​A Screened Porch Design by Structurally Speaking

screened porch designSpring is just around the corner! There is no better way to enjoy it than by breathing in the fresh air. In fact, it is not only enjoyable but also beneficial to your well-being. By creating your own screened porch design for your home, you can enjoy that fresh air anytime you want.

How Does Fresh Air Improve Well-being?

  • Lowers Stress – Many outdoor fragrances help to reduce stress. Pine trees, certain flowers and even cut grass aid in increasing relaxation. The sense of smell is our strongest sense linked to memory. The smells of outdoors can take you back to childhood, and possibly, simpler times.
  • Promotes a Good MoodSerotonin is the happy hormone. When you take in the fresh air, you get more oxygen into your body. The more oxygen you inhale, the higher your serotonin levels. Thus, it increases the feeling of peace and happiness.
  • Boosts your Immune System – Boosting the amount of fresh air we get also increases the amount of oxygen our body receives. More oxygen helps our white blood cells. It helps them to better fight off and kill germs and bacteria.
  • Cleanses the Lungs – The longer the period you spend indoors, the more airborne toxins you inhale. These toxins come from dust, dander, cleaning products and many other sources. Time spent breathing in the fresh air helps to flush those toxins out of your lungs.
  • Energizes and Sharpens the MindStudies show that just being in the presence of nature and fresh air improved the energy in 90 percent of people studied. Oxygen also results in greater brain function. Thus, it improves concentration skills. This, in turn, gives you more energy.

Screened Porch Design by Structurally Speaking

North Carolina springs are a beautiful time of year. There is no need to spend those days indoors when you could be enjoying the outside. Yet, you are still relaxing in your home. That is where Structurally Speaking’s experience and creativity are important. They take your screened porch design and wants into consideration. Then the Structurally Speaking expert designers and builders make them a reality!

You benefit in multiple ways from having a screened porch. Yet, none is more important than the one that benefits your well-being. Call Structurally Speaking today so you can start breathing in the fresh air while relaxing on your own screened porch. Also, if you want extra entertaining space, this could be your solution!