Benefits of a 3 Season Room in the Triangle and North Carolina

3 season roomLet’s face it: the last few months have been an adjustment for all of us. Moreover, none of us are really sure when things will get back to normal. Spending more time at home has its ups and downs. The adjustment has certainly been difficult. But underneath that is the opportunity for us to all spend more time at home and connect with family. One of the most challenging aspects of this situation is that we might be spending a little too much time together. After all, none of us expected this, so we probably aren’t prepared for these challenges. A lack of space, feeling cramped up can get on anyone’s nerves. So, why not make things better by adding some very usable space to your home? A 3 season room from Structurally Speaking might be just the solution you’re looking for! This addition allows your family to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pests or weather. And what better time to add some square footage to your home? It will add significantly to the value of your home when the time comes to sell it. And in the meantime, your whole family can have an extra room in which to stretch out and relax. So, check out the many benefits of a 3 season room below.

What is a 3 Season Room Anyway?

You may not have heard the term 3 season room before. Chances are you may have heard it by a different name. Often, they are called a screened porch. But the concept is still the same. It refers to a room of a house that can be enjoyed in all but the coldest days of winter. The three season name refers to the rest of the year, when you can make use of this extra space.

Unlike a traditional sunroom, a 3 season porch is meant to blend the best of the outdoors and the indoors. It creates a new living space for your entire family. A 3 season room has a roof and an enclosure but often has screening or windows meant to let the outside in. But it can offer all the comforts and amenities of a living room, like the one you already have. However, it lets homeowners enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Best of all, this enjoyment comes without getting soaked by rain thanks to the ceiling or chased off by pests and insects. In fact, some of these rooms can even have a heating element to keep homeowners comfortable when it gets a little cooler. Plus, they can be combined with a patio or a deck for a tremendous outdoor living experience. Often, the door to a 3 season room can lead right out into these areas.

The Center for Outdoor Living

A three season room has many benefits. In fact, a three season room is one of the best additions you can make to your home. The primary reason is because they are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways. To start, these rooms can add extra living space for your family. So, they can be the center of activity. Best of all, they can be customized to suit your family’s specific interests. Add the elements you want to make it the center of fun for the whole family. And Structurally Speaking believes your home should be as unique as your family is.

Maybe your family is one that likes spending time individually on phones, computers, and other devices. Wouldn’t it be great to at least all be in the same room while you do it? You can enjoy the best of both worlds by watching the trees rustle in the wind. Maybe your family likes playing board games or video games together. An addition can be the center of this activity with a TV and all the games ready to be enjoyed. Or, maybe your family can’t get enough of the outdoors. A three-season room pairs perfectly with a deck or patio for a new center for outdoor living. Imagine being able to hang out together, play some games, and enjoy the outdoors. Plus, a 3 season room can even be used as a dining area. So, you can cook something on the grill and then enjoy the meal without being overrun by flies or mosquitoes.

Benefits of a 3 Season Porch

No matter what kind of experience your family enjoys, Structurally Speaking can help. They will work with you on ideas and budget to create the porch of your dreams. And with a 3 season porch from Structurally Speaking, the value can be more than just aesthetic. Check out some of the many benefits:

· Added Value—screened porches are incredibly attractive to potential homebuyers. Check out more on how porches can add value to your home below.

· Comfort—experience the outdoors without sacrificing any of the comforts of modern life. You can enjoy a nice breeze while relaxing on a comfortable couch for the best of both worlds.

· Quality of Life—host parties, game nights, host your kids’ friends, and more. Whatever your family enjoys, a porch can be the perfect setting.

· Extra Living Space—far more than just attractive, porches can add functional space. They can be perfect for a family room, TV room, game room, or much more. Not much room to entertain during holidays or family celebrations? This additional space may be the solution!

Add Value to Your Home

Adding some extra space to your home has probably never been more attractive than it is right now. But it also has never made more sense financially either. To start, a three season porch adds a lot to the curb appeal and aesthetic value of a home. But they do far more than just serve as eye candy. They also add significant value to the price of a home. In fact, a three-season porch is one of the things that may set your house apart from the competition. And it’s not difficult to see why.

