which screen is best for your project? Let us review your ideas and budget to suggest your best option. Since 2008, Structurally Speaking has been helping homeowners build the enclosed structure of their dreams. We have designed all of these home enhancement structures and will guide you to the unique solution for your home and lifestyle. You can view some of the projects we’ve constructed in the greater Raleigh Durham area here.

What Will A Screen Porch or 3-Season Room Cost?

Like many home improvement projects, your cost depends on several variables. The size, materials, and scope of the project have a direct effect on the price. Rather than trying to figure out costs on your own, it’s better to talk to a professional. At Structurally Speaking, Jim Brennan will personally evaluate your home to give you the addition you need.

Certain factors always drive up costs. A larger project with more square footage will be more expensive than a smaller plan. Likewise, the materials you choose have a big influence on price. We’ve already talked about the different screens you can choose from. But there’s also flooring choice and added accessories such as a ceiling fan. Decorative touches too can raise the price.

Finally, the scope of the project needs consideration. Do you already have an open porch that you want to enclose with a screen? Perhaps you have an unused patio with an existing roof that requires an enclosure? Or do you want to install glass windows in your screened porch for a seasonal room?

Trying to figure out the price of your project can be quite daunting. An easy way is to give us a call for a free no-obligation estimate. After consulting with you on your needs, budget, and design ideas, we present you with a proposal. We will present one that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

A Porch Enclosure Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Most likely, the reason you’re thinking of enclosing your existing porch is for your own use and enjoyment. You want additional outdoor living space without the annoyances of nature. Increasing the value of your home is an added benefit.

On average, the return on your investment for enclosing your porch is 70-75%. A screen room is a nice added feature that can make your home stand out from others. Many prospective buyers actively seek out a home with a patio, sunroom or porch enclosure. Most likely, you probably aren’t thinking about selling your home any time soon; however, it’s still reassuring to know you can recoup most of your costs at some point. It’s a great investment, since you and your family can enjoy the improvement for many years and then receive a good return in the future!

Are You Thinking About Enclosing a Screened Porch on Your Home?

The insects, especially mosquitoes, can be severe during the summer months. Instead of hiding in your house the entire time, call Structurally Speaking. Enclosing a screened porch can offer protection against insects, while giving you additional living space.

Hiring the right contractor for your project can eliminate much of the stress that goes along with it. At Structurally Speaking, we know all the local building codes and take care of all the permits. When you use a local, fully-insured and licensed contractor, you know that you will receive the best customer service and an outstanding result. We want you to recommend us to your family and friends! All you need to do is to decide on the design you like best.

We plan and build decks, screened porches, 3-season rooms, sunrooms, hot tub decks, and pergolas. Serving the greater Raleigh-Durham area, our personal touch is what sets us apart from other contractors. So, call us today at 919-786-4825. Or, if you prefer, tell us a bit about your upcoming project online. Either way, we’ll contact you for your free no-obligation estimate. The warm months pass by too quickly. Let us build a structure to give you greater enjoyment of the outside.

Structurally Speaking Sunrooms Add Light to Your Life!

sunroomsLet’s face it, we’ve all had some difficult days over the past few months. Each of us have been striving to find ways to let a little light into our worlds. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy in our homes. Certainly, many of us have been spending lots of time in them. Creating a bright ambiance in our living space is crucial to our well-being. Plus, adding natural light and extra room is a benefit that homeowners can enjoy for many years to come. Sunrooms are a fantastic way to do exactly that and more.

What is a Sunroom?

This may seem like a silly question but many people want to know what constitutes a sunroom. The word, sunroom, is thrown around a bit and sometimes misunderstood. For instance, many folks consider an outdoor enclosure screened from the elements as a sunroom. Technically, this is more of a screened porch that does indeed protect you from the elements but is not an extension of your indoor living space.

True sunrooms are often referred to as solariums, which is a lovely word. In Latin, it means a place of sunlight. At Structurally Speaking, we love this concept. We create these places of sunlight within your home as additions to your living space. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of outdoors. Rather than being surrounded by mainly walls and a few windows like a traditional room, glass typically surrounds sunrooms to allow as much sunshine as you wish to enter your world. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the comforts of being indoors as you relax in your room full of light. 

