The Best Deck Builders Raleigh Has to Offer

deck builders RaleighHave you thought about improving your house in a way that enhances your family’s everyday life? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Structurally Speaking designs and builds custom decks, porches, sunrooms, and more. They have many satisfied customers across Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and the surrounding areas. In fact, they have built many of the finest custom decks and sunrooms in the Triangle. So, when you’re looking for deck builders Raleigh give them a call today.

Expert Deck Builders Raleigh NC

Structurally Speaking built their success on a focused, experienced approach and commitment to customer satisfaction. They will customize your outdoor addition with an unmatched attention to detail. By focusing on your specific home, they can come up with the deck or porch that’s right for you. The main goal of their business is their commitment to bringing beautiful, functional outdoor spaces to their customers.

But, Structurally Speaking is more than just expert deck builders Raleigh NC area. Check out some of the projects they can help you with:

  • Screened Porch—want the benefit of the outdoors without the bugs or other pests? A screened porch is the answer! Turn that unused space into a screened porch and enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • 3-Season Porch—love the outdoors but also the convenience of modern life? A 3-season porch lets you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature without the bugs or weather. Escape into the shade or watch TV, while also watching nature.
  • Sunroom—sunrooms add tremendous value to your home. Make your home stand out by adding square footage and a functional space. Enjoy the comfort of the indoors while enjoying nature!
  • Custom deck—choose from a wide variety of materials and features. Let them custom design and build the deck of your dreams. Your family will love the outdoor living space. And it adds value to your home!
  • Hot Tub Deck—they can change the way you view hot tubs. Transform an eye sore into a luxurious portal to relaxation!
  • Pergola—protect yourself from the sun while also beautifying your home. Our pergolas can give you extra garden space and spruce up your yard. It will become the focal point of your yard!

About Structurally Speaking

Jim Brennan, who owns Structurally Speaking, has been designing custom outdoor spaces for clients in the Raleigh area since 1999. His experience and meticulous attention to detail has given many happy families a retreat in which to relax and entertain. He personally oversees every project. His goal is to provide these unique structures at competitive prices. Contact them now to enjoy a beautiful oasis this summer!

​Create Valuable Memories with a 3 Season Porch

3 season porchWith the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we lose what we need most – family time. The quality time we have with our families is decreasing, and we need to cherish what we have. Create a space to enjoy your family’s company. Transform your family’s quality time with a Structurally Speaking-designed 3 season porch addition to your home.

3 Season Porch – What is that?

If you love the outdoors, you have three favorite seasons – spring, summer, and fall. In spring, birds are chirping and flowers are beginning to bloom. During summer, fun in the sun barbecues and kids running in the sprinklers are commonplace. In fall, tree leaves give way to beautiful colors and kids practice football in the backyard. But, sometimes pesky insects, drizzling rain, or blistering heat can discourage your time outdoors.

3 season porch is basically a sunroom or screened-in porch. It provides an added aesthetic value to your home while increasing your financial investment. The screened-in feature allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisances, such as the insects or drizzling rain. Add a ceiling fan and it will even be able to curb the summer heat!

Three-season porches create the perfect environment for nurturing your family bond.

Custom Designing Offered by Structurally Speaking

The management team at Structurally Speaking pride themselves on customer service. They invite you to bring your ideas to the table. Their goal is to make your dreams come true and make your personal vision come to life. View some of the custom 3 season porches they have created…see them at any time in their gallery.

Structurally Speaking has a 3-step process to any project. First, they will schedule a free initial consultation. They assess your space while you have a chance to share your thoughts on the design. Next, members of the Structurally Speaking team create two scaled drawings, taking your design elements into account. Jim Brennan, the owner, presents the options. You and your family choose the design best for you and the designer makes any changes you believe are necessary.

Finally, the Structurally Speaking team builds your wonderful new addition onto your home, creating your family’s new favorite place.

Hands-On Management

Jim Brennan is one of many reasons to choose Structurally Speaking to create your perfect outdoor space. He has a hands-on approach to management and is involved in every stage of the process, from the initial design to the actual building process. According to Mike Rosenthal, “Jim Brennan has a gift for design, and Structurally Speaking’s crew did an excellent job of turning our vision into reality.”

Jim believes in, and cares for, this company the same way others care for family members. You will not be disappointed when choosing Structurally Speaking.

Revitalize your family time when Structurally Speaking renovates your outdoor environment. Add a 3 season porch and allow your family time to cultivate some incredible memories. Contact Structurally Speaking at 919-525-3628 to schedule your free consultation.

​Deck Builders Raleigh NC – What You’ll Receive from Us

deck builders Raleigh NCHow much time do you spend outside in your yard? If you are like a lot of people, it probably is not much at all. You could have a beautiful piece of property, but you may only see it through a window. The problem could be due to the lack of enticement. A beautiful new deck can fix this easily. Quality deck builders Raleigh NC can create something special for you. With Structurally Speaking, we can make it so you never want to go inside.

What Structurally Speaking offers

Customized decks

Even if you have a small piece of property, we can build you the perfect deck. It can include stairs, planters, built-in benches, or any other elements you desire. And if you would like something you can enjoy year-round, we can also create a screened porch. Another excellent option is a 3 season porch.

Hot tub deck

A deck is a great place to relax, and this is especially true if it contains a hot tub! Whether you want a small tub in its own corner or something bigger, we can make it happen. Let us design a hot tub deck that will make the neighbors jealous!


pergola can stand by itself in your yard or you could make it an addition to your deck. There are several benefits of a pergola, including sun protection and an easy way to create a vertical garden.


Many homeowners now see the advantage of adding a sunroom to their house. This additional room offers a great spot for entertaining or just a nice cozy space. It can also increase the value of a home.

Structurally Speaking – the premier deck builders Raleigh NC

If you would like to spend more time outside this summer, Structurally Speaking wants to help. To talk about your deck or anything else you have in mind for your home, just get in touch. Many deck builders Raleigh NC do not offer this variety of decks and all-season additions for your home. With our experience and expertise, you will have the perfect new space for relaxing and entertaining.