Often, square footage is king. Especially when it comes to families. And porches add extra space but also a very valuable kind of living space that most homes don’t have. A high-quality porch with screen enclosure from Structurally Speaking can give your home the edge over other houses on the market. Plus, that investment now will certainly pay off later. Did you know that porches and decks recoup as much as 84% of their installation costs? That makes them one of the most worthwhile additions you can make to your home. Plus, it makes it easy to justify the purchase. You can enjoy it now as an extra living space and as an improvement to quality of life. Plus, a three seasons room can let in tons of natural light and ambience. Then, when it’s time to sell your house, you can get most of that money back.

Look through their gallery to see some of the recent projects they have completed for happy clients in the Triangle area. Depending upon the clients’ wishes and the style of the home, each unique project complements the property in both design and materials. From 3 season rooms to hot tub decks, Structurally Speaking will provide your family with an additional space to enjoy. It will blend in with your home’s style, whether that means creating a vaulted ceiling or a matching roof line.

Experience You Can Trust

Structurally Speaking was born out of a desire to provide Triangle-area homeowners with top-quality home additions. In 1999, owner Jim Brennan was working for the Raleigh division of the largest deck and porch builder in the United States. In that time, he distinguished himself as one of the area’s top designers and builders. During this time, Jim also learned that the customer comes first. He used this important ideal as the backbone when he formed Structurally Speaking in 2008. That’s why Structurally Speaking offers:

· A Personalized Approach—every customer’s home is different. So are their styles. That’s why Structurally Speaking believes in customizing every project to match its owner. For example, a porch that’s right for one family might be totally wrong for another. They will work hard to bring that vision to life to improve the quality of living for your whole family.

· Fair and Competitive Pricing—of course, businesses need to make money. But Structurally Speaking believes in doing it the right way. That’s why they treat customers fairly and provide quality services. You work hard for your money, and they do too.

· Friendly Financing Options—saving for a project like this can be difficult. But there’s no time like the present to enjoy the outdoors. Structurally Speaking has worked with many customers on financing options for a new deck or porch. Just give them a call to find out about the options available to you.

A Proven Process

Structurally Speaking doesn’t believe that home additions have to be stressful. In fact, they think it should be fun and enjoyable. That’s why they use a three-step process that ensures every project comes out perfectly. Check out these steps below:

1. Initial Consultation—every project starts with a free, no-obligation consultation with owner Jim Brennan. Jim insists on meeting every client personally in order to determine their personal needs and interests. Jim will ask a series of questions to uncover your specific functional and aesthetic goals. At the same time, Structurally Speaking will take extensive photographs and measurements as well as a physical survey of your yard. Last but not least, they will discuss budget.

2. Design Presentation—after an initial consultation comes the design presentation. This is often one of the most fun and most exciting steps. During the presentation, Structurally Speaking will use leading technology to help you visualize the project. In addition, they offer a number of options, so you have a choice. All recommendations and options will be customized specifically for your home and vision. This way, clients can choose exactly what they want. This presentation even includes scaled drawings showing all elevations and viewpoints. So, you walk away with a very accurate idea of what is to come.

3. Project Construction—only after you’re ready does construction begin. Right from the beginning, Structurally Speaking will make sure it is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. So how do they accomplish this? To start, they believe in being thorough, respectful, and attentive throughout the entire project. Plus, they minimize intrusion so your family can carry on with your normal, everyday life. They can even help with documents, permits, and other documents required by homeowner associations and your local authorities.

Free Quotes Available Today

No matter where you are in your planning, a free quote is key. That’s why the experts at Structurally Speaking offer free, no-obligation quotes to all customers. They know that budget plays a major part in planning for a home addition. However, it can be tough to provide the final cost for such dynamic projects. That’s why they will come to survey your land and consider the total project before they give you the final cost you can count on.

For example, a simple porch or deck in a typical yard may be at the low end of the price range. However, a multi-level deck with luxury features like a hot tub and television will likely be more expensive. But that’s not all that can impact cost. Everything from features to materials can also have a big impact. That’s why they make it easy to get this information through their simple contact form. They will get back to you within 48 hours with a free, no-obligation consultation with the owner of the company.

Don’t let this unique situation go to waste. Make the most of your time together with a custom porch or deck. Prefer a sunroom? They can help with that too. But why trust just anyone to do it? Structurally Speaking has more than a decade of experience helping Triangle-area families with porches and decks of their dreams. If you’re in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Apex, Hillsborough, Holly Springs, or beyond, they can help.