What are the Benefits of Adding a Sunroom?

Better yet, sunrooms are enclosures that actually add square footage to your house. Since they incorporate the internal conveniences of your home such as electricity, heating and air, they add living space to your floorplan. In turn, this often adds monetary value to your property. Therefore, what you invest into your sunroom, pays off later. More importantly, you get to enjoy the value right away. Think about all the benefits that enhance your living.

First, consider the most obvious advantage of a sunroom addition – extra space! When you add a sunroom to your home, this addition adds square footage and provides more living room for your entire family. As many of us have been at home more than usual over the past few months, we can appreciate this additional living space even more.

Second, adding a sunroom also adds natural light. Not only is natural light beautiful and soothing, natural light studies show it’s beneficial to our well-being. Year-round sunrooms enclosed in glass allow light to boost your Vitamin D and decrease depression. Furthermore, improved mental health may help you sleep better, which certainly has health boosts. 

Third, while a patio could provide the above benefits to a certain extent, all-seasons sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors from a protected point of view.  Since glass typically surrounds these enclosures on three walls, you can still immerse yourself in nature. However, you needn’t fret over the more worrisome aspects of nature. For instance, the roof above you protects you from sunburn, rain and snow. Additionally, year-round sunrooms are temperature-controlled. Be cool when you want to chill, stay toasty when your wish to be warm. Whatever the weather is outside, your beautiful sunroom is always comfy inside. Sometimes, nature involves pesky critters. Ditch the bug spray and lounge without bees and other creatures buzzing about.

Unique Ideas for Sunrooms

Next, think about how you can use your beautiful sunroom. Diverse entertainment options abound for your special space. Just a few ways to use your sunroom include:

  • Make it a gaming area. Whether you prefer classic board games, cards or a little pool or ping pong, year-round sunrooms provide the perfect space.
  • Tired of walls surrounding you when you work out indoors? Fill your space with glass and light and enjoy the outdoors in a temperature-controlled room.
  • Enjoy outdoor concerts, indoors! A sunroom addition is the perfect place for a music room. Whether you opt for a grand piano, guitar space or a little bit of both, sunrooms are lovely places to practice and perform.
  • Don’t close yourself in when crafting! Move your materials to your sunroom and enjoy the peacefulness of nature while you create your works of art.
  • Speaking of art, year-round sunrooms provide great lighting for an art studio. Plus, they provide the perfect view to inspire your masterpieces!
  • A glass sunroom is also a great space for a hot tub. Hop in for a soak no matter the weather. Better yet, if your space is large enough, a small indoor swim spa is an intriguing addition.
  • Many folks enjoy the idea of an outdoor kitchen. However, some homeowners would rather feel like they’re outside without directly dealing with ALL that nature offers. An indoor sunroom kitchen is a fun alternative.
  • Or, go for a more practical approach and use your sunroom for office space. Sitting behind your desk and toiling away feels a lot less like working when surrounded by glass and the outdoors.
  • Likewise, a room addition is practical for additional sleeping space. With a futon or fold-out couch and other appropriate furniture, you can easily convert your sunroom to hold extra guests whenever needed.

Whatever its main use, your sunroom is likely going to be a gathering space for family and friends as well. So, keep this in mind as you select which sunroom styles fit your lifestyle best.

Selecting A Sunroom that Fits Your Lifestyle the Best

As you consider adding a sunroom, let’s figure out how you prefer to use your space and the types of sunrooms that fit your style the best. Sunroom ideas abound. Determining the types of sunrooms for your needs requires you to sort through diverse sunroom options which can be a chore in itself. However, it’s a pretty fun chore! Plus, our team is here to help you find the perfect design for you and your family.

Here are a few sunroom styles to get you started.

