Build a Long-Lasting Deck with Top Deck Installers Near Me

deck installers near meYour deck shouldn’t be falling down after just a few years, but sadly we do see this happen for many homeowners. With quality work from top deck installers near me, there’s no reason a deck shouldn’t last 20 years or even longer. If you want to build a deck that will stand the test of time, give Structurally Speaking a call. Here are five tips to help ensure your deck lasts as long as possible.

Choose the Right Decking Material for a Deck that Will Last

When we see a deck that hasn’t held up, it is often made with poor materials. While these materials may be inexpensive upfront, they can be expensive over time since you’ll have to replace boards or your entire deck every few years.

If you’d like a deck that lasts as long as possible, there are three types of decking we recommend:

1. Composite decking – This type of decking combines wood and a binder to create a longer-last material that still retains some of the same natural quality and charm of wood. Typically, composite decking will las t at least 25 years.

2. Non-wood decking (PVC or Aluminum) – While they are nontraditional choices, both PVC and aluminum can easily have a lifespan of 50+ years! These materials, however, don’t give you the natural feel of a wood deck, which is something to consider as you are planning your deck design.

3. Ipe wood – If your heart is set on wood, Ipe wood is the way to go. This is a very dense exotic hardwood that is resistant to fire, rot, and other types of damage. A deck built with Ipe will last at least 50 years, with some estimates reaching 75+ years.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re not sure which decking material is right for your new deck, we can help you pick a long-lasting option. Here at Structurally Speaking, we have experience helping our clients marry durability with design. If building a long-lasting deck is a top priority for you, we’ll show you our best material recommendations that fit within your budget.

Plan the Deck Design to Avoid Excess Moisture

Moisture is the enemy of decks, especially wood decks. This is what causes mold, mildew, and rot, as well as creating an environment that causes insects to want to move in. Moisture will also warp individual boards, cause metal pieces to degrade, and damage deck finishing.

You can’t turn off the rain, so what can you do to protect your deck? The key is proper planning!

First, when we build your deck, we use high-quality fasteners and deck-building techniques. This minimizes the potential for water damage and pooling on your deck.

Additionally, we can create a deck design where some or all of the deck is under a roof. Not only will this help protect the deck, but it will also give you some protection as well, which makes your deck usable even on days when it is raining or the sun is too hot.

We’ll also make sure your deck is properly sealed. Whether you choose a paint, stain, or natural look, most decking needs sealant to protect the wood or other material from the elements.

Be Prepared to Do Proper Deck Maintenance

One of the important things to consider when choosing your new decking material and planning your deck design is ongoing deck maintenance. Some types of materials are more labor intensive than others. While all decks need a bit of spring cleaning every year, we want to make sure you don’t over-commit when it comes to the annual maintenance your deck will need.

Proper maintenance isn’t just about making sure your backyard looks good. It also keeps your deck functional. Again, moisture is the main problem here. Chipping paint or piles of leaves in the corner allow moisture to infiltrate your deck, which can cause rot and other issues. If you want your deck to last for decades, take some time for annual deck maintenance.

Build Around Trees Carefully

You don’t have to cut down your favorite backyard tree to build your deck. In fact, we love planning decks around trees and other plants. We want your backyard deck to feel like a seamless transition between your home’s interior and the outdoor world.

However, trees do give us some added challenges because, of course, they grow over time. Many novice deck designers don’t think about how a tree will look in five, ten, or even twenty years.

It’s not just the branches that grow. Branches are the least of your worries, since they can be handled with a good landscaping crew. The main problems are the trunk itself and the roots. These can wreak havoc on your deck, causing the need for repair and even replacement. If you want to build a deck that will last, your new deck needs to take the environment into consideration, including nearby trees.

Hire High-Quality Deck Installers Near Me

The very best tip we have for making sure your deck is built to last is a simple one: hire a high-quality deck contractor like Structurally Speaking. Moreover, selecting from deck installers near me, means that you’ll have someone from your area who is familiar with local codes. Our work speaks for itself (you can see our portfolio here), but here are a few recent reviews as well:

“Very happy with the results of our new deck and porch replacing our old deck which was destroyed by a fallen tree. Want to say that communication about the details from design to estimate to implementation was fantastic.” – Todd Jacobs

“Structurally Speaking added a custom screened-in porch for our home. We had a wonderful experience with Structurally Speaking and use our screened-in porch all the time!! Jim has a great eye for design and included touches that make the space unique and extremely usable.” – Steve McIlwain

You can read more reviews here.

FAQs About Working with Deck Contractors

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about building a long-lasting deck. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you started:

How long will the deck design process take?

It depends on your specific project, material availability, and the time of year. We always get deck projects done as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. When we meet with you, we can give you an estimate not only for the price of your new deck, but also how long it will take to finish.

What should be included in a deck contract?

Always make sure the design, price, and timeline are included in the deck contract. Some companies will inflate the price during construction, change the design to cut corners, or simply not show up to get the work done. We make sure our contract protects you!

How do I hire the best team for the job?

Read reviews and look at pictures of past work. Most importantly, meet with deck installers near me before you hire them. During your initial meeting, make sure you feel entirely comfortable with the team. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions! To set up a no-strings-attached consultation with Structurally Speaking, use the contact form above. Or, click here to contact us!