So, give them a call today at 919-786-4825 to talk to an expert.

Structurally Speaking Sunrooms Add Light to Your Life!

sunroomsLet’s face it, we’ve all had some difficult days over the past few months. Each of us have been striving to find ways to let a little light into our worlds. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy in our homes. Certainly, many of us have been spending lots of time in them. Creating a bright ambiance in our living space is crucial to our well-being. Plus, adding natural light and extra room is a benefit that homeowners can enjoy for many years to come. Sunrooms are a fantastic way to do exactly that and more.

What is a Sunroom?

This may seem like a silly question but many people want to know what constitutes a sunroom. The word, sunroom, is thrown around a bit and sometimes misunderstood. For instance, many folks consider an outdoor enclosure screened from the elements as a sunroom. Technically, this is more of a screened porch that does indeed protect you from the elements but is not an extension of your indoor living space.

True sunrooms are often referred to as solariums, which is a lovely word. In Latin, it means a place of sunlight. At Structurally Speaking, we love this concept. We create these places of sunlight within your home as additions to your living space. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of outdoors. Rather than being surrounded by mainly walls and a few windows like a traditional room, glass typically surrounds sunrooms to allow as much sunshine as you wish to enter your world. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the comforts of being indoors as you relax in your room full of light. 

What are the Benefits of Adding a Sunroom?

Better yet, sunrooms are enclosures that actually add square footage to your house. Since they incorporate the internal conveniences of your home such as electricity, heating and air, they add living space to your floorplan. In turn, this often adds monetary value to your property. Therefore, what you invest into your sunroom, pays off later. More importantly, you get to enjoy the value right away. Think about all the benefits that enhance your living.

First, consider the most obvious advantage of a sunroom addition – extra space! When you add a sunroom to your home, this addition adds square footage and provides more living room for your entire family. As many of us have been at home more than usual over the past few months, we can appreciate this additional living space even more.

Second, adding a sunroom also adds natural light. Not only is natural light beautiful and soothing, natural light studies show it’s beneficial to our well-being. Year-round sunrooms enclosed in glass allow light to boost your Vitamin D and decrease depression. Furthermore, improved mental health may help you sleep better, which certainly has health boosts. 

Third, while a patio could provide the above benefits to a certain extent, all-seasons sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors from a protected point of view.  Since glass typically surrounds these enclosures on three walls, you can still immerse yourself in nature. However, you needn’t fret over the more worrisome aspects of nature. For instance, the roof above you protects you from sunburn, rain and snow. Additionally, year-round sunrooms are temperature-controlled. Be cool when you want to chill, stay toasty when your wish to be warm. Whatever the weather is outside, your beautiful sunroom is always comfy inside. Sometimes, nature involves pesky critters. Ditch the bug spray and lounge without bees and other creatures buzzing about.

Unique Ideas for Sunrooms

Next, think about how you can use your beautiful sunroom. Diverse entertainment options abound for your special space. Just a few ways to use your sunroom include:

  • Make it a gaming area. Whether you prefer classic board games, cards or a little pool or ping pong, year-round sunrooms provide the perfect space.
  • Tired of walls surrounding you when you work out indoors? Fill your space with glass and light and enjoy the outdoors in a temperature-controlled room.
  • Enjoy outdoor concerts, indoors! A sunroom addition is the perfect place for a music room. Whether you opt for a grand piano, guitar space or a little bit of both, sunrooms are lovely places to practice and perform.
  • Don’t close yourself in when crafting! Move your materials to your sunroom and enjoy the peacefulness of nature while you create your works of art.
  • Speaking of art, year-round sunrooms provide great lighting for an art studio. Plus, they provide the perfect view to inspire your masterpieces!
  • A glass sunroom is also a great space for a hot tub. Hop in for a soak no matter the weather. Better yet, if your space is large enough, a small indoor swim spa is an intriguing addition.
  • Many folks enjoy the idea of an outdoor kitchen. However, some homeowners would rather feel like they’re outside without directly dealing with ALL that nature offers. An indoor sunroom kitchen is a fun alternative.
  • Or, go for a more practical approach and use your sunroom for office space. Sitting behind your desk and toiling away feels a lot less like working when surrounded by glass and the outdoors.
  • Likewise, a room addition is practical for additional sleeping space. With a futon or fold-out couch and other appropriate furniture, you can easily convert your sunroom to hold extra guests whenever needed.