  • Florida sunroom – Essentially, a Florida room is the same as a sunroom. A small difference sometimes noted is that a sunroom can be on the side of a house whereas a Florida room is more often at the back of a house. Nowadays, the terms are often used interchangeably no matter the location of your sunroom addition.
  • Cathedral sunroom – Vaulted ceilings let additional light shine throughout a cathedral sunroom. The height opens the space more as well.
  • Conservatory Sunroom – Originally designed to cultivate plants, a conservatory has a lean frame and glass or glazed walls. The roof is glass as well.
  • Gable Sunroom – The roofing of a gable sunroom consists of two solid panels sloping in opposite directions.
  • Shed Sunroom – The style of a shed sunroom (also known as a studio sunroom) incorporates a single-pitch, solid roof that slopes away from the house.
  • Solarium – Similar to a conservatory, a solarium has a glass roof. However, it is often built with a slope and the walls join with a continuous curve.

Many folks also like to have a theme incorporated in their sunroom styles. Opt for a regional theme that highlights the coast or mountains. Or, choose a theme that reflects a hobby, sport or even your favorite movie or show!

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to sunroom design, our clients often have some logistical questions. For instance, here are a couple of queries we’ve seen typed into search engines lately.

Where to build your sunroom, using an existing patio??

While this is technically possible, there are numerous factors to consider. First, an existing patio is likely not graded properly enough to build a structure on it. If it tilts the wrong way, has some aging, etc., your structure will not be stable. Furthermore, not all patios are able to bear the weight of a new addition placed upon them.

Is a sunroom cheaper than an addition?

Ultimately, a sunroom may involve less material than a room addition and may therefore cost less. For example, you may not be using as much insulation for a sunroom. Although, rest assured that our team at Structurally Speaking can make your sunroom energy efficient! With the use of insulated glass or double paned glass, you can keep your area cool, or warm, when needed. Furthermore, with proper shading, you can use light when you want it and limit it when you don’t.  Plus, adding attractive square footage to your home is always a great selling point!

Other Ways Structurally Speaking Brightens Your Day

At Structurally Speaking, we strive to brighten your day from the start. First, we provide personalized designs. That means our approach begins and ends with YOU.  After carefully listening to your needs, we make recommendations and design a sunroom that you deserve!

Second, we offer competitive pricing.  Once we understand your needs, we review budgets from the start.  Therefore, all parties have a realistic idea of what to expect in the final cost during the initial consultation!

Third, we guarantee expert project management.  Our owner, Jim Brennan, personally oversees every job site.  For nearly twenty years, he has stood out as one of Raleigh’s top designers.  This experience shines through in all of our projects.

Finally, we dedicate ourselves to providing unparalleled customer service.  Fortunately, we get much of our business from customer referrals.  And, we appreciate that.  However, we also work hard to earn it. Our goal is to be better than the competition. Always. In order to improve our results, we encourage open lines of communication.  Ultimately, we are your partners in your project!  But, don’t worry, WE do all the work!

Customer Reviews

As we mentioned, much of our work comes from customer referrals. Likewise, our clients have taken the time to share some kind reviews on our behalf. Here are just a few.

Just thought I’d let you know that we had some friends over that were interested in getting a custom porch similar to ours. I explained what we had done, our experiences with you and our discussions with others. Essentially, I said that at the end of the day, if I ever had to do another porch, I would have no hesitation having you do it again.

I said that you always went the extra mile and addressed any concerns I ever had. I warned them that the process can take longer than they expect, but ultimately it is worth it. I think I had them convinced that they would be crazy to go elsewhere. I pointed out that one of the main differences between you and others was your level of professionalism. You prepared designs, showed them in software, and provided drawings unlike others who may have been cheaper, but simply took the approach that they would build what you asked for without offering any design ideas. I also spoke well all of the guys in terms of their work ethic. I spoke so positively; they must have thought I was on commission!

Rosemary R.

We could not be more pleased. Jim Brennan has a gift for design, and Structurally Speaking’s crew did an excellent job of turning our vision into a reality. Their attention to detail and their overall workmanship was wonderful.”