Whatever its main use, your sunroom is likely going to be a gathering space for family and friends as well. So, keep this in mind as you select which sunroom styles fit your lifestyle best.

Selecting A Sunroom that Fits Your Lifestyle the Best

As you consider adding a sunroom, let’s figure out how you prefer to use your space and the types of sunrooms that fit your style the best. Sunroom ideas abound. Determining the types of sunrooms for your needs requires you to sort through diverse sunroom options which can be a chore in itself. However, it’s a pretty fun chore! Plus, our team is here to help you find the perfect design for you and your family.

Here are a few sunroom styles to get you started.

  • Florida sunroom – Essentially, a Florida room is the same as a sunroom. A small difference sometimes noted is that a sunroom can be on the side of a house whereas a Florida room is more often at the back of a house. Nowadays, the terms are often used interchangeably no matter the location of your sunroom addition.
  • Cathedral sunroom – Vaulted ceilings let additional light shine throughout a cathedral sunroom. The height opens the space more as well.
  • Conservatory Sunroom – Originally designed to cultivate plants, a conservatory has a lean frame and glass or glazed walls. The roof is glass as well.
  • Gable Sunroom – The roofing of a gable sunroom consists of two solid panels sloping in opposite directions.
  • Shed Sunroom – The style of a shed sunroom (also known as a studio sunroom) incorporates a single-pitch, solid roof that slopes away from the house.
  • Solarium – Similar to a conservatory, a solarium has a glass roof. However, it is often built with a slope and the walls join with a continuous curve.

Many folks also like to have a theme incorporated in their sunroom styles. Opt for a regional theme that highlights the coast or mountains. Or, choose a theme that reflects a hobby, sport or even your favorite movie or show!

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to sunroom design, our clients often have some logistical questions. For instance, here are a couple of queries we’ve seen typed into search engines lately.

Where to build your sunroom, using an existing patio??

While this is technically possible, there are numerous factors to consider. First, an existing patio is likely not graded properly enough to build a structure on it. If it tilts the wrong way, has some aging, etc., your structure will not be stable. Furthermore, not all patios are able to bear the weight of a new addition placed upon them.

Is a sunroom cheaper than an addition?

Ultimately, a sunroom may involve less material than a room addition and may therefore cost less. For example, you may not be using as much insulation for a sunroom. Although, rest assured that our team at Structurally Speaking can make your sunroom energy efficient! With the use of insulated glass or double paned glass, you can keep your area cool, or warm, when needed. Furthermore, with proper shading, you can use light when you want it and limit it when you don’t.  Plus, adding attractive square footage to your home is always a great selling point!

Other Ways Structurally Speaking Brightens Your Day

At Structurally Speaking, we strive to brighten your day from the start. First, we provide personalized designs. That means our approach begins and ends with YOU.  After carefully listening to your needs, we make recommendations and design a sunroom that you deserve!

Second, we offer competitive pricing.  Once we understand your needs, we review budgets from the start.  Therefore, all parties have a realistic idea of what to expect in the final cost during the initial consultation!

Third, we guarantee expert project management.  Our owner, Jim Brennan, personally oversees every job site.  For nearly twenty years, he has stood out as one of Raleigh’s top designers.  This experience shines through in all of our projects.

Finally, we dedicate ourselves to providing unparalleled customer service.  Fortunately, we get much of our business from customer referrals.  And, we appreciate that.  However, we also work hard to earn it. Our goal is to be better than the competition. Always. In order to improve our results, we encourage open lines of communication.  Ultimately, we are your partners in your project!  But, don’t worry, WE do all the work!

Customer Reviews

As we mentioned, much of our work comes from customer referrals. Likewise, our clients have taken the time to share some kind reviews on our behalf. Here are just a few.

Just thought I’d let you know that we had some friends over that were interested in getting a custom porch similar to ours. I explained what we had done, our experiences with you and our discussions with others. Essentially, I said that at the end of the day, if I ever had to do another porch, I would have no hesitation having you do it again.

I said that you always went the extra mile and addressed any concerns I ever had. I warned them that the process can take longer than they expect, but ultimately it is worth it. I think I had them convinced that they would be crazy to go elsewhere. I pointed out that one of the main differences between you and others was your level of professionalism. You prepared designs, showed them in software, and provided drawings unlike others who may have been cheaper, but simply took the approach that they would build what you asked for without offering any design ideas. I also spoke well all of the guys in terms of their work ethic. I spoke so positively; they must have thought I was on commission!

Rosemary R.

We could not be more pleased. Jim Brennan has a gift for design, and Structurally Speaking’s crew did an excellent job of turning our vision into a reality. Their attention to detail and their overall workmanship was wonderful.”

Mike R.

With all this in mind, what are you waiting for? Contact Structurally Speaking today for your free design consultation and quote! We also specialize in creating, designing and building highly-functioning, custom decks, screened porches and pergolas.

If You’re Enclosing a Porch for Living Space Call the Experts

Enclosing a Porch for Living SpaceVirtually every season in North Carolina is comfortable. It’s one of the great things about the Tarheel state. But, is your family taking full advantage of each season weather-wise? A structure such as a porch or deck is the ultimate way to enjoy it. And when you choose Structurally Speaking, you get the best options imaginable. That’s because Structurally Speaking has the experience and expertise to do the job right. They offer a number of different options. Want to enclose the porch with walls on all sides? No problem. Looking to add windows for a sunroom? They know just how to help. Or, maybe you want a structure that has both regular walls and windows together? If you can dream it, they can probably make it happen. So, if you’re thinking about enclosing a porch for living space – call the experts at Structurally Speaking.

Enclosing a Porch for Living Space

Choosing the right structure for your home encompasses many factors. For many homeowners, enclosing a porch for living space is the ideal way to go. An enclosed porch allows families to enjoy the outdoors the entire year. Structurally Speaking can design and build the enclosed porch of your dreams. Maybe you want a large space for entertaining? They can build it. Or, maybe you’ve always dreamt of a porch with a hot tub. They can make it happen. Their commitment to excellence ensures your project receives high priority and attention. As such, they can even get most projects done in just a few weeks. In need of some inspiration? Check out their gallery for porches and decks they’ve built for previous customers.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Of course, with these options comes a wide range of costs. Everything from size to materials can affect the price of a project. That’s what makes it difficult to provide flat rates. However, Structurally Speaking offers free, no-obligation quotes so you can have a better idea of costs. Make sure you have all the information before you make a decision. Just fill out their contact form and they will be in touch.

Trust the Experts

Your home is the most significant investment you’ll likely ever make. You wouldn’t trust your retirement account to just any company. So why roll the dice when it comes to your home? Be sure to protect it by trusting only the experts. Structurally Speaking has more than a decade of helping Triangle-area customers. They’re trusted by customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and beyond. And the answer is very simple. They combine expert craftsmanship with an uncommon commitment to customer satisfaction.

From design to construction, they treat every customer the right way. They can build any structure you want. Choose from a porch with walls or windows or just about anything else. Jim Brennan started the company over a decade ago. He had built a remarkable reputation as a designer of unique additions and enclosures for homes in the Raleigh area. He personally oversees every project to ensure that every client receives exactly the space that they need and want. You’ve probably thought about adding on to your home at some point. So why not get some more information? It could be easier or cheaper than you think to enjoy every season with your family.

Give the experts at Structurally Speaking a call today at 919-786-4825 for more information.


Ideas for Enclosing a Porch from Structurally Speaking

Ideas for Enclosing a Porch What is your ideal setting for enjoying the outdoors? Is it hiking a hill or a mountain to get an unmatched view? Perhaps it’s as simple as eating meals outside with your family. Chances are you love taking advantage of North Carolina’s gorgeous weather. So why drive far away or fight the crowds to enjoy it? With your very own porch enclosure you can enjoy the best of nature from the comfort of your home. The experts at Structurally Speaking can make it happen. They have tons of ideas for enclosing a porch in any home. Maybe you want a grill and dining table with chairs to enjoy a meal. Or, maybe you want some comfortable chairs to sit and watch TV or play games. No matter what you dream, they can make your porch enclosure a reality.