Mike R.

With all this in mind, what are you waiting for? Contact Structurally Speaking today for your free design consultation and quote! We also specialize in creating, designing and building highly-functioning, custom decks, screened porches and pergolas.

Structurally Speaking Has the Best Porch Builders Near Me

The right addition to a home not only adds tremendous value, but also increase quality of life. A porch is the perfect, cost-effective addition to almost any home. It provides extra square footage and can be as comfortable as the rest of the home. Of course, a porch is only as good as the company that builds it. For the best porch builders near me call Structurally Speaking today. Their experts use only quality materials and expert construction methods for custom decks, porches, sunrooms and more. They’ve helped many satisfied homeowners across Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and the Triangle area. Check below to find out what makes them the experts.  

The Best Porch Builders Near Me

Homeowners know how important it is to maintain and add value to a home. Additions can add value and usable space for an upgraded living experience. Few additions offer more versatility or quality of life than a porch. If you’re looking for the best porch contractors near me then Structurally Speaking can help.

Their experts go to great lengths to deliver high-quality construction that your family will enjoy for years. Every job starts by choosing the right materials. Structurally Speaking uses only the finest materials on every single project. Therefore, every client receives a functional, custom area that enhances the property and adds value to the homeowner’s investment.

When you look through their gallery of completed projects, you will see that each project is unique and the design complements the style of the home.

What Kind of Porch Is Right for You?

A porch is a wonderful addition to any home. But many factors determine which type of porch will work best for each individual home. Structurally Speaking is the expert in all kinds of porches. Plus, they can help you determine which will work best for you. Talk to one of their experts today to get more information. They will be glad to explain the benefits of each along with the cost factor and help you decide. And, they won’t begin construction until you’re confident in your decision. Moreover, they help control cost to accommodate any budget. Check out their options below:

  • Screened Porch—want the benefit of the outdoors without the bugs or other pests? A screened porch is the answer! Screened porches also keep bugs out and beautiful weather in. Your family can enjoy the weather without the nuisance of insects. Don’t worry about the mosquitos in spring or flies in summer ever again!
  • 3-Season Porch— love the outdoors but also the convenience of modern life? A 3-Season porch lets you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature without the bugs or weather. Escape into the shade or watch TV while also watching nature. 3-season porches include screens and windows but not heat. So, you can enjoy the area for most of the year!
  • Sunroom— sunrooms add tremendous value and square footage to your home. Make your home stand out by adding a functional space everyone can enjoy. A sunroom is a fully finished room added on to your home. But it feels like the outdoors, so you can have the best of both worlds.

A Professional Approach to Home Improvement

Best of all, adding value to your home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Structurally Speaking has developed a simple, three-step process to ensure every customer gets what they want. It starts with an initial consultation, during which their experts work to understand your goals. They can also walk through some options and choices that homeowners have available to them. Next is the design presentation, during which they use sophisticated software to demonstrate the project. Of course, you have a choice and they always present at least 2 options. With your feedback, they can further customize the plan you like best. You will get an accurate idea of how the project will impact your home. Once that is complete, they begin construction on time and with cost a top priority.

So why wait? Structurally Speaking’s expert team is ready to help you improve the look and value of your home. They are passionate about home improvement and they have the expertise and experience to match. The owner, Jim Brennan has an extensive career in design and construction and puts his personal touch on every project. Just fill out their quick and easy contact form for a free, no obligation, initial consultation.

Or, give them a call today at 919-786-4825 for more information.


​The Sunrooms Raleigh NC Loves

sunrooms Raleigh NCSunrooms are one home addition that almost everyone loves. Pools are costly, and you never know how the next owner will feel about that big kitchen remodel. But a good sunroom is a valuable, versatile, attractive addition. And for the sunrooms Raleigh NC area homeowners rave about, there’s one name to trust: Structurally Speaking!

Why Add a Sunroom?

A good sunroom has something for almost everyone, and for every occasion.