Ideas for Enclosing a Porch

If you’re interested in adding to your home, you probably have given it some thought already. But maybe you don’t know where to start or can’t figure out what would look best. The experts at Structurally Speaking can help. They can show you a range of different ideas for enclosing a porch for some inspiration. A screened porch is always a great choice for virtually any home.

Screened porches add valuable floor space to your home. Set up a game room, a dining room, or a room for whatever else your family likes to do. Structurally Speaking can build a porch as big or as small as you want. Plus, there’s no limit to the customization options they can offer. Start with the floor. Tile or concrete are popular choices, but there are other options, such as carpet. It’s your space, so why not make it the way you want it? Best of all, Structurally Speaking offers a tried and true process to ensure every customer is satisfied.

A Luxury That Can Pay for Itself

Of course, you may be wondering how much all of this will cost. Because the customization options are nearly endless, cost can vary greatly. It all depends on the size, details, and materials you choose to use. But no matter your budget, they can work with you to find the right addition.

Plus, a porch or sunroom is a great way to add value to any home. And with a high-quality addition from Structurally Speaking, you’ll wow potential buyers. Imaging staging your porch with comfortable chairs looking over your backyard on a warm spring day. So, in very little time, the whole project can pay for itself.

The Area Experts

Don’t trust just anyone when you’re thinking of enclosing an outdoor space. Jim Brennan formed Structurally Speaking over a decade ago. He had gained recognition as one of the premier designers of outdoor spaces in the Raleigh-Durham area. Jim personally oversees every project to ensure that all customers are happy with their new living space. The company has helped many satisfied customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and the surrounding areas. By choosing a local company, you know that they are familiar with your area’s regulations. Moreover, they will handle all paperwork for permits, inspections and HOA requirements. Just fill out this quick and easy form to begin your project. One of their experts will be in touch shortly with more information. They will help you create the perfect outdoor space enclosure for your home.

Give them a call today at 919-786-4825 to talk to an expert.

3 Season Porches Ideas from Structurally Speaking

3 season porches ideasWhen the overwhelming heat of summer ends, we are left with beautiful fall weather. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find better weather anywhere in the world. In fact, North Carolina’s weather is beautiful most of the year. So, why not take advantage of a better way to enjoy it? A 3 season porch from Structurally Speaking is the perfect solution. Transform your under-utilized outdoor area into a gathering space for your family. Best of all, you can enjoy it all with a ceiling over your head and all the comforts of the indoors. If you’re looking for 3 season porches ideas then give them a call today. You’ll be amazed at how they can create the perfect space for you and your family.

3 Season Porches Ideas

You might be sold on the idea of a porch. But maybe you’re not exactly sure of what you’re looking for. The experts at Structurally Speaking can help. They have tons of 3 season porches ideas so you can pick the one that’s right for you. Maybe you want a porch that overlooks a natural area or flower bed. Perhaps you want enough space to grill and eat on the porch. Or maybe you want to turn a porch into a sunroom. Whatever your desire, Structurally Speaking can make it a reality.

Simply put, a 3 season porch is a room ideal for all but the coldest months. These porches have a ceiling and screens. The advantages of this porch are numerous. First, they let the weather in so you can enjoy it in all its glory. Second, they keep out the pests like bugs and mosquitoes. Third, the celling protects you from the harshest elements like rain and wind. Add a ceiling fan with a light and use it both day and night. All in all, this creates an area that your family will want to enjoy for years to come.

Add Value to Your Home

Structurally Speaking focuses on custom solutions. That means that your project can meet your exact needs, while staying within your budget. It also means that you’ll have a beautiful space unique to your home. Of course, costs can vary greatly depending on what you’re interested in. However, the good news is that a quality porch is a great investment. In fact, a 3 season porch can add tremendous value to your home. Therefore, porches can both serve your family well and make your home more valuable.

Trust the Experts

The right addition can add enjoyment and value to your home. But only if it’s done correctly. Don’t leave such an important decision to just anyone. Go with the area experts. Structurally Speaking has been helping clients build the additions of their dreams for more than 10 years. Jim Brennan started the company after gaining recognition for his creative designs for outdoor spaces. Each of his experts know about design and building. Plus, they have a tried and true process to ensure every customer is satisfied. That’s why they have so many satisfied customers throughout Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and beyond.

Want more information? Just fill out this quick and easy form and they will be in touch. Or, give them a call at 919-786-4825 today to begin your project.