  • They’re an ideal entertaining space. Your dinner parties will never be the same!
  • Sunrooms are perfect for family time. Kids love the big windows and the space to play.
  • There’s nothing more relaxing than unwinding alone in your sunroom with a good book or a hobby project.

Sunrooms also offer a big improvement to the livability and, in some cases, the value of your home.

  • Make your home feel considerably more spacious and give you a place to escape.
  • Let in abundant natural light – properly designed, this can even add light to the rest of your home!
  • Wide variety of styles available to match your architecture and décor.
  • Can boost home value, sometimes with up to 80% ROI.
  • Increases curb appeal and lures potential buyers toward your home.

How Structurally Speaking Builds the Sunrooms Raleigh NC Loves

Structurally Speaking is the Research Triangle’s premier builder of decks, sunrooms, porches, and outdoor living spaces. Our founder, Jim Brennan, is an expert deck builder who decided Triangle homeowners needed a high-quality contractor whom they could trust.

The key to our success is our three-step design and build process:

  • Consultation. We’ll set up a free, no-obligation conference to determine what you want from your sunroom.
  • Design Presentation. We’ll show you at least two different potential designs for your project, computer-rendered in full color. Choose the one you want and you’re on your way!
  • Building. Jim personally oversees every Structurally Speaking building project. Our expertly-trained, experienced builders respect your home and property.

This process is our secret to building the sunrooms Raleigh NC homeowners prefer over all others. Our customer testimonials are our pride and joy, because Triangle homeowners know that we do the best work in the area.

Don’t wait until a beautiful summer day when you’re wishing you had a sunroom! Call Structurally Speaking today at 919-525-3628 or use our contact form to begin your project today.

Four-Season Sunrooms Raleigh Will Enjoy This Winter

sunrooms RaleighMany people mistakenly believe sunrooms can only be enjoyed during the summer season. However, the truth is that you will enjoy plenty of benefits by having one in the winter months. If you’re looking for a way to add more function and appeal to your living environment,you will find that building a sunroom is the perfect home improvement project. Structurally Speaking creates stunning sunrooms Raleigh residents can count on to increase their property value and quality of life. Below are some of the top reasons a sunroom makes the ideal addition to any home, especially in winter.

Bring the Outdoors In & Increase Natural Light

When temperatures start to drop and the weather conditions make it undesirable to be outside, you’re likely to start spending more time indoors. While this allows you to stay warm and comfortable, it’s easy to realize very quickly that you have a case of cabin fever. When you have a sunroom, it is possible for you to stay cozy without feeling trapped inside four walls. Sunrooms are designed to bring the outside in all year long so you can enjoy the outdoors regardless of the climate. With a sunroom, you will also get in more natural light so you can shake off those winter blues.

Benefit From More Space to Entertain During the Holidays

Entertaining during the holidays can get stressful. This is particularly the case if you don’t feel you have enough room to host everyone indoors. You could be enjoying one of the biggest perks homeowners get out of sunrooms Raleigh contractors build for them – the ability to comfortably fit all their guests inside. This extra space gives your guests room to spread out and move around without feeling cramped all gathered in one area.

Add Flexible Square Footage

Sunrooms are versatile, which means you can use them however you wish. They are optimal spot to host family game night! It’s also a great place to enjoy a weekend brunch. Or serve as a quiet oasis to read a good book. Whatever purpose it serves, your sunroom will always provide a scenic backdrop and a taste of the outdoors. This is sure to become your favorite room in the house.

Structurally Speaking Offers Beautiful Sunrooms Raleigh Residents Can Use Year-Round

With the arrival of winter, there’s no better time to consider building a sunroom. If you want the best sunrooms Raleigh has to offer, there’s no need to look any further than Structurally Speaking. The company has built a solid reputation in the Triangle area for delivering high caliber craftsmanship and superior customer service. Their team of professionals will work with you to design a sunroom that complements the existing style of your home and your personal taste. They use efficient techniques during construction to ensure timely completion of your project and minimal disruption to your household. When you invest in a sunroom from Structurally Speaking, you can trust you’re getting a valuable addition to your home.